3 Step Strategy to Get More Visitors to a Business Website Published by WebTrafficToolkit.com

Web marketing blog, WebTrafficToolkit.com, has just published their own strategy for how to increase website visitors.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2012 -- Business owners around the world are looking for new ways to increase visitors to their website. To help businesses in their online promotions, WebTrafficToolkit.com has just published their technique for generating free Google traffic and getting more website visitors.

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- Blog More Often – “Most people make the mistake of writing one perfectly optimized blog post and then spend all their time sending it backlinks to try and rank it highly on Google. Instead, focus on writing a daily blog post and not worrying about where they rank. Over time the traffic will come,” said a website spokesperson.

- Long Tail Keywords – “Ranking for a major keyword on the first page of Google is overrated. Much of your website traffic will come from long tail keywords that no one would ever have thought about optimizing their content for. The more pages of content you have the more traffic you will get whether they rank for the primary keywords or not.”

Repurpose Content – “Don’t just publish a blog post and leave it at that. Convert it into an article and submit to the directories, convert it into a video and upload it to YouTube, write a press release announcing your blog post. Make the most out of each and every post that you write for maximum traffic.”

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