2012 Insurance Pricing Post Gender Ruling


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2012 -- This report analyzes the implications of the EU gender ruling for the UK general insurance industry, focusing in particular on UK's private motor insurance market. It provides thorough analysis of the currently used pricing factors and outlines the impact of future changes post December 2012

Features and benefits

Find out about the weighting of the pricing factors currently used in motor insurance pricing
Assess the impact of different pricing factors in relation to gender
Gain insight into how motor insurance pricing is likely to be shaped in the future and discover new trends


On the 1st of March 2011 the European Court of Justice ruled that 'the practice of using gender as a factor in the calculation of premiums and benefits must cease, with effect from 21 December 2012, based on the fact that in principle, women and men should have equal access and supply of goods and services

Within the existing practice, young male drivers are charged more for their insurance premiums than young female drivers, due to the fact that statistically young male drivers are at a greater risk of accident and consequent insurance claim.

Age and postcode are the most important factors in motor insurance pricing, followed by vehicle model and claims history, gender and vehicle age. Other ways of pricing motor insurance based on driver behavior are emerging, with the rise of telematics

Your key questions answered

How important is the gender factor in motor insurance pricing?
What factors are being used alongside gender, and how will the balance change going forward?
What is the likely impact of telematics and what other developments are likely to emerge post December 2012?

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