2014 Consumer's Guide to the Best BB Creams Posted Online


Winston Salem, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2014 -- advises on and reviews the best BB creams for 2014, also revealing whether this cosmetic innovation is worth the hype or not. The blog aids consumers in picking the most suitable brands.

A hybrid between face cream and foundation, BB cream is a healthier makeup alternative that got to be in high demand on the market. However, consumers who have not tried it are not yet convinced whether it is beneficial or it is only marketed as a spectacular product. In reality, the beneficial effects of BB creams have been observed and documented. Apart from evening the skin tone, covering blemishes and wrinkles, this beauty product can actually improve skin appearance by healing its wrinkled or scarred parts. Consumers will finally have access to those brands that help tighten, lift and firm the skin.

Readers will be informed and will understand the BB cream as part of a beauty routine. In addition, they will know which ones have anti-aging properties and will help them restore their skin health. The articles are revealing which brands make legitimate claims and which do not.

The BB comes from “blemish balm” and thus the BB cream is a good aid in covering blemishes and other skin imperfections, helping a foundation achieve better coverage. However, these creams also work all by themselves – depending on the skin issues. BB creams differ one from another, however. Some have better coverage, some are more efficient with hiding wrinkles, while others have hydrating or healing properties due to active ingredients contained within. BB cream reviews help consumers decide which type and brand to include in their beauty routine and from which to expect certain positive results.

The reviews let consumers understand the various ingredients properties and choose the best BB cream to suit their daily needs. The blog also proves to be very useful to those who do not know what is BB cream, as it details its many purposes: concealer, wrinkle coverage, skin refresher, sunblock, moisturizer, foundation and more. The best BB cream brands manage to get all these aspects covered.

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