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Diet Doc Announces a Safe and Less Costly Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

LogoWeight related health conditions in the U.S., such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers, account for some of the leading causes of preventable death. Failed attempts at dieting are common and consistent physical activity is a challenge for many. Because of this, bariatric surgical procedures are becoming increasingly more common. Although weight loss surgery may seem like an easy and quick fix to those who have struggled unsuccessfully to lose excess fat, when delving into the very real risks, potential complications, post-surgical requirements, and lengthy insurance approval, many people may very quickly alter their opinion.

Diet Doc Announces Exclusive Diet Pills for Safe, Fast and Successful Weight Loss

LogoWith obesity rates rising to epidemic levels across the country, many doctors are searching for creative treatments for their overweight patients. Many have begun combining medications, using off-label prescription drugs that are intended for other uses, in combination with other off-label prescription drugs that work through similar mechanisms. One example is a weight loss drug combo using a newly approved medication, Belviq (Lorcaserin), with phentermine, an older diet drug. While creating drug combos is an age-old practice, there are many potential hazards. Phentermine, a powerful stimulant and appetite suppressant, was removed from the market due to its dangerous side effects. Belviq, twice denied for FDA approval, is considered a controlled substance with hallucinogenic effects. Although the side effects of each of these two drugs used independently is clear, using them in combination for weight loss has not been studied to date.

Diet Doc Announces Specialized Sugar Craver's Diet Plans Geared Toward Helping People Overcome Sugar Addictions

LogoWhy is sugar so addicting? Experts agree that there is a similarity in brain activity when the body engages in a drug addiction when compared to a sugar and carbohydrate addiction. Sugar triggers the brain’s pleasure center in the same manner as using cocaine, morphine, heroin, nicotine and alcohol, by releasing dopamine, the “feel good” chemical. This addiction is not imaginary and is associated with real physiological changes in the brain.

Diet Doc Announces New Human Growth Hormone, Sermorelin, Anti-Aging Therapy, to Help Patients Look Younger and Feel Better

LogoIs it really possible to feel and look younger? An in-house clinical study revealed that thousands of Diet Doc patients say yes, it is. Aside from patients looking younger, reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone, prescription Sermorelin human growth hormone therapy provides multiple benefits, including:

Diet Doc Introduces New Paleo Diet Recipes Enhanced with Exclusive Weight Loss Supplements and Prescription Hormone Treatments for Fast Weight Loss Results

LogoMany diet plans claim to offer fat loss results without really considering the patient’s personal nutritional and weight control needs. Diet Doc is different. The company does not offer one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter diet plans, but develops each diet plan after a thorough review and assessment of the patient’s age, gender, lifestyle, medical conditions and weight loss goals. Diet Doc’s team of expert fast weight loss professionals work closely with each patient to determine which diet foods, Paleo diet recipes and weight loss supplements are appropriate for the patient’s goals and needs and tailor diet plans around those needs.

Diet Doc Announces Affordable Diet Plans That Generate Safe and Fast Weight Loss Without Breaking the Bank

LogoDiet Doc believes that learning to be healthy should not be expensive and has built its reputation on delivering the safest, most effective affordable diet plans to people in every region of the country. Their patients can expect a level of service and support that is unparalleled by the competition, including:

Diet Doc Helps People Nationwide Naturally, Safely and Rapidly Lose Excess Fat with Their Hormone Diet Treatments

LogoWhile one diet plan may work for one person, it may be totally ineffective for the next. Just as there are no two people with the exact same body size and shape, so is the rate at which each body metabolizes fat and calories.

Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss Programs Announces Diet Plans That Help People End Their Food Addiction

LogoIs food addiction a real disorder? This idea has recently received scientific support with experiments being performed in animals and humans that show that, for many people, foods that are rich in sugar, fat and salt may activate the same pleasure centers in the brain as does cocaine and heroin. Like addictive drugs, these foods trigger dopamine, the “feel-good” brain chemicals, and, like addictive drugs, the person feels the need to eat again and again to fuel these feelings.

Diet Doc Announces Prescription Sermorelin hGH Anti-Aging Therapy That Safely and Naturally Teaches Patients How to Look Younger and Feel Better

LogoFinally, people do not have to be a celebrity or have access to the world’s finest cosmetic surgeons to learn how to look younger and feel better. Diet Doc’s new prescription Sermorelin . hGH anti-aging therapy saves time, money and eliminates the risk of invasive and expensive cosmetic surgery.

Diet Doc Reveals the Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger with Their Prescription Sermorelin hGH Anti-Aging Medicine

LogoA clinical study of human growth hormone, hGH, Sermorelin revealed “Sustained Elevation of Pulsatile Growth Hormone (GH) Secretion and Insulin-Like Growth Factor I” revealing that growth hormone concentrations significantly declines in healthy individuals, thus, triggering the aging process.