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Winning Strategies for Unemployment Finally Released to the Public

LogoIn today's current environment attempting to get unemployment benefits can be hugely frustrating. Difficult former employers and the slow moving bureaucratic nature of state employees can end up placing a person in need in dire straights. One solution is hiring a lawyer, but the fact is they often charge over two hundred dollars an hour, a difficult pill to swallow for a person out of work. Another, and perhaps more elegant solution, is presented in the recently released book “Winning Strategies: Unemployment Benefits” that offers a proven and tested method to obtain unemployment benefits quickly and without great stress. Claiming unemployment, according to many early readers, has never been so easy.

Victory Smokehouse Kicks off 2nd Annual November Smoke Harvest, Nov. 1. Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for a Cure to Benefit

LogoIn celebration of the season and a successful year, the Victory Smokehouse is proud to announce the 2nd Annual November Smoke Harvest. The fall barbecue festival will be held on November 1, 2014 from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. at The Victory Inn located at 28950 Mound Road, Warren, MI.

1-800-411-PAIN's Original Battle of the Bands, Presented by Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A.

Logo1-800-411-PAIN's Original Battle of the Bands, Presented By Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A. is taking place at the Mercer University stadium on Saturday, October 4th! The Morehouse marching band will be battling it out against the Savannah State marching band to see who comes out on top! This family friendly event invites all lovers of music and community building to get together and support their local marching bands all while raising funds that will go toward helping even more young band members display their talents.

New Austin Dental Implant Website Helps Patients Make Clear Choices About Their Teeth and Gums

LogoNew Teeth New Smile, a newly emerging website based in Austin Texas, is assisting individuals with finding quality restorative care for failing teeth.  The web property touches on many important topics from affordability and financing to choosing just the right shade of white for your new smile.  The focus of the new online hub seems to be on educating consumers on the many types of implant operations available.

Officials Dismiss Baseless Complaint by Lance Martin Against College of Universal Medicine

LogoA complaint lodged by Bangalow resident Lance Martin in June against the College of Universal Medicine (CoUM) has been dismissed in full by the Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing (OGLR) who found no concerns regarding the college’s administration under charity laws.

Dominican Republic Top Destination of the Year 2014 Offering New Luxury Properties

LogoDominican Republic is well known for its beauty. Its ambiance and environmental friendliness are its additional qualities. The Dominican Republic city also knows for its rich cultural and economic background. These qualities attract people to buy property here.

Number One Bestseller Reusable Baby Food Pouch Offers Free E-Book and 3-for-2 Deal

LogoToday SquishDelish announced it has reached Number One Hot New Bestseller in Amazon’s Baby Food Storage category with its five pack of reusable baby food pouches.

What Promontory Members Are Saying About Living in Park City, Utah

LogoThose who are members of the exclusive luxury community known as Promontory have many good things to say about it, including all of the different activities that are available for people of all ages. Members of this community enjoy living in Park City, Utah , because of the breathtaking scenery that stretches out for as far as the eye can see.

Asinine Game Inc Announces Launch of Highly Addictive New Game "Aerial Austen", a Fun, Quirky Mobile Game with Jane Austen Theme

LogoAsinine Game Inc is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated new game “Aerial Austen” for game enthusiasts worldwide. Developed for iOS and Android mobile platforms, this new game is a parody of Swing Copters with Jane Austen as a lead character in the game. It challenges the players by testing their reflexes for accuracy and time, where they have to avoid the gossiping heads and keep on tapping in order to help Jane Austen rise above and gain more points.

Homeowners Taught by A-Line Designs Professionals How to Maximize Use of Attic Space

LogoThe attic is a commonly overlooked part of a home and it is easy to underestimate its potential, but many people have transformed this area into a useable and beautiful space. With the help of the right professionals, it is possible to turn a dusty old attic into a studio or even a guest room.