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Dry Cleaning Company Expands Beyond Home Market with Home and Office Delivery

LogoMW Cleaners is expanding outside its home base of Houston. It is seeking to capture market share in Austin three ways: 1) home and office route delivery, 2) a locker-based exchange system serving office buildings and apartment complexes, and 3) dry cleaning services offered at all 12 Men's Wearhouse/JOS Bank retail locations. Delivering Excellence newsletter is reporting weekly how these trends are changing the growth of various same day delivery programs and organizations.

Planning and Engineering Foodservice Facilities Increasingly Complex

LogoPlanning and engineering of foodservice facilities has become more complex driving new processes that include the study of human factors engineering, time–motion studies, and workflow design. According to Delivering Excellence newsletter, foodservice facility planning concerns like space programming, incorporation of new technologies, documentation of utility services and project management reflect the changing foodservice environment challenges. Updated OSHA regulations, concerns with injuries from repetitive movements, and product safety and liability issues all point to workplace ergonomics as an important aspect of any facility planning effort.

Retail Industry Leaders Association Identifies Retail Megatrends

LogoRILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) and Forum for the Future's Retail Horizons identified twenty-two megatrends. Some of these megatrends were profiled in Delivery Excellence including:

Reducing Delivery Costs Top Priority in Direct Store Delivery Retail

LogoIt is impossible to look at the quality of material handling processes without looking at delivery costs to retail outlets. Nearly three-fourths of the total costs of direct store delivery (DSD) rest with warehouse, order assembly, and delivery to retail customers. The remaining 30 percent of costs come from demand and supply planning, manufacturing, order generation, dispatch planning, and transportation. When looking at the total system involved in DSD, one must consider three key elements: the health and safety of workers, product damage and quality of service, and the most cost-effective way to deliver products. Delivering Excellence newsletter reported on the rise of DSD.

Retail Market Share Expands with Direct Store Delivery Generating More Sales

LogoEmployers are working to expand their retail market share by ensuring that each direct store delivery generates more sales per stop. As reported in Delivering Excellence newsletter, direct Store Delivery Sales Development program at Nestlé USA is cultivating a career-driven path. In a quasi-apprenticeship modality the program works with recent college graduates to maximize their knowledge, understanding, and experience in the retail environment.

Same Day Delivery Trend Continues in Hanging Garments Market

LogoUK logistics and road freight specialists have entered the hanging garment market after completing its first job in just a matter of hours. As reported in the Delivering Excellence newsletter, AYS Logistics has successfully transported 70 different clothing ranges, picking them up from an export carrier and delivering them to London Mayfair in time for the grand opening of a new, high profile boutique fashion store. Making the job even more impressive is the fact that the entire operation was planned in just a matter of hours. The company received the initial inquiry for the job outside of normal working hours during the night and had to load vehicles at 6am the next morning, for delivery direct to store in Mayfair at 9am. It was very last minute but managed to fulfil the early next day delivery requirement successfully.

Magline Promotions Featured in Materials Management and Distribution

LogoMagline announcement of executive promotions where profiled in Materials Management and Distribution (MM&D) sponsored by Canada's Supply Chain Magazine. According to the MM&D staff writer, Magline, Inc. has promoted Bill Joseph to vice-president of sales. He brings over 25 years of experience as an executive in sales, including directing and growing sales territories and opportunities. Joseph has served Magline since 2007, where he leads the company's sales expansion and channel development.

Distribution Centers Increasingly Told Automated Guided Vehicles Best Choice

LogoDistribution Centers are told consistently AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) or driverless pallet jacks are the best choice. Devising a formula for ROI (return-on-investment) is often difficult, even impossible. While the powers argue about the efficacy of the new technology more warehouse managers are finding immediately low cost alternatives. Pallet dollies move pallets with great ease, no training, and improved ergonomic implications. Since more than 80% of all DCs have <100,000 square feet of space, a few pallet dollies often prove far more efficacious than retooling a distribution center with tape, lasers, or unmanned vehicles to move pallet contents to the dock. Delivering Excellence newsletter is reporting weekly how these trends are changing the growth of various same day delivery programs and organizations.

Delivering Bottled Water Drives Product Innovation

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported bottled water is comprehensively regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a packaged food product. By law, the FDA regulations for bottled water must be at least as stringent as the Environmental Protection Agency standards for tap water. Delivering this safe and beneficial water has driven product innovation, including a trayless bottled water truck. Bottled water has an impressive safety record; there have been no major outbreaks of illness or serious safety concerns associated with bottled water in the past decade; this is even more impressive as EPA researchers reported an estimated 16.4 million cases of acute gastrointestinal illness per year are caused by tap water. Bottled water is often stored as part of an emergency kit in case of natural disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says the "safest" and "most reliable" source of drinking water is store bought bottled water.

High Strength and Optimum Ductility Hand Trucks Meet Aluminum Association Standards

LogoThe aluminum industry directly employs more than 155,000 workers. Not all aluminum hand trucks extrusions are made from aircraft aluminum alloy tempered for high strength and optimum ductility manufactured to Aluminum Association Standards. Delivering Excellence News is reporting weekly how these trends are impacting the delivery industry. More than 155,000 workers are directly employed in the aluminum industry. For each aluminum industry job, an additional 3.3 employment positions are created elsewhere in the economy. In total, 672,000 U.S. jobs are created by the production, processing and use of aluminum.