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Waterline Controls Will Be Attending WEFTEC 2015

Waterline Controls® is proud to announce they will be attending the Water Environment Federation's 88th Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference.

Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE:BPI) Long Term Investor Investigation Concerning Possible Wrongdoing

An investigation for investors, who purchased NYSE:BPI shares in 2012 or earlier and currently still hold any of those NYSE:BPI shares, was announced concerning potential wrongdoing by Bridgepoint Education certain officers and directors.

Travers Dental Practice Now Helps Find the Best Dentist in Holborn

Travers Dental Practice is now providing services in the Holborn area and has made its authority known on the web. It has announced an informative blog with information on various dental subjects. Tips on taking advantage of great dental care are provided. In addition to regular dental visits, daily care, such as brushing, is extremely important. The best dentist in Holborn will help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.

Business Mobile Help from FITB Academy

The FITBAcademy offers “Fill in the Blanks” for using mobile devices, smart phones and other latest gadgets for business purposes. The entire business can be operated via these gadgets and it is crucial to know how exactly these devices can be put to use in order to get the maximum output. FITB Academy offers Mobile Business Help for all those entrepreneurs who have recently purchases tablets, smartphones, iphones, etc or for those entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge on operating their devices.

The CCWC Network Presents Its City "ROOTS" Trunk Show

Following a successful event in 2013, The CCWC Network Corp is strongly continuing its trend of its series of trunk shows with support from the Broward Center’s Arts Access Program of the Broward Center of Performing Arts 201 SW 5th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL, on Sunday October 13th 2013. The Broward Center’s Art Access Program was designed to assist smaller organizations aspiring to present performances for, and about, their communities.

Village Catering Now Offering Catering Services for Sweet 16 Parties in Philadelphia

LogoIt can be a stressful task to plan the perfect Sweet 16 party for any teenage girl. Not only does the venue and entertainment have to be perfect, but the food has to leave every guest fully satisfied—and with teenagers, there has to be a wide variety. Village Catering, a premier Philadelphia catering company, is pleased to announce they are now offering their services to cater Sweet 16 parties. The professional caterers will work with their clients to customize the catering package and provide all the dishes that are desired. Whether hot or cold entrees are preferred, Village Catering will ensure the food is delivered to the venue of the clients’ choosing ready to eat.

American Cheese Society Announces 2013 Certified Cheese Professionals

One hundred thirty two (132) individuals passed the American Cheese Society’s (ACS) 2013 Certified Cheese Professional™ Exam, which was held on July 31 in Madison, Wisconsin. This prestigious group includes cheese professionals from throughout the United States and Canada, bringing the total number of ACS Certified Cheese Professionals™ (ACS CCPs™) in North America to 253. For a complete directory of ACS CCPs, visit

The Boulder Group Arranges Sale of a Net Leased Aaron's Property in Hutchinson, KS

The Boulder Group, a net leased investment brokerage firm, has completed the sale of a single tenant Aaron’s property located at 1418 East 4th Avenue in Hutchinson, Kansas for $1,241,000.

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety, a Brave Personal Account Frames a Narrative on Recovery and Relapse Perfect for National Recovery Month

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 21.9 percent of women and 42.3 percent of men have three or more drinks on a “typical drinking day.” Alcoholism is a consistent family problem and the disease is in the spotlight during September, National Recovery Month. One individual who knows all too well about the trials of recovery is Scott Stevens, author of Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety. His award-winning non-fiction book is a unique, bold take on sobriety, relapse and recovery.

Five Star Painting Inc. Now Offering Historical Painting Services

LogoFive Star Painting Inc., known for their interior painting in Princeton, is proud to announce they are now offering painting services for historical buildings. Many historical buildings have intricate details that new buildings do not have and Five Star Painting Inc. has the experience and the necessary tools to perform the most professional job on all historical buildings.

Tents & Events Now Offering Tent Heaters for All Occasions

LogoTents & Events is pleased to announce they are now offering tent heaters for all special occasions. There are many special events in the fall and spring that would be perfect for an outdoor tent; however the weather can be unpredictable and become chilly once the sun goes down.

Children Book Author & Illustrator, Drew Bialko's First Poetry Book to Be Launched by Sakura Publishing

Chicago, Illinois based renowned children's book author and professional illustrator, Drew Bialko, has announced that his maiden Poetry Book, titled "SELFISH", will be launched by Sakura Publishing on September 27, 2013. The various poems in this unique poetry book by author Drew Bialko, are laced with a heavy dose of juvenile humor with a dash of adult themes added deftly into the mix making them all the more contemporary and appealing to the modern generation. Each poem reads like a funny tale, sometimes cautionary, sometimes just plain silly, and is accompanied by gorgeous computer generated images that are as creative as the poems themselves.

Modern Customised Label Printers Offer the Latest in the Field of Easy and Quick Label Making

Finding a suitable label maker for a product is most essential to promote a brand in the extremely competitive markets of today. It is essential to find a label printer that is compatible with all versions of windows like Vista, XP and Windows 7 & 8. A good printer avoids the hassles of sheet-labels and work without an expensive ink and toner must be chosen. Some good company’s offers have included software that allows the printing of labels directly from text in popular software programs and many other features.

Painful Sore Muscles? Sports Trainer Has Tool to Assist in Massage

There is evidence to support the role of massage in sports training and in injury recovery. The benefit of additional nutrients and oxygen passing to the injured or tired muscle speeds the repair process. For many, it is a vital element of their training program.

Travers Dental Practice Recognised as Top Dentist in Kings Cross

Travers Dental Practice of Kings Cross, London was recently recognized as the best dentist in the Kings Cross area. The acknowledgement came from patients who have visited the practice and who have experienced the range of services and superior client service that Dr. Richard Travers and his staff provide. Dr. Travers established his practice with the twin goals of offering the latest technology and dental procedures as well as a comfortable environment for patients. This latest recognition suggests that he has met those goals.

Mobile Strategy Consultants Announces Mobile Marketing Solutions to Increase Sales for Restaurants

Time is changing and the pace of change is now much faster than ever before. First, it was the internet that greatly changed how business owners planned out their marketing and advertising strategies, this medium opened a world of marketing opportunity and now mobile phones especially smart phones are the integral part of the evolution of technology and marketing. People carry their phones with them throughout the day. It has become an integral part of their everyday lives, they use cell phones for both personal and business purposes. These tiny hand held devices enable people to connect to others on the go, additionally internet accessibility allows people to look for information via their smart phone and share information that information with others as well. Business owners are now adding mobile marketing to their overall marketing strategies and plans. The unique part about mobile marketing is that it enables business owners to be in direct contact with their target market and customers, thus business owners and marketer have a greater control of the customer relation activities.

Mortgage Brokers and Finance in Perth - Security Capital Finance

Investment is the key for their monetary growth. Previously people with smart business and market aqumen indulged in investment, they used to take advice from such wise men, but times have changed now. Today they have professionals guiding us in it. This ensures least investment of time and maximum benefits. It is said that today’s generation is simply lucky to have all these benefits. In property syndication properties acquired are choose for their locked long term income and good capital growth potential. They are first rate identifier professionals is such property investment.

Find Customised Label Printers, Label Makers and Supplies for Ease and Convenience of Label Making

It is essential to find suitable label makers and label printers to print cost-efficient labels for a product in a time effective manner. The field of industrial labelling was revolutionized affordable, tough and portable labelling tool was created to save time and money.

Millions of Websites Hosting Platforms Have Mushroomed in Recent Years and Ipage Stands out in the Crowd

A web hosting platform is needed by those who want to set up a quality and affordable website for either personal interest or a business.

DUI Attorney in Orange County, Ready to Help at All Time

Orange County, a conservative county that is known for the low crime rate in California. Unlike any other states and county in the United States, Orange County takes DUI or Driving under the Influence more seriously. These DUI cases are being heard the county's HarborJusticeCenter.

Fan Fashion Now Brings Exclusive F1 Apparel for Passionate Motorsport Fans

Fan Fashion, a renowned merchandising store for Formula 1 fans now brings exclusive f1 apparel for the passionate motor sport fans. All these accessories add to the spirit of the game and double the excitement while watching it.

Personal Injury Giants Urge Claimants to Use an Established Accident Claims Firm

LogoOne of the UK’s leading personal injury Giants has today issued strict advice to potential claimants urging them to use an established accident claims company. The advice came after a recent report indicated that a large number of law firms may be forced to close as the renewal for professional indemnity insurance approaches. The implications for clients who have on-going claims with firms can be severe. Whilst any closures would ensure the safe transfer of cases to another personal injury solicitor, it will inevitably cause delays for claimants awaiting compensation.

New & FREE Backgammon Strategy E-Book Is Released for Players to Help Develop Winning Skills

The classic game of Backgammon is very popular. The modern game is packed with several exciting features that naturally appeal to the internet savvy populace of this era. Backgammon is a mix of entertainment as well as gambling and this is the reason why winning is always very important for a player. It’s all about developing a winning strategy and now players can take the help of a Backgammon Strategy E-book that is available for free. All one needs to do is to provide their name and e-mail on the site, and the e-book will be e-mailed to them.

Serious Monkey Bizzness Explains "Truth" About Drug Tests

Every state has its own laws regarding drug testing. In some states, employees can be required to pass a drug test before being hired; in other states, only drug testing of current employees is allowed. In most states, minors cannot be forced to pass a urine drug test unless they are involved in competitive sports. In some locations, courts can mandate that certain criminals pass a urine drug test on a regular basis to avoid prison or additional fines.

Skandinavik Fur Now Offers 'Make Your Own' Section with Option to Customize Own Fur

Skandinavik Fur, the leader of furriers in Greece, also offers customers with an option to customize their own fur product, with their 'Make their Own' section. The company from its wide array of fur coats at discounted prices also gives liberty to its clients to mend their own coats with customized measurements and styles. Fur coats and jackets like Lynx Fur Coat and Mink Fur Jacket in their store come in a wide assortment of designs and colors and can also be customized as per customers’ specification that further add style to their personality.

Runners Show a Decreased Risk of Respiratory Disease

Runners seem to have everything. That also includes a 40% less chance of dying from a respiratory disease such as pneumonia. The research is going to be published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

A Continuing Legacy of History Now Unfolds

History is something that is continuously happening around us. After all, what is considered to be presently happening would just be part of the past in a blink of an eye. One place in Florida, however, that seems to resonate of the past until now is St. Augustine.