60 Minute Stamina Review: The Real Truth Exposed

Attention men: Learning how to last longer in bed is easy - but it just got easier!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2013 -- This "secret" to staying hard longer is based on years of experiences from some of the most prolific Adult film stars, including Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Marcus London, Nick Manning, and Evan Stone!

Shawna Lenee, Penthouse Pet of the Month for July, 2008 has compiled all of those secrets in a revealing series called "60 Minute Stamina", which tells you in explicit detail how to last 60 minutes or longer in bed! And today, through this Press Release, only a select 300 men will become beneficiaries of Shawna's efforts. Those lucky few, regardless of age or experience, will learn from some of the best how to stay hard longer, how to avoid premature ejaculation, and how to please a woman with mind blowing penetration sex!

Have you watched the Nicholas Cage movie "Gone in 60 Seconds"? Well, many women are dissatisfied with their sex partners because they "Come in 60 Seconds" - their men ejaculate and "cumm" even before they are able to satisfy the woman. Premature explosions are very common in men - it's nothing to be ashamed about. Almost 65% of men suffer from it. But men, if you don't do something about it now, you'll forever miss out on the opportunity to be the sex stud you really want your woman to have in bed. You even risk women not being interested in having sex with you at all. They'll just find someone else that CAN last longer!

Instead of feeling ashamed or feeling sorry for yourselves, decide on doing something about your "situation" TODAY, and within a short time you'll be able to last 20-minutes longer inside a woman. And that's what today's Press Release is about.

But our announcement today offers much more! And if you are one of the lucky 300 men to cash in on our offer, you'll be able to have mind-numbing sex yourself, and bring women to multiple mind-blowing climaxes before you finally let lose yourself.

Shawna knows from personal experience that nothing else but penetration sex pleases a woman the way a woman is supposed to be pleased. Not Viagra, not Cialis, not fingers, tongues or toys! And if you can't last long inside your woman, she just may crave for someone else who can. In this amazing "60 Minute Stamina" series, Shawna and her talented team teach you how to actually last over an hour - not just 20 minutes - inside a woman. These are tricks and techniques that stars like Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Marcus London, Nick Manning, and Evan Stone have perfected and used on and off set for decades. And yes, they work!

The best part of today's offer is that these "Mental Viagra" secrets are within the grasp of ordinary men. All you need to do to last longer inside a woman is learn the techniques. The rest will come easily (no pun intended there!) with practice. And that's where Shawna's "60 Minute Stamina" series is different. Unlike any other similar videos available today, you actually learn, and have to practice (yes - just like you did in school!) what you learned. And these videos take you through the entire process - step by step, blow by blow, and push by push!

So what are we offering you in the "60 Minute Stamina" package through today's announcement? Well, you'll get:
- The 60 Minute Stamina Advanced Seminars
- 60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Videos
- 60 Minute Stamina In Action
- The Instant Stamina Cure

Through these series of videos, men will learn the explicit techniques of making passionate love, having wild and carnal sex, and teasing and pleasing a woman for a longer time - until she's on the verge of release. And then, once you have exploded, you'll learn how to be ready for action again, instantly and quickly. Women crave a stud that can please them over, and over, and over... all day and night, multiple times. And that's what this course teaches men.

But there's much more if you act quickly. For only a select 300 men, today's Press Release comes with 3 amazing Bonus Offers. These include:
Bonus # 1: Evan Stone's Stamina Workout
Bonus # 2: A Free 14-Day Trial to Shawna Lenee's new Stamina Masters Club!
Bonus # 3: You'll Also Get A Spot At Our One-Time-Only 60 Minute Stamina LIVE Training Webinar!

This Bonus material helps further supplement what you learn in your "60 Minute Stamina" training. It will further your knowledge of the techniques already taught you, and will leave you with many more practical gems that will help you stay hard longer and perform better in bed.

And we've saved the best part of today's Press Announcement for now. All of this material is usually offered in the 60 Minute Stamina package for $745.65. But as part of our Press Release, you can be one of only 300 lucky studs-to-be and receive all this and more for just $67!

So why wait? The longer you keep women unsatisfied and craving for carnal penetration sex, the more likely it is they will find it with someone else. So log on to our secure order page and order your copy of "60 Minute Stamina" today. Once you've shown them how long you last inside them, you'll never have to ask a woman to have sex with you ever again. She'll be the one begging for it - guaranteed!

About Shawna Lenee
Shawna was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She appeared on the cover of the July 2008 issue of Penthouse as well as being featured as the Pet of the Month.