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Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans That Are Safer and More Effective Than Internet HCG Diet Drops

LogoFraudulent weight loss companies are raking in billions of dollars via the internet by promoting such products as hCG diet drops. For the purpose of this article, Diet Doc researched only one of the many companies that peddle hCG diet drops. This particular site boasted the following:

Diet Doc Updates Their Medical Weight Loss Programs to Include the Healthy Principles of the Best Diets of 2015

LogoDiet Doc is focused on helping people throughout the country reduce high blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and improve overall health in 2015 through natural, safe and fast weight loss. Their diets, that now incorporate the healthiest principles of the best diets of 2015, including the Weight Watchers diet plan, are capable of burning 20 pounds or more of dangerous excess fat per month.

Diet Doc Teaches Their Patients How to Identify Hidden Carbohydrates for Long Term Weight Loss Success

LogoMost people think that they are born with a metabolism that they will be stuck with for the rest of their life and many blame their slow metabolism for their weight gain. This is not true. There are methods to jump start the metabolism and Diet Doc is now teaching their patients how to identify hidden carbohydrates for faster and longer weight loss success.

Diet Doc Announces and Outlines Their Concerns for Those Who Buy Online hCG for Weight Loss

LogoCertain phenomena gain popularity based largely on the enormous presence on the internet without other reliable resources in place to clarify misconceptions. The hCG diet and hCG weight loss protocol is an obvious example. Over the last few years, marketing and websites promoting the use of hCG for weight loss have grown astronomically. And, while there are legitimate hCG weight loss clinics in the country, the vast majority of the information on hCG and hCG products offered online are designed to confuse and make profit from an unknowing public. This article will focus on the more egregious errors that, due to the quantity of websites claiming the contrary to be true, must be clarified.

Diet Doc Compares FDA Approved Implantable Weight Loss Device to Their Medical Diet Plans

LogoThere has been much buzz about the new FDA approved surgically implantable weight loss device called Maestro. Although doctors are still uncertain of how the device really operates, it does appear to control the appetite with electrical pulses. Candidates are those who are at least 18 years old, have a BMI of 35 to 45, have been unable to lose weight by following a weight loss program and have one other obesity-related condition, such as type 2 diabetes.

Diet Doc Explains How to Avoid Weight Loss Plateaus During Dieting

LogoThousands of people throughout the country are struggling to lose embarrassing and dangerous excess fat. Most begin their diet plan with the best intentions, initially losing weight quickly and suddenly, without warning, weight loss stops. And, because most people do not have a nutritional or medical background, they are uncertain of how to reset their metabolism and turn their body back into a fat burning machine. For this reason, Diet Doc designed their diet plans that are medically supervised throughout, enabling the doctors to identify and teach patients how to avoid weight loss plateaus during dieting.

Diet Doc Announces a Method for Consumers to Know Which hCG Diet Plan Is Genuine and Safe

LogoDiet Doc Weight Loss understands that at this time of year, there are many consumers searching for a weight loss plan, including hCG diet plan, hCG drops diet, Atkins diet, Mediterranean diet and more. Organizations, even doctors offering the hCG drops diet should be warned that hCG drops are a placebo and are illegal according to the FDA. "The reason is there are no over-the-counter products that contain a prescription medication. If there was, then a prescription for the product would be required", states Julie Wright, President of Diet Doc. The FDA has issued this statement to help people understand that there are laws regarding false advertising on weight loss products that make unrealistic claims, or that advertise a product, such as the hCG drops diet, as hCG drops only work when the consumer starves themselves on a 500 calorie per day diet. Such low calories can cause cardiac arrest, muscle loss, saggy skin and more, reports Wright.

Diet Doc Discusses the Stark Contrasts Between Their Medically Supervised Diet Plans and the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Diet

LogoMillions of people struggle every day, wondering and worrying how and if they will ever be able to take off those excess pounds that have accumulated throughout the years. Many people try every diet plan available on the market, becoming initially excited at the thought of losing weight the easy way, only to realize that losing weight takes more than simply following a printed guideline of foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Diet Doc Reintroduces Oxytocin for Weight Loss to Their Emotional Eater's Diet Plans

LogoOxytocin, a natural hormone responsible for the regulation of social and metabolic psychological behaviors in the brain, is stored in the posterior pituitary gland and secreted during pregnancy, delivery and orgasm. Initially thought to play a key role in the ability for mothers to bond with their newborns, this powerful hormone has recently been discovered to do so much more.

Diet Doc Now Combines the New Nordic Diet with Their Medical Weight Loss Programs, Creating the Perfect Blend for a Slimmer Body and Improved Health

LogoBecause obesity has nearly doubled in America since the 1960s leading to millions of people suffering countless weight-related diseases and conditions and topping the economic burden to well over $200 billion, many people are realizing that carrying excess fat is much more than a mere cosmetic concern. And, while the cause of unwanted, unhealthy and embarrassing excess weight can be varied and complex, the ultimate cause is a result of energy imbalance. Simply put, more calories are consumed than are burned or needed for the body's metabolism. Assuming that there are no confounding medical reasons for weight gain, the real solution for weight loss reliably lies in changing the energy imbalances of the body, which consistently involves dietary changes.