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60 Second Cash APP for Trading Binary Options with a Winrate Above 90% Being Given FREE by Developer Greg Timber

According to Greg Timber, Jimmy deposited $500 into the account and in 8 weeks he has made $72,235 trading with his 60 Second Cash APP.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2014 -- Greg Timber the developer of 60 Second Cash APP claims that he used this app to make a million dollar in 60 days. Greg Timber is giving his 60 Second Cash APP FREE for 60 days to anyone interested in testing it. His only requirement is to open an account with recommended broker in order to activate his APP. This APP has been coded to work with only one broker and it does not work with any other broker. Greg Timber claims that he makes thousands of dollars every month trading with this APP. According to Greg Timber, Jimmy deposited $500 into the account and in 8 weeks he has made $72,235. Similarly Sharon deposited $600 and in 10 weeks has an account balance of $102,811. Lisa deposited $700 and in 12 weeks her account balance is $120,106.

This is what Greg Timber says: “This software WORKS, it has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last month alone and continues to do so BUT, I must stress that you have to TAKE ACTION for it to work for you!

What are are going to be doing is using my '60 second cash app' software to trade Binary Options...Now I'm sure a lot of you have never traded before in your life and that's fine because all you need to do is follow the instructions below to the letter and everything will become clear...There is no room for error, judgement or mistakes with this because my software will do EVERYTHING for you to make you a profit.”

About Greg Timber
Greg Timber a few years back had to face a messy divorce. His wife took away everything. His kids, his house and his bank balance. He was living off the street. Instead of giving up, he started looking for ways to make money online. After a few months, he came across the binary options opportunity. He developed this 60 Second Cash APP that made him a millionaire in 60 days. When his wife heard about his new found wealth, she came back.

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