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Gluten Free Diet Plans Incorporated Into Diet Doc's Specialized Weight Loss Programs

LogoAlthough gluten free dieting has gained considerable popularity of late, and while those with a true gluten allergy will benefit from following a gluten free diet plan, research also suggests that there is no scientific evidence supporting the theory that those without a gluten allergy will actually reap benefit from following a gluten-free diet.

Telomeres and Weight Loss Are the Target of Diet Doc's New Campaign to Help America End the Obesity Epidemic

LogoTelomeres, DNA-protein caps found at the end of chromosomes, promote the stability of chromosomes and protect genomic DNA. Telomere length naturally shortens with each cell cycle. If telomeres become critically shortened by reckless lifestyles, such as alcohol abuse, substance abuse and being overweight, the cell no longer has the ability to divide and often malfunctions, causing people to age more quickly, as well as increasing their risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular, diabetes and even some cancers. Because Diet Doc is dedicated to providing the safest and best methods of weight loss, they rely heavily on research and have recently focused their attention on the relationship between telomeres and weight loss.

Special Holiday Weight Loss Discounts and Savings Now Offered to New and Existing Diet Doc Patients

LogoIn recognition of Christmas and Hanukkah, Diet Doc is offering amazing holiday weight loss discounts to new and existing clients, including:

Oxytocin Recently Included in Diet Doc's Stable of Safe and Effective Diet Products

LogoOxytocin, initially recognized as a hormone that plays a key role in lactation and uterine contraction, has been recently discovered for its actions in the brain, assisting in the regulation of social and metabolic psychological behaviors. In light of metabolic control, Oxytocin is shown to induce feeding restriction and weight reduction by signaling the hypothalamus, the section of the brain responsible for hormone production, body temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood and sex drive. Recent studies suggest that Oxytocin may also play a significant role in glucose metabolism, as well as insulin secretion and lipolysis. In addition, Oxytocin nasal spray has been proven effective in successfully inducing weight loss and metabolic improvement in obese patients. These studies and recent advances suggest a promising foundation for the therapeutic strategy of developing innovative Oxytocin peptidyl drugs for the treatment of obesity and related metabolic diseases.

Diet Doc Incorporates the Best Elements of the 17 Day Diet Into Their Medical Weight Loss Programs

LogoDiet Doc's mission is to provide the best solution for weight loss that will help people of all sizes, shapes and medical conditions improve their health, their self-confidence and esteem by restoring their figure and losing excess fat. To develop the diet that will safely and successfully accomplish this mission, Diet Doc designed their diet plans that combine decades of scientific fast weight loss research, modern medical understanding and the safest and most efficient meal and snack plans, prescription hormone diet treatments and exclusive diet pills and appetite suppressants. And, by incorporating some of the best elements of popular diets, such as the Atkins Diet, the Mediterranean Diet and the 17-Day Diet into their already successful diet plans, Diet Doc has been able to help thousands of people throughout the country reach and maintain their ideal weight.

Diet Doc Uncovers and Reveals the Best Way to Lose Weight During the Holidays

LogoThose who have struggled with weight loss will soon encounter another hurdle – the holidays. Many ask if it is actually possible and, if so, what is the best way to lose weight during the holidays. Thanksgiving has passed and people throughout the country are battling those extra pounds and, suddenly, Christmas will be upon us with more sweet, high calorie dishes tempting people to abandon their goals of ever reaching their ideal weight. Fortunately, Diet Doc has developed diet plans that fit perfectly into the holiday festivities. Scientific research, combined with modern medical understanding, has enabled Diet Doc to uncover the secret to losing unhealthy, embarrassing and uncomfortable fat while still enjoying all of the delicious holiday recipes.

New Detox Diet and Clean Eating Programs Rid the Body of Harmful Toxins and Teach Diet Doc Patients How to Eat Clean

LogoThe body is a reservoir for dangerous toxins accumulated via years of breathing pollutants in the air, taking prescription medications and consuming processed foods that contain artificial colors, flavors, pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. Many detox diets involve fasting, consuming only water in extreme amounts, cleansing the colon and even removing dental fillings. Because some detox diets involve unreasonable and extreme methods and procedures that can lead to long term health consequences, Diet Doc cautions all prospective dieters to consult with a physician prior to beginning their detox diet.

How to Lose Weight Without Withdrawal Symptoms

LogoBecause the mind and the body are inseparable, when behavior is changed and long term patterns are eliminated, one may feel a loss of their general sense of normalcy. The brain can be very manipulative, encouraging a return to old behavior by producing physical withdrawal symptoms. With this in mind, Diet Doc created their diet plans that teach patients how to lose weight without withdrawal symptoms.

The Day After Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time to Begin Weight Loss with Diet Doc's Calorie Loading Diet Plans

LogoThe day after Thanksgiving finds many people singing the post-Thanksgiving weight gain blues and resetting their sights and goals for the perfect time to buckle down and lose weight. While most people think that waiting until after the holiday festivities is best, the day after Thanksgiving is actually the perfect time to launch a weight loss program. While many may find this hard to believe, Diet Doc has discovered the secret to resetting the metabolism and melting excess fat without missing out on the holiday treats.

Oxytocin for Weight Loss Is Included in Diet Doc's Already Impressive Collection of Healthy, Safe and Fast Weight Loss Products

LogoThe newly declared love hormone, oxytocin, is a hormone that is plentiful in lactating women and released by both sexes during orgasm. But, this powerful hormone is capable of delivering so much more than just boosting trust and empathy. Research has indicated that oxytocin for weight loss has helped people throughout the country reduce anxiety and stress levels and improve mental and physical health through weight loss.