Expert SEO Corp Offers Protection for Acid Rain, one of America's fastest growing distributors of car covers, offers a line of car covers that protects vehicles from the harmful effects of acid rain.  Acid rain, which forms when industrial pollutants enter rain clouds, can drop corrosive, highly acidic water onto cars, ruining the paint finish.  The company, which was founded with the goal of providing the best quality covers on the market at the lowest price possible, offers acid-rain protecting covers for virtually every vehicle on the market today. Announces Unique Skin Protection , a top-rated site for garden and patio umbrellas as well as related patio products, announced today that its umbrellas offer a unique way to protect sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the sun.  Made of the heavyweight, sun-blocking fabrics, the umbrellas provide a passive means of keeping people, especially children, away from ultra-violet rays that can damage skin and even lead to skin cancers.  Unlike clothing, which isn't a good protection for very bright sunlight, or sun-screen, which comes off in the water, an umbrella is permanent and effective.

New Web Service Connects Advertisers with Social Media Heavyweights

LogoSocial media marketing is no longer resigned to the realm of "optional." Any company, small business, celebrity, or performer is expected to have a presence on top social networks; it's difficult to be taken seriously otherwise. Why not be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any number of other popular networks, after all? There's hardly a more effective means of marketing with such a low cost of entry.

"Truth of Addiction" Helps Individual Overcoming Addiction Using Evidence-Based Techniques

LogoTruth Of Addiction is an online program to help people overcome addiction by using evidence-based techniques. This program incorporates key nutrients, cognitive-behavioral and mindful-meditation techniques to help individuals manage their cravings and urges, long-term.

Learn the Best Way to Find the Finest Aviator Sunglasses Online

LogoOf the different style of glasses; it is aviator which seems to be the most trending style. One can find different top brands which deal in aviators and thereby choosing the best glasses might not be a herculean task.

VanScoy Diamonds and Jewelry Store Got a 5 Star Review from a Customer

LogoVanScoy Diamonds is the premier diamond and jewelry store in Greensboro, NC. This review is further proof of VanScoy Diamonds' dedication to their customers.

New Directions for Women Celebrates Groundbreaking Ceremony to Accommodate the Growing Needs of Patients and Staff

LogoIn their continuous commitment towards serving women suffering from addictions, New Directions for Women will soon start the renovation of their $1.6 million Founder's House. The groundbreaking ceremony for this vital renovation work was celebrated recently by the organization. When completed, this project will transform their aging campus into a state-of the-art residential treatment center. This will help New Directions for Women address the growing needs of their patients and staff.

Facebook Ad Agencies See Unprecedented Drop in Client Volume

LogoThe Precedent of purchasing likes from exterior, third party sources have never been in consumer demand. Companies, brands and fan pages have started to adapt the networking epithet, "Fake it 'til you make it". The fan count of any given page instills virtual authority recent psychologists suggest. Many digital marketers have adapted the ideology of strength of numbers and began modeling marketing techniques on the premise of "quantity over quality".

Real Estate Letter Prospecting Keep Sales Leads Coming In

LogoLanard – who, like Prince, Cher and Madonna, goes by one name and is the mastermind behind the  Real Estate Marketing Talk website– wouldn't mind if you bought him a latte. His website offers page upon page of tips for Realtors; and for those who would like to show their appreciation for the free schooling Lanard suggests a donation in the form of the price of a latte.

In Jamaica, Great Things Come in Small Luxury Packages

LogoIt's the third largest Caribbean Island and the most mountainous. It's available year round.  An authentic Jamaican experience in Ocho Rios. The experience of the real Jamaica, not the resort Jamaica and Jamaica Ocean View Villas ( is making sure to offer grand luxury along with an authentic Jamaican experience.