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Power of Sale Ontario Stops Foreclosures of Toronto Condos

LogoAt Power of Sale Ontario , the mortgage agents and lenders work closely with real estate lawyers to find the best ways of halting foreclosures in Ontario.

No Sore Bed Pad Is Introducing Their Line of Lab Tested Bed Pads

LogoNo Sore Bed Pad is a company that manufactures therapeutic bed pads that specialize in weight distribution and moisture control. They are introducing their line of bed pads that are lab tested for air permeability as well as pressure redistribution (eliminating pressure points, one of the sources of bed sores). According to company officials, the breathing capabilities of the bed pads will contribute to reduce bed sore cases in hospitals. Their testing was completed at an independent laboratory to reduce bias in the results and the team at No Sore Bed Pad encourages potential clients to read the testimonials published on their website (

United Bottles and Packaging Demonstrates Its Diversity with Their New Elixir Creations

LogoUnited Bottles & Packaging announces their new line of “Bottles with Style”, a product line that advocates the diversity attainable by their creative design team. The formats are all advertised under a generic product name being Elixir, allowing potential clients to see what their bottles would look like with full labeling and marketing directly on the bottles.

Dermolab Pharma Announces Its Phytotherapy Expertise

LogoDermolab Pharma, a Montreal based pharmaceutical manufacturing company announces its capacity to produce phytotherapeutic products. In an effort to expand their production capacities and offer the most diverse services possible to their clients, company officials claim their facilities have the capacity to produce, among many other types of pharmaceuticals, plant extract juices with PSN. These natural health products are commercially popular among an environmentally-conscious clientele that are wary of chemical substances and prefer natural solutions.

CDKPay Now Offers Merchant Account for Nutraceutical Businesses

LogoEveryday, people are using nutraceutical products - whether it be daily vitamins for overall health, folic acid to look and feel young, or creams for great looking skin.

Prevention Is a Key Component of Services at the Body Mechanic

LogoA key component of physiotherapy is preventing injuries before they occur and no one knows how to do that better than physiotherapists that are athletes themselves. The physiotherapists at The Body Mechanic are world-class athletes that have competed successfully in international competitions and have experienced many of the injuries they treat.

HJ Has Just Launched Her Facebook Page About How to Remove Acne Scars with a Derma Roller

LogoHJ has just launched her facebook about how to remove acne scars with a derma roller. Her facebook’s page name is Acne scar removal with a derma roller!

Nicole Smith Named Community Relations Director at Legacy Village

LogoNicole McGowan Smith has been appointed to fill the new role of Director of Community Relations at Legacy Village of Jacksonville. Releases Fall Fashions Gift Guide

LogoAs their name implies, is constantly focused on providing their customers with products that are currently in style and trending at any given time. That is why AreaTrend is proud to announce the release of their Fall Fashions Gift Guide . This guide is a one stop shop for customers to find the latest fashion trends for the 2014 fall season.

Fuel Prices App Now Keeps All Informed on Rapidly Changing Rates

LogoA leading specialist in fuel market statistics, has revealed its mobile app tracks market prices in a time of fast changing rates. A Smart Ticker has been introduced. It shows where prices are going in real time and has been updated to be even more insightful. Reports, analysis, and alerts are prominently displayed on an online dashboard.