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10/11/2012 Trending Stock Report: PINK:ACYD, PINK:NSRGY, PINK:TSCDY, OTC:PRTN, OTC:AREEP is issuing a trend Report on October 11, 2012: American Community Development Group, Inc. (PINK:ACYD), Nestle S.A. (PINK:NSRGY), Tesco PLC. (PINK:TSCDY), Pristine Solutions, Inc. (OTC:PRTN), Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (OTC:AREEP)


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2012 -- American Community Development (PINK:ACYD) so far today has traded over 217,000 shares current price of $.0016. ACYD has set up a business model that hits home for many families. Through this model, ACYD creates and sponsors affordable and transitional housing and job creation programs for the nonprofit community. Who are some of these people? Veterans, elderly, and even those who are aged out of foster care. Non-Profit organizations can do a wonderful job of providing treatment and educational services for their clients. But, what most non-profits can't provide, however, is permanent housing, job training or even a job for their clients and that's where American Community Development Group steps in.

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Nestle S.A. (PINK:NSRGY) opened today’s trading session at a price of $65.30 and his hit a high of $65.54. So far there has been 52,000 in trading volume.

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Tesco PLC. (PINK:TSCDY) has traded over 750,000 shares going into the afternoon. It had an opening price of $15.19 which is also the high for the day.

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Pristine Solutions, Inc. (OTC:PRTN) has already traded over its three month running average of 10 million shares daily. Its opening price was $.0168.

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Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (OTC:AREEP) was up $.23 since yesterday’s closing at one point today. It has reached a high of $27.68 with volume exceeding 100,000.

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