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PharmaCyte Biotech Finalizes International Diabetes Consortium to Cure Diabetes

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing targeted treatments for cancer and diabetes using its signature live-cell encapsulation technology, Cell-in-a-Box®, today announced that the world class team of scientists, physicians and academics that make up its international Diabetes Consortium is now complete with the addition of the final two members, Dr. Thomas Stratmann and Dr. Axel Kornerup Hansen.

AngioDynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANGO) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

An investigation on behalf of investors of AngioDynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANGO) shares over potential securities laws violations by AngioDynamics, Inc. and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

KMWorld Honors Earley & Associates for Trend-Setting Award

LogoEarley & Associates announced today that it has been selected for the Trend-Setting company of 2013 award by KMWorld magazine.

The Leading Penny Stock Advisor, Peter Leeds, Publishes 'Penny Stocks for Dummies'

Along with basic trading strategies, the book also covers more advanced topics including how ‘dilution’ can affect a trader and shareholder. As per Mr. Peter Leeds, “dilution can be dual faced if a company doubles the total amount of shares it has outstanding, the amount of money that each share represents theoretically drops in half.”

Connolly Counseling & Assessment Opens New Office in Beverly Hills, CA

Trusted therapy and counseling center Connolly Counseling & Assessment opens its doors to more clients as they launches their new office in Beverly Hills, CA. Individuals and families seeking for reliable professionals in the field of psychology are assured of receiving topnotch assistance and service when they visit the practice’s new location.

Managed Services Market Expected $256.05 Billion by 2018

LogoThe "Managed Services Market [Managed Data Center, Managed Network, Managed Information, Managed Mobility, Managed Infrastructure, Managed Communications, Managed Security] - Global Advancements, Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013 – 2018)", the managed services market is estimated to grow from $142.75 billion in 2013 to $256.05 billion in 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 12.4% from 2013 to 2018.

New Device Helps Train Parrots to Stop Screaming is proud to announce the release of it’s Deluxe Stop Screaming Kit designed to stop parrots from screaming for attention. Parrot owners around the world are constantly seeking help and advice on how to stop their birds from squawking or screaming for attention, and in the past the best answers were things like “ignore the bird and it’ll stop eventually”, “use earplugs”, “spray the bird with water from a squirt bottle” etc. but none of these ideas actually solved the problem quickly and efficiently.

Recreation, Sports, Youth Activities Expert Launches New Consulting Firm

Oscar Smith, Jr. has launched Oscar Smith Consulting LLC to serve municipalities, military installations, and private entities. “I am honored and excited to be able to help others reach and exceed their recreation, sports, and youth activities goals. I have always been very passionate about the benefits of recreational activities. Recreation is an elixir to the mind, soul and body,” he says.

Ellington and Associates Is Pleased to Announce That Dr. Maria Antonieta Lorente Has Joined Our Staff as Manager of Stratigraphic Services

María Antonieta Lorente is a certified petroleum geologist, expert in stratigraphy and biostratigraphy, instructor, lecturer, and international consultant. She received her Geological Engineering and MSc in Sedimentary Geology degrees from the Central University Venezuela and her PhD from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Burton Software Announces Affordable Icicle HACCP Solutions

Burton Software developed Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) software that helps food manufacturing and service companies improve the quality and safety of their products. The cloud-based software develops tools that help users manage food safety plans, document procedures, and carry out inspections at an affordable price.

Brand Promotion or Online Reputation, T4 Social Media LLC Can Map out Most Interactive and Engaging Campaigns

Brand promotion or online reputation, T4 Social Media LLC can map out the most interactive and engaging campaigns. Their social media agency is specialized in strategizing, implementing and managing captivating social media expeditions for a brand or business on Facebook, twitter and other populous social media destinations. They are experts in roping in maximum followers, and the most potential customers for businesses while providing the best value for the investment.

Cabby's Official Music Video Launched by "Too Much Entertainment"

Too Much Entertainment, the recording music studio launched the official music video of Cabby – D.B.O.A (Dope Boys of America). The trailer is ready for viewers to watch in on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Cabby is a fairly famous artist in the hip-hop genre. His passion for hip-hop made him master this art and his curiosity for music had motivated him to know more about this art. Cabby read and stayed plugged in all the time and spent time listening to the greatest hip-hop legends such as Tupac and Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and many more.

Vimana Creates Manufacturing Intelligence to Prevent Shop Floor Losses

Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights, recently shared, “vimana users can understand the causes of production losses on the shop floor, including machine breakdowns, poor quality, material starvation, and incorrect operation.” System Insights’ vimana collects and analyzes data in real-time from a wide variety of data sources throughout the shop floor and finds hidden patterns and trends that identify the sources of production losses, and indicate the best strategies to decrease, and ultimately eliminate them.

Trilogiq USA Interviewed About Advantages of Flexible AGV

Trilogiq USA’s Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Cunningham was recently interviewed by Amanda Merrell, Seegrid’s Marketing Director. Cunningham discussed why flexible AGVs benefit the automotive industry and how they solve the day-to-day challenges. Trilogiq USA is hosting the second annual Solution Expo on October 10th. A live demonstration of Seegrid's automated GT10 tow tractor will take place. Trilogiq USA’s Automated Guided Carts, Designing Solutions with SketchUp, and CNC machine solutions will be demonstrated as well at Trilogiq USA’s American Headquarters in Livonia, Michigan.

Ultriva Solves Shipment Scheduling Dilemma Reports recently featured Ultriva’s solution for many manufacturers’ shipment scheduling dilemma. Scheduling activities by calendar, while dealing with internal or external commitments, is very important for Ultriva’s clients. Pushparaj Shanmugam, the Director of Engineering at Ultriva wrote on the company blog, “Typically, the schedule needs to pay attention to Business specific work days, work hours etc. Typical scheduling is in general interval based. Input time is adjusted by interval, and then the outcome is optionally adjusted by Business work days/ work hours. For example, if the lead time is five business days then when a purchase order is released, the delivery date is adjusted to five business days from purchase order creation date.” According to the article, “Shanmugam constantly sees new requests for Ultriva’s Supply Chain Management Software. Clients ask how is the best way to accommodate the business rules for shipments and scheduling. Shanmugam enjoys these requests because he can accommodate the customer without writing custom programs.”

Juego Studio Now a Leading 3D Game Development Company

Juego Studio, a world class mobile game development company, is now all-set to deliver unique and engaging gaming experience with its finest 3D game development capabilities. The casual mobile game development scenario is brimming with passionate gamers who hunt for highly innovative and immersive 3d games to quench their gaming adventure thirst. Most of the gamers are seeking great user experience and performance that is offered in native gaming.3D graphics in mobile games enhances realism by adrenaline pumping gameplay strategy and real life characters which are difficult to achieve using 2D graphics alone. The 3D mobile game market has overpowered the 2D gaming industry with its soaring popularity and other technical features.

Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development Announces Swimming Pool Construction Services for Fall

Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development is pleased to announce swimming pool construction and installation services for fall season. The swimming pool contractors of Wyckoff, NJ encourage homeowners to use this time to install the swimming pool of their dreams, before the cold winter months roll around. Even though swimming pool installation can take place during any time of year, it is better to have the project completed before winter, in case snow decides to show up. The company has successfully constructed, designed, developed and installed swimming pools for many property owners across New Jersey.

Hydrojet Inc. Now Offering More Precise Machining of Composites

LogoHydrojet Inc., located in Reading, PA, has over 25 years of manufacturing and machining experience. With better technology and facilities, Hydrojet Inc. is able to offer customers much more than most machining companies. In fact, Hydrojet serves customers from almost every profession, including: healthcare, military, electronics, industrial, energy, and more. A few years ago, Hydrojet Inc. upgraded to a brand new facility with a host of new and advanced technologies. Now, Hydrojet Inc. is offering customers the highest level of precision when machining composites.

Chicago's Face of Latino Music and Local Celebrity DJ, Jr. Lopez, Endorses GearclubDirect

GearclubDirect, a leading distributor of DJ equipment in Chicago, has announced that Jr. Lopez, a local celebrity DJ and the face of Latino music in the area, has endorsed the company. Jr. Lopez, a disk jockey at Univision Radio’s Maxima 93.5 and 103.1 FM stations, has used equipment from GearclubDirect for many years. He is well-known in the Chicago area and has also worked with popular radio stations in the past. These include WOJO QUE BUENA 105.1 FM, Kalle 106.7 FM, and Big City Radio Chicago.

Hi Slider Is Making Revolutionary Changes in Free Jquery Image Sliders for Websites

LogoWhat is a jquery slider? - The simple answer to this question is a plug-in for a website - A web design tool for webmasters, and web designers

New Online Nutrition Training Program and Certification

The increasing awareness among people of all ages, and races on how the food they consume affects their health and well-being has created the opportunity for people to choose a career in this field. Several individuals who are looking to improve their career prospects are searching for courses that help enhance their knowledge and skills. Most people take the help of professional consultants and nutritionists to plan their food consumption in such a manner that provides them with the required nutrients to enjoy a healthy life. And depending on your nutrition program and certification they may work with nutritional supplements to enhance health and reverse diseases. If you are looking to take advantage of this opportunity that is provided due to the increased demand, it is advisable to search for a reliable program that offers you the necessary skills and knowledge.

Roman and Sons Now Offering 50 Referral Bonus

LogoRoman and Sons, a leading provider of replacement windows in Bucks County, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a $50 referral bonus when someone refers friends or family for service. The service needs to be performed by Roman and Sons to receive the referral bonus.

Indian Trade Center to Host Award Ceremony at Iitf, 2013, one of India's largest B2B portal has planned to organise and host an award distribution ceremony in order to recognise and congratulate the Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) for their hard-work, prosperity and growth.

Designed Smiles Now Offers the Best Invisalign Treatments at Their Brea Center

Serving Anaheim, Whittier, La Habra, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and Brea, Designed Smiles offers the most comprehensive and complete dental treatment at affordable prices. The services offered at Designed Smiles vary from teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Invisalign clear braces, and more.

Full Body Weight Loss Cardio Workout Revealed by Dr. Charles Livingston

While every weight loss plan is different, cardio exercises should be included in all of them, reports The magazine also writes that cardio workouts are recommended for both weight loss and muscle gain, meaning that people doing them will lose weight and get in shape at the same time, toning their body and looking nice.

Ellington and Associates Is Pleased to Announce That Dr. Nataliya Tur Has Joined Our Staff as a Senior Paleontologist

Since joining Ellington and Associates, Nataliya has been working to refine the biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation in Texas, analyzing its foraminiferal assemblages in well cuttings and thin-sections. Offers Insightful Tips on How to Find Real Psychics and Avoid Scams, a website dedicated in providing extensive information about psychic readings and online psychic companies, has recently published an article which shares insightful tips on how to easily distinguish between the real psychics from the scams.