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Diet Doc Announces the Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Weight Loss Questions

LogoThe experts at Diet Doc are available 6 days per week to answer questions, offer fat burning suggestions, or simply to lend their unlimited support, guidance and encouragement to their clients. Many patients have simple questions, while others delve more deeply into the reason why Diet Doc works. For this reason, the experts have compiled their list of most frequently asked questions and their answers:

Diet Doc Announces the Reason Why Their Diet Plans Can Lead to Improved Health and Longer Lives by Protecting Telomeres

LogoTelomeres….What are they and why are they important? Telomeres are a protective coating found on the end of chromosomes, much like the plastic tip of shoelaces, that shield and prevent chromosomes from fraying and sticking together. They are important because they are thought to control the aging process in humans. And, while telomeres naturally shorten with age, it is thought that they tend to shorten more slowly in healthy people. Telomeres that are frayed or shortened by reckless lifestyles can cause cells to die, accelerating the aging process and making the body more vulnerable to shorter lifespans and a higher risk for disease, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Experts agree that consuming a healthy diet, losing excess fat and reducing stress levels can protect telomeres and influence how quickly they are shortened.

Diet Doc Prescription Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces New Lipo -B; Targeted Injections Fortified with Energizing and Slimming Vitamin B-12

LogoVitamin B-12 has been praised for its ability to boost the metabolism, increase energy, and even help control cholesterol and gallstones. Experts at Diet Doc have found a great new way to pinpoint vitamin B-12 delivery, allowing users to inject this powerful weight loss catalyst directly into belly fat, aiding exponentially in the elimination of accumulated belly fat.

Diet Doc Recognizes National Kidney Month with Natural, Safe and Fast Weight Loss Programs Linked to Reducing the Risk for Weight-Related Kidney Disease

LogoMarch has been designated as a time to raise awareness of kidney disease. According to a 2012 CDC census, approximately 1 in 10 Americans, or approximately 20 million people, have some level of chronic kidney disease. And, while this disease seems to affect more African Americans, it can touch almost anyone.

Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans That Help Patients Overcome Eating Disorders and End Food Addictions

LogoSome may scoff at the idea that food addiction is a real disorder. Advanced science, however, has enabled experts to delve deeper into the reasons for America's obesity epidemic to discover that foods rich in sugar, salt and carbohydrates trigger the same pleasure center of the brain, releasing the same "feel good" chemicals as heroin and cocaine, validating the fact that food addiction is real.

Diet Doc Announces Updated Diet Plans That Address the Question, Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

LogoWhile stress is seldom the root cause of any disease, it can be the catalyst for a number of human ailments, including sleep deprivation, headache, anxiety, depression and fertility. Many people ask "can stress cause weight gain" and the answer is yes. For many people, the effects of stressful working conditions and financial and family obligations can far exceed the most noticeable symptoms, such as anxiety, and is even linked to heart attack and diabetes.

Diet Doc Salutes the Success of the 20/20 Diet Book and Compares the 20/20 Diet to Their Medical Weight Loss Programs

LogoOne of America's most popular and well-loved doctors, Phil McGraw, has recently reached the best sellers list with his 20/20 Diet book. Focusing on the barriers that prevent dieters from reaching their ideal weight loss goals, Dr. Phil addresses and offers suggestions on how to overcome the typical dieting side effects that can include discouraging weight loss results, hunger and food cravings, restrictive meal plans, expensive diet foods, boredom, and the usual temptation to reach for foods that offer emotional reward rather than nutritional value. Dr. Phil provides his readers a list of just 20 foods that they must eat for 20 days.

Diet Doc Announces Their Ongoing Dedication to the Fight Against Obesity Leading to a Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

LogoAlthough Cancer Awareness Month is drawing to a close, Diet Doc continues to stress the importance of following a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy, manageable weight in order to stay more active, live longer and prevent a host of weight-related diseases and conditions and reduce their breast cancer risk.

Diet Doc Now Announce Real Diet Plans Designed and Supervised by Real Doctors Who Specialize in the Science of Real Weight Loss

LogoPeople decide for a variety of reasons to lose excess weight. Some simply need to lose a few pounds to fit more comfortably into their wardrobe without disguising belly fat and love handles while others realize that carrying excess weight can be dangerous and want to improve their health. Whatever the reason, losing just a few pounds is beneficial for, not only one's physical health, but emotional health and self-confidence, as well. And, while most people begin their fast-weight-loss journey with the best intentions, they quickly become discouraged because the weight loss almost always tapers. This is because, while almost any low carbohydrate, low calorie diet will generate fast weight loss, the body becomes accustomed to the new eating habits and the metabolism adjusts to the restricted caloric intake and begins burning fat more slowly until finally weight loss comes to an abrupt halt. This is the point where most dieters simply throw in the towel and resign themselves to carrying this extra fat burden forever.

Diet Doc Announces Their Renewed Battle Against America's Obesity Epidemic with Updated Medical Weight Loss Programs to Help Patients Lose Excess Fat and Reduce Cancer Risk

LogoFebruary, Cancer Awareness Month, is a great time to focus on the effects that being overweight carries on the body and how to lose excess fat. It is well known that obesity is associated with an increased risk for heart attack and stroke, but many people do not recognize its risk for certain types of cancer. Esophagus, pancreatic, colon, rectal, breast, kidney and gallbladder cancers are just a few of the organs that excess fat can threaten. And, while there are many factors that can influence cancer's growth that are out of one's control, those who carry excess fat ARE in control and can lose excess fat to reduce their cancer risk.