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The THERAPY-IV Receives 2015 Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor

The THERAPY-IV, a Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter, has recently been awarded the coveted Certificate of Excellence for 2015 by TripAdvisor, a leading online travel reviewer. This is the fifth consecutive year that the operation has won the award.

'The BumBee Seat - A Kickstarter Design Project' to Launch on May 22nd, 2015

Silicon Valley based design company Veroreve Incorporated has developed a fresh new campaign for 'The BumBee Seat - A Kickstarter Design Project'. This flexible and fun design will feature the company's patented adjustable recreational utility seat system (RUSS) design, offering the perfect solution for all of your projects at work or play. When the memory foam seat cushion is placed in the up or down position, it becomes perfect for use in the office, at home, in the garage or garden, or on the deck. 'The BumBee Seat' can also be used while gaming, house painting, dog grooming, BBQ & Tailgating, and many other activities.

Immigration Lawyer in Orange County CA Handles Deportation Cases with Great Success

Immigrating to another country is hard. Undocumented immigrants, apart from the difficulties they face living in another country, also, face the danger of being arrested and deported. To make matters worse, not many lawyers are willing to touch deportation cases.

Seegrid Examines Efficiency and Safety with Robotic Industrial Trucks

LogoSeegrid, maker of flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs) was recently profiled in Robotics Tomorrow, an eMagazine for the robotics industry. The article titled, “Impacts of Robotics on Employment, Quality, Safety, Productivity, and Efficiency,” examines salient topics in the manufacturing industry such as scenario planning as robots shift into the job market, the role of manufacturing optimism, how robots actually create more jobs, as well as how robots reduce injuries in the stressed workforce, and how robotics solve the challenges of increasing demands on the workforce.

This Home Extension Specialist Offers Creative and Innovative Architect Plans at Reasonable Costs

A house or home extension is considered a very important investment. Hence proper preparation along with planning is essential to get the fullest out of any extension. Yeme is a specialist in offering home extension design and plans to clients in a completely stress free and cost effective manner.

Dasinger Defense Continues to Provide Excellent Legal Services in Alabama

The demand for a capable alabama DUI attorney can't be disregarded, particularly when somebody is reserved by the authorities for driving-under the impact of alcohol and wants legal assist. In for example a dilemma, it's not feasible to consider clearly about the different methods for employing an excellent attorney in mobile alabama who will symbolize and assert their case in the courtroom.

Dasingerdefense Will Solve All Issues Related to Domestic Relations, Criminal Defense & Personal Injuries

A reliable and experienced lawyer is always preferred in legal cases such as domestic relations, criminal defense or Personal injuries. Brian A. Dasinger is one of the best law firms for hire. Trusted and experienced lawyers that provides the highest and finest quality of legal services that anyone can find. Through their knowledge of the law, practice, excellent work ethic and authentic keenness they help their clients win cases. They have established an unmatched reputation all through the South as a top mark law firm. It is full time service law firm with particular proficiency in Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury, divorce petitions.

Reliable & Best Islamic Forex Broker Malaysia Offers Swap Free Forex Accounts

Foreign currency trading has become a popular means of making fast money. For the last one decade or so, individual traders are getting attracted towards this lucrative way of making money. Now, followers of Islam who want to invest money following the guidelines of Islamic Shria laws can now also take advantage of the currency trading. The Islamic Forex Broker Malaysia now offers forex accounts that are fully compliant with the Islamic rules.

New Daily and Monthly Icicle Payment Plans Creates Affordable HACCP Software Technology for Even Smallest Food Processors

New Daily and Monthly Icicle Payment Plans Creates Affordable HACCP Software Technology for Even Smallest Food Processors

OEE Software Lacks Predictive Capabilities

Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights, recently detailed one of the deficiencies of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) software. Sobel suggested, “Most OEE software is backward looking -- without predictive capabilities. vimana can detect and predict downtimes and production disruptions.” vimana is the only software product that combines a comprehensive real-time data solution with multi-dimensional, complex reasoning, and machine learning technologies to deliver predictive manufacturing solutions for both machining-based discrete and process manufacturing industries.

Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Lawyer of Portland Oregon Announces Creative Solutions for Solving Bankruptcy

Michael A. Day, a bankruptcy lawyer of Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce new creative solutions for solving debt problems associated with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Some people do not realize the rules that exist that determine whether or not they qualify for bankruptcy. These individuals now have a professional bankruptcy lawyer to turn to who can not only answer their questions regarding bankruptcy, but can also provide legal representation if it is needed in the future.

Gaining More Than Just Pain Relief - Durham Chiropractor

Pain in the human body is unavoidable if people are following today’s lifestyle of working hard and partying even harder. As adults and children face today’s increasingly stressful life, their bodies will tend to give up one day and the first sign will be pain! It can be in the neck, back, leg or head. Pain indicates that some thing is wrong with the body and needs to be set straight before it turns chronic. Pain pills and rest can charge the body for some time but what the body needs is a lifestyle that will take care of 4 important aspects of life. Dr. Cortney Dice and Dr. James Nall believe in their philosophy of think well, eat well, move well, and supplement well.

Online Celebrity Poker Game Launches Slot Tournaments

Hollywood Poker, the only online celebrity poker game that allows people to play their hands with their favorite celebrities, now offers a new addition to its vast online array of poker services: online slot tournaments. The pre-eminent, celebrity-centric online poker app is growing wider and getting even stronger in the gaming business. Hollywood Poker is paramount for offering the new function of play, which is available in multiple modes.

Fastgoal Provides Sports Fans the Latest Sports Information and Events

Tennis is a popular sport. It’s usually played between one on one or the singles or flanked by two players of two teams known as doubles. Each player uses a racquet that is strung with rope to hit a cosco ball into the challenger’s quad. The purpose of the sport is to play the ball in such a way that the opponent must not get a chance to give a fine return. Tennis score is the most exciting thing to see.

ERP with Ultriva eKanban Provides Proactive Alerts Based on Exceptions

LogoBecoming the global leader in e-kanban solutions was just the start. In an effort to enable and empower companies learn more about this most sophisticated industrial technology solution, Ultriva has been profiled extensively in the media, authored blogs, white papers, and other source material. Narayan Laksham, founder of the company, has become a most-respected thought leader in Supply Chain Management and lean manufacturing subject- matter expert worldwide. Recently hundreds of companies asked for new tools to review the Ultriva value proposition.

Colorado Area Home Search Done Right, with Online Real Estate Solution and IDX Synced Website of Teresa Moen

Welcoming Teresa Moen to the growing network of real estate agents and brokers, IDX, Inc. is pleased to announce they have added a customized IDX solution to the website of Moen. She now hosts a comprehensive online property search conveniently on her page, thanks to IDX Broker and Summit County MLS (SARMLS). Thousands of properties are automatically linked to her website with the thorough SARMLS and the incredible IDX solution she employs. Never before has it been easier for Breckenridge, Colorado home seekers to search for a home online, than now, with the website of Moen and Teresa and Roger Moen Real Estate Agents.

Holiday Food Drive and Ride at Vista Harley Repair Shop

Local Harley Davidson extended warranty service center, Vista Motorcycle, is organizing another Thanksgiving charity food drive for military families in need. The event is in association with Harley riders and other bikers from the American Legion Post 365 in Vista. The charity event and group motorcycle ride is scheduled for Thanksgiving holiday 2013.

Regent Healthcare Now Offering Health Blog on Their Website

Regent Healthcare, one of the leading companies offering home care in Baltimore, is pleased to announce they are now featuring a Health Blog on their website. This blog contains useful tips and ideas when caring for an elderly loved one.

Greg Sandora Explores the Dangers of Running for President in His Latest Political Thriller Jack Canon's American Destiny

Greg Sandora explores the dangers of running for president in his latest political thriller Jack Canon’s American Destiny. The book features Jack Canon, a charismatic senator from Kentucky, in his "All-In" run for the White House. He meets a lot of obstacles along his way, from corrupt politicians to relationship troubles to murder conspiracies. But, Jack will stop at nothing to become president, and to get the chance to change the world and make it a better place. Even if that puts his own life at risk.

Dirt Bike Carb Cleaning Special at Dealer Alternative Vista Motorcycle

With the California desert riding season for off road dirt bikes starting in November, not many bike owners will be very pleased when their bikes won't start. There is however, a simple, easy solution found at Vista Motorcycle.

BAC Tests in California Face the Challenge of Proving Its Reliability

When people are prosecuted on the charges of drunk driving, the entire DUI criminal proceedings in California revolve around the lab report of the blood-alcohol content to prove that the driver was driving under the influence with more than permissible limits of 0.08 percent in their bloodstream. Some people facing criminal proceedings on charges of DUI in California have declined to accept the reliability of breath tests alleging that the testing procedures and equipments used in the state are full of flaws.

Conojo for iPad - the Best Whiteboard App Yet

Recently released on the iOS app store, “Conojo” for iPad looks set to be a well-deserved frontrunner in the digital whiteboard space. With a comprehensive set of features and a variety of useful sharing & collaborative options, the app makes it easier than ever to ditch the fidgety markers and embrace technology.

Cartrell General Announces Their Diverse Line of Unique Gift Products

Cartrell General Merchandising, the Dearborn, Michigan based online retailer, would like to announce an expansion of its product line to include unique gift products in categories ranging from home decor to biker merchandise. Cartrell General is a small, online boutique shop that provides a more personalized service to customers. Their line of gifts and other products for sale are unique and often exclusively available online through the company's shop. Because Cartrell purposely limits their offerings to just a few dozen quality products at one time, customers know that each one of the gifts available for sale has been vetted in order to ensure that they're the highest quality possible. Furthermore, service in more individualized, so potential problems are quickly remedied to the satisfaction of the customer. - an All Inclusive Online Community for Cape Cod and the Islands

With its iconic lighthouses, pristine waters, inviting trails, wind-kissed beaches, Cape Cod has always been an attractive destination for vacationners and local residents. By way of a newly launched website, the Cape Cod experience is now available at everyone's finger tips.

New Video Capabilities of HDR Make Real Estate Videos Shine and Enhance Their Curb Appeal to Potential Clients

The best way to advertise any product would be through a captivating and engaging video. Surely long descriptions and word play is great but plain written words can have a tendency to be boring. Similarly, videos are a great way to showcase a property and bring out the best out of any unique features a property might have, that might give it the leverage it needs to get ahead among the thousands of other properties out there. While videos are a medium, it is also important that the videos are done right and to a high standard to attract the right buyers thus it is best to leave the video making process to the professionals.

Refinancing During Government Shutdown a Wise Decision?

Today's Mortgage rates go into midweek unchanged yet again, with all best execution rates holding steady for now in the absence of government provided data that won’t be forthcoming until after the shutdown ends and things resume as normal once again.

Limousine Market Launches Their Brand New Website

Limousine Market, an online limo classified, today announced the launch of their website. The website helps users find a range of used and new limousines according to their preferences and budget. Dealers, advertisers and sponsors can post their advertisement on the site. The launch has also seen the introduction of a limited time offer for free listing for 30 days with one photo.