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Diet Doc Announces Effective Medical Weight Loss Programs That Are Less Risky Than the New Weight Loss Balloon Surgery

LogoAs companies throughout the country struggle to help people keep their weight under control, more and more diet products and weight loss procedures are being presented to the FDA for approval. The latest study, being performed by doctors at Allegheny Health Network hospitals and published by Pittsburgh CBS Local, involves a weight loss balloon that tricks the body to believe that the stomach is full. The procedure is defined as less risky than more invasive, bariatric surgery and involves overweight patients swallowing an uninflated weight loss balloon which will then be inflated with air by way of an attached tube. The report does not detail the exact location of the tube or its insertion technique. Throughout a period of a few weeks, the patient will swallow up to three balloons, which will remain in the stomach for about six months. They will then be deflated and removed through the mouth.

New Reports of More Online Diet Pill Deaths Prompts Diet Doc to Caution Consumers of Their Dangerous and Sometimes, Deadly, Effects

LogoTragically, more and more deaths are being reported that are directly linked to the sale of online diet pills. The internet has become a dangerous and, sometimes deadly, source for the sale of online diet pills being sold to consumers who are desperate to lose weight, many who find it impossible to believe that these online diet pills could actually be a catalyst triggering their own untimely death. And, while there are numerous reputable and safe diet products that can be found through weight loss clinics throughout the country, it is never a good idea to buy online diet pills without a doctor consultation and without a valid doctor prescription. And, although the FDA does attempt to monitor and shut down websites that sell dangerous online diet pills, the truth is that there is simply not enough time or resources available to investigate and manage the legitimacy of all internet diet products offered for sale.

Diet Doc Creates New Sleep Support to Aid the Company's Best Weight Loss Plans

LogoSleep plays an incredibly, often unrecognized, role in weight loss. Studies show that a lack of adequate sleep can detrimentally impact both metabolism and how the body stores fat, as well as be the cause of late night hunger. More hours awake intrinsically means more time to feel hungry. To encourage dieters to get sufficient sleep, Diet Doc has created new Sleep Support, a sleep aid that naturally balances the body's sleep hormones and allows the body to reset overnight. Without adequate sleep, dieters can expect to lose less weight, or even gain weight. New Sleep Support, when coupled with a Diet Doc diet plan can provide dieters with their best weight loss, as this plan has helped most shed a much as 20 pounds per month.

Diet Doc Becomes a Leader in the Medical Weight Loss Industry and Helps Patients Lose 20 Pounds or More Per Month Without Embarrassing and Time Consuming Doctor Visits

LogoRegardless of location, Diet Doc patients can lose 20 pounds or more per month completely from the comfort of their own home. The company has become a reliable staple in the medical weight loss community with desperate dieters turning to their all-inclusive rapid weight loss programs for ease of use, effectiveness and safety.

Diet Doc Upgrades Their Diet Plans to Include More Diet Products to Accelerate Fat Burn, Meal Plans Comparable to the Popular DASH Diet, and More Personal Service

LogoMuch like the DASH Diet, Diet Doc focuses on helping people improve their overall health through safe and fast weight loss. Comprised of a team of expert doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches, all specially trained in the science of safe and fast weight loss, the company has helped people throughout the country safely and successfully reach their ideal weight. Because the staff works personally with each client, designing meal and snack plans that are compatible with each patient's age, gender, nutritional needs, medical conditions and weight loss goals, more and more people are turning to Diet Doc and have helped to make the company a leader in the medical weight loss industry.

Diet Doc Explores Gut Bacteria and Its Potential to Cause Weight Gain and Prevent Fast Weight Loss

LogoMuch like a computer, the body is an intricate machine that requires millions of components, all working in perfect balance to keep it healthy and running optimally. One of the mechanisms that must work in unison is, little talked about, gut bacteria. The gut is full of microflora, which is good gut bacteria, as well as bad bacteria and pathogens. This combination works together to metabolize foods and protect against illness and disease. And, while it is not clear whether an imbalance of gut bacteria actually causes obesity, it is clear that certain bacteria in the gut causes the body to take more calories from food, inevitably leading to weight gain.

Delicious Diet Snacks and Desserts Added to Diet Doc's Already Impressive Stable of Fast and Easy to Prepare, Pre-Packaged Diet Meals

LogoDiet Doc has built its reputation by providing safe and quick weight loss to people in every corner of the country. Because they utilize the most modern technology, the company makes it possible for those who are unable to visit doctor offices or weight loss clinics to benefit from complete weight loss programs without leaving the comfort of their home.

Diet Doc Recommends That Dieters Ask Themselves Four Simple Questions for Safe and Long Term Weight Loss Before Wasting Time and Money on Costly and Ineffective Fad Diets

LogoAnyone who has lost weight or attended a nutrition class can claim to be a dietary expert and create a weight loss blog or even a fad diet. Some are incredibly well educated with fancy professional letters after their names. Consumers constantly must be reminded that just because they read it on the internet, it is not necessarily true. This is particularly true of fad diets. The Cookie diet, the 17 day diet and the Special K diet are all examples of hundreds of thousands of Google searches. Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs, on the other hand, are designed using more accurate nutritional research and have become a staple of the weight loss industry.

Diet Doc Announces Hormone Diet Plans Now Priced at a Fraction of Competing Weight Loss Plans

LogoFor many people, price is the deciding factor in making purchases. For this reason, Diet Doc has lowered pricing on its all-inclusive hormone diet plans, which include unlimited consultations with a licensed Diet Doc physician, nutritionist designed eating plan, and prescription hormone treatments for weight loss, all for as little as one third of the competitor's pricing. However, pricing, as new studies reveal, is not the only concern for customers looking for a reputable online weight loss clinic.

Diet Doc Distinguishes Similarities and Differences of the New 20/20 Diet Book and Their All-Inclusive Medical Weight Loss Protocol

LogoAmerica's much-loved celebrity doctor and talk show host, Phil McGraw, is celebrating the success of his new 20/20 diet book, which has recently catapulted to the top of the NY Times best sellers list. Focusing on the barriers that prevent dieters from reaching their ideal weight loss goals, Dr. Phil addresses and offers suggestions on how to overcome the typical dieting side effects that can include discouraging weight loss results, between meal hunger and carbohydrate cravings, restrictive calorie and boring meal plans, expensive diet foods, boredom, and the powerful temptation to reach for foods that offer emotional reward rather than nutritional value. The 20/20 Diet book lists foods that dieters must eat for 20 days in order to successfully lose unwanted excess weight.