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Quickbooks Conversions Continue to Climb as NetSuite Customers See an Increase in Prices

LogoThe number of small business customers converting from NetSuite to Quickbooks is increasing rapidly with NetSuite subscriptions rising upwards of $15,000 per year.

Jump Rope Exercises Considered One of the Best Overall Body Workouts According to Fitness Experts

LogoJump rope exercises is currently one of the most suggested full body workout that health experts and fitness coaches recommend to people who want to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. According to research findings, jump rope exercises help you burn fats more than jogging. Athletes in various discipline which includes boxing, MMA, swimming and more use jump rope exercises in order to prime their body to shape and at the same time strengthen the function of their overall circulatory system.

Weight Loss Becomes More Difficult with Age, According to Research

LogoAccording to various studies, losing weight becomes less efficient at old age. There are many factors affecting the amount of weight that you could lose as soon as you hit the age of 50 and above. One of the reasons involve the decrease in metabolic function wherein getting rid of fats becomes slower. Aside from that, the amount of energy that your body could produce is lower compared to when you were younger. Moreover, people at older age are also experiencing hormonal changes in their body thus making weight loss less efficient.

Tribulus Terrestris Discovered to Have Testosterone Boosting Effects

LogoAccording to various researches, a plant which is usually used in traditional Chinese medicine as a cure for infertility, has been found out to have the potential to boost the level of testosterone. This plant is now popularly known as Tribulus Terrestris. It is currently one of the most well-known libido enhancing health supplements today with tons of people reporting that it significantly booster their sex drive and at the same time improved their virility. Today, Tribulus Terrestris supplement bottles can be seen in almost every shelf in natural health stores worldwide.

Nutravicity Store Now Online on Amazon

LogoNutravicity which is one of the leading producers of high quality and top notch fitness tools is now online on Amazon where customers and fitness enthusiasts could easily get hold of their fitness products. Currently, their jump rope for exercise is the only product available on their Amazon store initially but according to Nutravicity, they will be putting up more of their products within the next few weeks. Moreover, their Jump Rope Speed Cable is currently priced at $14.47 where you will be able to save $10.52.

Nutravicity's Adjustable Cross Fit Jump Rope Now Available on Amazon

LogoWith more people wanting to lose weight and aiming for a healthier lifestyle, many companies today are producing tons of weight loss tools which include exercise equipment and health supplements as well. One of the top and newest producers of high quality fitness equipment today is Nutravicity. One of their newest products – Nutravicity Cross Fit Adjustable Jump Rope is now available on Amazon. Their Jump Rope Speed Cable is specifically designed to fit various training exercises and disciplines which include CrossFit training, boxing, MMA and more. Moreover, their Jump Rope Speed Cable comes with a fitness e-book which is priced at $47.00.

Fernandez Firm Proudly Announces Its New South Tampa Office Location

LogoThe Fernandez Firm has announced its recent acquisition of a new office in South Tampa that will serve as an expansion of its growing personal injury practice. According to the law firm’s founder and managing partner, Frank Fernandez, III, this larger location will allow the firm’s attorneys and staff to better serve current and future clients throughout Tampa and the state of Florida.

EyeCandy Sunglasses Teamed Up with Fuse Lenses to Offer the Best Custom Sunglass and Lens Selection

LogoIt is announced that EyeCandy Sunglass has worked together with Fuse Lenses in order to offer the most excellent custom sunglass collection. EyeCandy Sunglasses is the first sunglass sales website to provide replacement and customized lenses for designer sunglasses. Some of the leading brand names that EyeCandy Sunglass carries include Wiley X, Von Zipper, Spy Optic, Smith Optics, Serengeti, Oakley, Michael Kors, Filtrate, Electric, Costa Del Mar, and Bollé. The replacement sunglass lenses the company offers include Polarized Mirror Lenses, Photochromic (Dark to Light) Lenses, 3D Movie, Polarized Tint, and Mirror Tinted Lenses.

Lotus Aroma Announces Their New Line of Massage Oils

LogoLotus Aroma is announcing their new line of massage oils. Lotus Aroma bases all of their products off of an environmentally friendly and sustainable mentality. With company officials having a strong interest in keeping their products natural, they are releasing a line of massage oils that are derived from their “essential oils” line of products. Lotus Aroma companies believe strongly in the power of natural medicine, as well as the power smell has on the subconscious.

Power of Sale Ontario Stops Foreclosures of Toronto Condos

LogoAt Power of Sale Ontario , the mortgage agents and lenders work closely with real estate lawyers to find the best ways of halting foreclosures in Ontario.