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Delivering Excellence Shared Mag-Loc Containment System and Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, included information about the Mag-Loc Containment System. Three thousand pounds of break strength and 1000 pounds of working load are just two features of the Mag-Log Containment System. It is a secure anchor for the strap attachment on the hand truck, trailer, fleet trucks, walls, ceilings, or warehouses. In conjunction with the self-stabilizing hand truck the ergonomic benefits are driving significant 2015 sales.

Delivering Excellence Discussed OSHA Ergonomic Concerns in Warehouse

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, discussed OSHA ergonomic employee concerns in warehouses. Employees usually move materials through the warehouse on pallet jacks. Ergonomic concerns occur when placing boxes on pallets. OSHA recommends several possible solutions including using a forklift to raise the height of the boxes. Recommendations include raising the height of the bottom level to allow employees to keep the load close to the body, minimizing bending of the torso. OSHA recommends pallet jack with higher than normal fork elevation, which provides height-adjustable picking equipment so loads can be maintained at a height that minimizes bending at the waist. Perhaps most importantly OSHA suggests educating employees about the hazards of bending while moving heavy loads. Some solutions to address these ergonomic concerns include the self-stabilizing hand truck by Magline.

Grocery Warehousing Has Special OSHA Ergonomic Needs Addressed by Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, shared that grocery warehousing has special OSHA ergonomic considerations. A grocery warehouse has three main functions: receive bulk goods from the supplier, order picking desired goods within the warehouse, and ship goods to customers. An OSHA eTool described ergonomic hazards and solutions with an emphasis on traditional order picking, accounts for a large number of musculoskeletal disorders. Other areas addressed in this eTool are transport, storage, packaging, and work practice. The Magline self-stabilizing hand truck addresses many of these OSHA issues.

Delivering Excellence Reports Tools for Beverage Delivery Drivers Include Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, discussed the OSHA e-Tool which helps beverage delivery drivers. The OSHA eTool describes ergonomic hazards and possible solutions for workers in the beverage delivery industry. A beverage delivery person performs the following ergonomic tasks: drives a pre-stocked route truck from the plant to designated customers and unloads the various cases of beverages from the truck. The beverage delivery person typically works eight to ten hours per day. Customers include grocery and convenience stores, hospitals, and schools.

Delivering Excellence Discusses Ergonomic Positioning and Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, recently profiled how a manual palletizer enables ergonomic positioning. Modern Machine Shop, the source of the report, discussed how a level loader is economical and ergonomic. Although it requires no electrical power and little maintenance, it virtually eliminates productivity-robbing and injury-producing bending, lifting, reaching, and stretching common to pallet-loading applications. The loader features a stable base that is said to be smaller than other designs, enabling the user to step close to the unit's platform. Fork-lift pockets at the base enable easy unit relocation. Other ergonomic tools are part of the equation.

Delivering Excellence Reports Importance of Improved Safety and Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported the importance of improved safety. Originally reported in Reliable Plant, along with developing robots that can perform human jobs with equal (or perhaps greater) efficiency and accuracy, innovations in the material handling industry will also place a heavy emphasis on workplace safety and productivity. For example, new forklift attachments, pneumatic scissor lift and rotate systems can effectively eliminate the strains and hazards associated with handling a pallet and placing products into the pallet simultaneously. This invention optimizes workplace safety and worker ergonomics, allowing all forklift operators to safely manage multiple material handling processes with greater efficiency and precision. Other innovations are being used to ensure safety and improve productivity.

Too Much Tablet Use Can Lead to Neck Injury Reports Delivering Excellence

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, shared a Canadian Occupational safety report that tablet use requires significant head and neck bending and has implications for potential neck injury to users, according to a recent study. Past research has highlighted a link between increased head and neck bending and pain. Increased activation of neck extensor muscles leave them vulnerable to fatigue and therefore pain, found the study, published in the Journal of Ergonomics. Other ergonomic tools are being used throughout material handling.

Delivering Excellence Talks Prologis Growth and Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, shared that Prologis Inc. paid $5.9 billion for KTR 300 industrial properties. Prologis, which owns and operates more than 2,800 properties in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, uses its warehouses to provide logistics services to customers, helping them manage global supply chains. The acquisition will increase Prologis' presence in areas such as Southern California, New Jersey, Chicago, South Florida, Seattle, and Dallas.

Magline Looks at Lean Six Sigma Best Practices in Delivering Excellence Newsletter

LogoMagline, Inc. is providing Delivering Excellence newsletter which synopsizes the important news and developments touching the materials handling aspect of business. Leaders are looking for a competitive advantage, have dynamic and experienced sales forces, and have a corporate culture which is customer-focused and intent on building long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

Delivering Excellence Finds High Demand for Forklift Operators Until 2022

LogoDelivering Excellence details programs which enable companies to design innovative route distribution solutions that enhance safety and productivity. Delivery routes with a variety of lightweight and ergonomically-designed solutions allow companies to move more loads with less physical stress delivering workplace safety and productivity.