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Trading and Financial Education Firm, Profits Run, Releases New Training Program for Universal Trading Concepts

Profits Run, an internationally recognized trading and financial education firm, recently released their latest trading program, Profits Run Insiders, to help students learn the insider tips about core trading essentials that will help them maximize profit potentials for a lifetime. Profits Run Insiders is a collection of their best-selling book, "How To Build Wealth", online video training, implementation plans, daily video trading tips, weekly coaching, and software that identifies safe markets to help even the most novice student begin making profits with trading.

Mercury Well Control Hires New Vice President of Sales

Mercury Well Control has appointed Jeremy Roemershauser as its new Vice President of Sales based in Houston, Texas.

Tabernus to Present an Array of CertifiedData Erasure Solutions at RWM 2013

Tabernus Certified Data Erasure will exhibit at RWM 2013 in NEC Birmingham, September 10-12th, 2013. Tabernus will be demonstrating more solutions for the erasure of computers, laptops, large storage arrays as well as mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Personal Trainers Experience Rising Demand as Britain's Obesity Epedemic Continues

LogoIt seems like fitness has become the new currency in a busy world that sees increasing demands on our time, working hours and family life. Latest Industry trends show that we’re all working longer hours leading to increasing sedentary lifestyles, higher stress levels and associated health problems including cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Influenza Vaccine Market to Grow at CAGR of around 9% during 2012-2017

LogoAs per the new research report by RNCOS, “Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2017”, world is anticipated to witness the production of around 1.3 Billion doses of seasonal influenza vaccines by the end of 2013. Entry of new manufacturers and clearance of new vaccines through trial phases are going to impact the market in a positive manner. Increased awareness of the need for vaccination against influenza, broader recommendations for vaccination and aging populations are fueling the growth in the world market for flu vaccines, which is expected to reach to grow at a CAGR of around 9% during 2012-2017.

Peter Leeds Now Launches His Latest E-Book to Aid Trading Top Penny Stocks

The e-book “Pennies to Fortunes” has answers for all of the questions that a trader might ask. The key features include, the 3 Don'ts of penny stocks, important penny stock truths, insider secrets, best sources of penny stock picks, averaging down, and why to avoid it, reverse Splits and how they trick you.

Fight Deforestation with Treeless Paper Products from

The increased demand for paper and related products directly and indirectly results in deforestation. While facing the adverse effects of global warming, people have now become more environmental conscious and therefore the market for nature friendly products have also expanded. TrueGreen produces useful and valuable Green2 treeless paper products, which intend to meet all the needs and requirements of users without harming nature’s resources. Potential customers can purchase different types of tree-free paper products at reasonable rates from the website. Business and household consumers can equally enjoy the benefits of these products from TrueGreen.

JSB39616 USB 16 Channel Switch Input with on-Board Pull-Up and Optional DC-DC for Full System Isolation with User Application Friendly API

J-Works has start shipping the JSB39616 series of USB 16 channel switch input modules. Each channel input has an on-board pull-up resistor to sense switch (SW) closure or opening (SWNC).

Champion to Display Purpose-Built 10wt Synthetic Racing Motor Oil at SEMA Show

LogoIdeal for NHRA Pro Stock, Competition Eliminator, and Jr. Dragster; IHRA Pro Stock and Top Sportsman; and ADRL Extreme Pro Stock, Champion’s new “Purpose-Built” full synthetic 10wt Racing Oil offers a lower coefficient of friction than competitive drag racing motor oils.

Champion to Display Purpose-Built 5W-30 Blue Flame® Performance Diesel Motor Oil at SEMA Show

LogoChampion’s SAE 5W-30 Blue Flame® Performance Diesel Motor Oil provides better wear protection than most SAE 15W-40 motor oils, delivers enhanced durability, improves horsepower and torque efficiency and provides real world fuel economy benefits.

Champion to Display Purpose-Built Poly 7 Red Ultra Performance High-Temp Grease at SEMA Show

LogoChampion Oil has recently announced the availability of Poly 7 Red – Ultra Performance High-Temp Grease to performance enthusiasts and race teams.

Magline Recognized as an Official Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Program

LogoMagline was recently recognized as a member of the Proud to Manufacture in Michigan program. Magline, Inc. ( manufactures a complete line of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions under the Magliner brand.

Ottens Flavors Turns to TraceGains for FSMA, GFSI, and HACCP Compliance

LogoOttens Flavors was experiencing escalating expectations from its customers. New pressures, including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the BRC Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and the HACCP, food quality, and food safety audit and compliance requirements put added accountability on Ottens and its global footprint. TraceGains was chosen as a solution to address the volume of suppliers and the data they were generating.

Trilogiq USA Bestowed First Seegrid Partner Achievement Award

Trilogiq USA recently received the first-ever Seegrid Partner Achievement Award at the national headquarters of Trilogiq USA in Livonia, Michigan. The Seegrid-Trilogiq partnership is a model in the industry.

Buy Environment Friendly Paper Products from

In order to create a greener tomorrow, each human being should strive to use nature friendly products today itself. Finding sustainable solutions to maintain our environment and limited nature’s wealth has a great significance; many businesses have identified this necessity and try to use products that are reusable. TrueGreen offers Green2 paper and related products, which are 100% tree free. TrueGreen intends to create a better future for people with environment friendly products, which lends credibility to a go-green initiative. Different types of Green2 treeless paper products are made available to customers by TrueGreen through

True Green Supplies Environmental Friendly Products Through

Pollution caused by industries and motor vehicles, a steady increase in the world’s population, deforestation to meet people’s needs, coupled with inadequate measures to control the green house gases, all march towards the looming consequences of global warming. TrueGreen is an environmental company that is aimed towards minimizing the carbon footprints of as many clients as it can without sacrificing on quality. The company makes tree free paper and manufactures tree free copy paper and tree free towels. Unleashes New Dance Music for America's Scariest Holiday

Paul Ramos is a music producer, DJ and a huge fan of Halloween. As a musician, he realized something about the majority of music available for Halloween. “It was awful,” said Ramos. “The same old tunes would play year after year.”

Dyanna Spa Releases Online Video Revealing Secrets of Their Magical Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment

The American Academy for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports a significant rise in the growth of laser treatment centers and medical spas across the United States. This indicates the growing popularity of hair removal treatments both among men and women. Dyanna Spa, the leading spa and beauty treatment center, now releases an online video for all those who are planning for an ingrown hair removal NYC. The objective of the video is to educate the consumers about hair removal treatments and the things one must know before choosing a spa or treatment center for getting a bikini body, clear of unwanted hair.

A Night of Grave Delight Is Brought Alive by

Raise your spirits, get your costumes ready and carve pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, and fill up the party punch bowls. Halloween is fun, fun for everyone and no monster bash is complete without good music. Usually that means 2-3 replays of the old 1962 classic “Monster Mash.” That’s okay for some. But knows that the best Halloween party starts with new Halloween music remixed with an irresistible beat and a groove party-goers can dance to.

Fannon Animal Hospital Offering the Most Reliable Reproductive Care in Knoxville

Fannon Animal Hospital, a renowned health center dedicated to pet care now offers the most reliable reproductive care in Knoxville for pets. As per the specified pregnancy time period for various pets, especially dogs and cats with a pregnancy period of 63 and 61 days respectively, Fannon Animal Hospital highly recommends pet owners to consult with them to ensure safe labor and birth.

AHNA Relocates Headquarters, Opens Kansas Office

LogoIn a bold move sure to better serve present and future holistic healthcare providers, the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) has relocated to the nation’s heartland. The organization is now located at 100 SE 9th Street, Ste. 3A, Topeka, KS 66612-1213. Their toll-free phone number remains 800-278-2462, and their fax number is 785-234-1713. They can be found online at

Champion to Display Purpose-Built 75w-140 Synthetic Racing Gear Lube at SEMA Show

LogoChampion 75w-140 Synthetic Racing Gear Lube outperforms conventional gear oils by providing exceptional anti-wear characteristics and cold-flow properties. This new gear oil is designed to lubricate components with extreme-pressure additives that are more viscous than found in competitive fluids.

Improving Shop Floor Efficiency with Vimana Best for Integrated Sensing Division of Curtiss-Wright Controls

Improving Shop Floor Efficiency with vimana Best for Integrated Sensing Division of Curtiss-Wright Controls

Author Inspires Readers to Pursue Entrepreneurship

Very few individuals have the courage to walk away from a highly lucrative career to venture into the unknown. It was a big risk, but Novi business owner Rachelle Smith did, and hasn’t looked back. She voluntarily left a fruitful sales career in the Biotechnology industry and started her business in early 2012. “The income and perks were phenomenal, but I wasn’t fulfilled,” she says. “I knew there had to be more to life than that. I wanted to pursue my life purpose, and make a difference in the world.”

Learn More About Diet and Chronic Kidney Disease from

Thousands of people from all over the world suffer from chronic kidney diseases and therefore they are compelled to take expensive medicines on a daily basis, which tends to cause severe side effects. The website provides information which offers an opportunity to learn about diet and chronic kidney disease. Mr. Robert Galarowicz offers a specific CKD diet from his personal experience, which helps to improve the functioning of kidneys naturally without any side effects. The ‘Natural Kidney Healing Program’ by Robert Galarowicz is said to have been tested and tried by several people with positive results. All patients can benefit naturally by following the simple and easy diet methods of the kidney restoration or healing program.

Expect Best Results with iDEA Media DVD Replication and Duplication Services

LogoiDEA Media, an InnerWorkings Company, is a reputable firm operating to meet high end DVD replication and duplication needs. The company has dwelled the quotient of professionalism by offering the best results to its customers since its inception.

"Xocai Malaysia" Reveals New MXI Corp Xophoria Anti-Aging Serum That Delivers the Antioxidant Power of Dark Chocolate with Revolutionary Neurocosmetic Technology for Taiwan Distributors in Sakon Nakhon

LogoUnknown to most people, chronic inflammation is the primary contributor to dozens of conditions, ranging from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to dementia and fatigue. And inflammation starts in the cell, spreading to tissues, organs and entire systems. To slow the effects of inflammation, Xoçaí® has created XoVitality™ Antioxidant, a unique blend of powerful phytonutrients that protect the cells, optimize the body’s inflammatory mechanisms and slow the aging process. The aging processes are particularly unkind to the heart, blood vessels and brain. Free radical damage, oxidative stress and inflammation wreak havoc on these vital organs and tissues. Fortunately, XoVitality™ Heart & Brain delivers a comprehensive and powerful blend of ingredients that protect the heart and brain, revitalizing these key organs and systems, and allowing you to enjoy a new vitality for years to come. As we age, our bodies’ abilities to defend against illness, free radicals and the onslaught of toxins diminish. This means that we feel sick more often, have less energy and suffer with overall poor health. The good news is that XoVitality™ Immunity offers a potent array of nutrients that replenish the immune system, optimize its actions, and empower a new level of defense tools for optimal wellness.