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Finley & Cook to Benefit from Legal Talent and Skill of Bryan Lamey

LogoFinley & Cook is considered to be one of the revered names in the industry owing to the spectacular success record which they have. It is one of those companies that have been striving hard to ensure that people can get the best services which they have been looking for.

Start-Up Game Developer, Appsolutely Studios Is Getting Ready to Release Battle for the Sun

LogoBattle for the Sun is an action loaded first person shooter/combat game. The World is being invaded by aliens and most cities are under military quarantine with strict martial law. Players will join forces with the military's special ops forces to clear the cities of the alien invasion and save mankind as we know it. It is truly a Battle for the Sun.

Award-Winning Author, M.R. Mathias Releases: Blood and Royalty (Dragoneer Saga - Book Six)

LogoThe wait is over! Blood and Royalty the conclusion of the Locus Poll nominated, number one bestselling, dragon-rider fantasy series, The Dragoneer Saga, releases worldwide Dec. 21st, and is currently available for pre-order.

New Amazon Coupon Codes for December 2014 Released on is a leading website for coupons and online deals. They have recently launched their December 2014 deals for Amazon, making it easy for consumers to find all of the latest deals and obtain a higher level of savings.

T'aime Optics Launches Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Help to Improve Sleep Quality

LogoT'aime Optics have launched a new category of blue light blocking glasses that have the capability to filter up to 97% of blue light. These glasses help in improving users' sleep quality and they are also suitable for computer working, people with eye diseases such as AMD and xerophthalmia, among others.

Popular Mexican Restaurant Extends Open Arms, Caters to LGBT Community

LogoMembers of the LGBT community looking for an excellent dining experience are openly welcomed at the popular Mexican eatery, Los Tacos De Don Roger Rabbit.

Super Body, Super Brain Exercise Program Launches in Asia

LogoSuper Body, the Super Brain (SBSB) has finished a spectacular tour in the Southeast Asia region in the countries of Singapore and Indonesia reaching the next milestone for the Southeast Asia expansion and brand establishment. Super body Super Brain is a cutting edge exercise program involving a multidisciplinary approach involving neurologists, psychiatrists, Kinesiologists and personal trainers among others to deliver the best brain body exercise program. The program has been launched in Singapore and Indonesia certifying over 200 instructors and implementing the program in the Medical Hospital of Azra in Bogor. Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, CEO and Founder of the Program Super Body, Super Brain was also invited by The Indonesia Faculty of Medicine to explain his multidisciplinary approach to exercise and how doctors and fitness trainers should be working together creating better health programs.

Foreclosure Attorneys Stop Foreclosure Proceedings in California

LogoIf you are a homeowner in California that wants to save your property from foreclosure, there are steps that you can take to stop the foreclosure proceedings:

Global Syn-Turf Announces Yearly Synthetic Turf Industry Leadership Conference (STILC)

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc., organized an important panel discussion with professionals in the synthetic grass industry in Anaheim, CA. The discussion was a conference panel session with several attendees.

NJ Property Tax Appeal Simplifies Appeal Process for Homeowners

LogoAs New Jersey's economy and housing market struggled to recover from the recession in 2013, property owners filed a near-record of more than 100,000 tax appeals, winning an average reduction of $40,093 in assessed valuation and a proportionate tax cut.