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Great Plains Industries Sponsors Crossland Motorsports Racing Team

Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) is pleased to announce its co-title sponsorship of the Crossland Motorsports/ PBRmx racing team. With as the title sponsor and Honda providing factory support, the official name for the team will be racing. The racing season kicks off Jan. 3, 2015 in Anaheim, CA.

Craig Wayne Boyd and Coach Blake Shelton Win Seventh Season of 'The Voice'

Android TV News: Craig Wayne Boyd, the country rocker from Blake Shelton's team, was named the winner of "The Voice" Tuesday.

Mies Modern Offers Irresistible Selection of Most Craft Fully Designed Iconic Barcelona Chair

Mies Modern offers irresistible selection of most craft fully designed iconic Barcelona chair. The range of Barcelona chairs they stock are classic piece of furniture that can bring elegance and style to the interiors of modern houses or office areas. Their designer selection of Barcelona chairs in Chicago are perfect to suit whether required for reception areas, living areas, dining halls, cafeterias or anywhere one feels they can fit perfectly.

City Hair Removal Introduces Exclusive Laser Hair Removal Packages Starting from £30

In today’s world, whether for men or women, hair removal has become rather essential. The world has progressed on so many levels and laser hair removal was introduced to everyone not too long ago. Ever since it was created, the method has acquired an excessive amount of attention from both males and females from different locations across the globe. The laser treatment is rather simple and quite convenient is comparison with all the other types of hair removal techniques. All that is required from individuals is to attend a couple of sessions of laser hair removal in order to eliminate all the hair from the desired areas of their body for once and all.

Don't Lose Any Sleep About Pre-Race Bad Sleep

A new study by Dutch researchers had 10 men take part in all out 20 minute biking time trials, under a few different conditions. Prior to one of the time trials, the men came to the lab at 11pm and were not allowed to sleep or lie down until after completion of the time trial the next day at 1pm.

Larson Tool Expands Manufacturing Capabilities

LogoLarson Tool and Stamping Company located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, expands facility and installs a new automatic production line to increase the company's metal stamping capability.

3D PageFlip Software Company Announces It Helps to Showcase Page Turning Publications Made by Its Customers

LogoCustomers of 3D PageFlip, the flipbook publishing software from, can now have their work showcased on the company website. Users of the software can convert PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, and image files into page-flipping e-books with multimedia and a realistic 3D page-flipping effect. There are numerous ways to publish e-books from the software, and the company is now offering the chance to have 3D publications displayed on the customer showcase at

Intilop Delivers Their Enhanced Dual 10G iNICs with Ultra-Low Latency TCP and UDP Offload Accelerators, Benchmarking Sub Micro Second Wire-to-Host Latency and Ultra High Data Throughput

LogoIntilop, Inc. a pioneer and a recognized leader in providing Ultra-Low latency network acceleration Mega IP cores and system solutions, announced delivery of their hyper performance FPGA-NIC system solutions using Altera’s Stratix IV/V powered by their industry leading 5th Gen. SX-Series 10G Ultra-Low latency 76 ns TCP and UDP Offload Cores delivering sub-micro second wire-to-host memory total latency via PCI express interface. This is the only FPGA NIC of its kind with enhanced Linux drivers that has been qualified on IBM, Dell and Intel servers. Customers can run their financial and other applications using Intilop’s very lean and simple API immediately. They can also immediately join a multicast group via supported IGMP protocol. It runs TCP and UDP simultaneously on same or separate physical ports and delivers this level of unprecedented performance.

AimHighProfits Initiates Coverage on Grillit Inc (OTCMKTS:GRLT)

LogoAimHighProfits knows penny stocks, especially hot OTC stocks, and does their homework. At AimHighProfits, we take research very seriously when highlighting and alerting on the best penny stocks and value investments on any stock market, including the OTC and PinkSheets. The penny stock picks issued at AimHighProfits are derived from the top penny stocks that we have evaluated for the best return on investment.

Women & Lemons: Life-Changing New Book Inspires over 50s Women to Embrace 21st Century 'Quintastic' Mindset

Proving that fifty really is the new thirty, Janice L. Walker’s compelling upcoming book urges Quintastic women to begin new adventures and live their dreams. Instead of buying into society’s mindset that ‘it’s over’ for women after forty, ‘Women & Lemons™: Your Time Is Now’ empowers women to recognize and take full advantage of the unlimited opportunities that fifty and above affords. ‘Womens & LemonsTM ‘assures Quintastic Women everywhere that is it not over for them at this stage; this is just the beginning – a long awaited new beginning!

Smith Enterprise Upgrades Battle-Worn Sound Suppressors for Silver Star Recipient in the 82nd Airborne

LogoSmith Enterprise, Inc received a phone call from a US Army First Sergeant stating the need for their 9 year old sound suppressors to be upgraded and cleaned. Smith Enterprise gave them the best sound suppressor upgrade making the troops very happy.

BrainSell to Present Webcast on Seamlessly Integrating Marketing Automation with SugarCRM 

LogoNet-Results, the leader in marketing automation software for next-generation marketers and agencies, will be featured in a July 31 webcast entitled “Net-Results: Seamlessly Integrating Marketing Automation Platform with SugarCRM” hosted by BrainSell, a SugarCRM Gold Partner. The webcast will highlight how salespeople and marketers can benefit from an integrated MAP/CRM solution and why Net-Results makes the best sense for those utilizing Sugar’s leading CRM platform. You can learn more about the webcast and register here.

I Asked the Animals: Whimsical New Children's Picture Book Follows Young Boy's Curious Conversations with Animals.

Boasting an enthralling children’s narrative, Eric C Corsten’s upcoming release whisks young readers and their parents into an enchanting world where animals talk back. Crammed with quirk and quip, many will be surprised to learn that the author of ‘I Asked the Animals’ was living rough in a taxi station just one year ago.

A Hoosier in Andersonville: The First-Hand Account of a Union Civil War Prisoner Also Reveals Little-Known History of the 5th Indiana Cavalry

Easy to read and geared towards all ages, ‘A Hoosier in Andersonville’ was written directly from the diaries, recollections and documents of Quartermaster Sergeant Erastus Holmes. Also including the never-before-published history of the 5th Indiana Cavalry, this unique book is poised to resonate with Civil War history buffs around the world.

A Cut Above the Rest This Holiday Season? Kentucky Couple Turn Leftover Wood Scraps Into Stunning Inlaid Cutting Boards.

What started as a serene glass of wine for Jennifer and Bill Adams in 2007 quickly turned into an excited ‘eureka!’ of discovery - the hardwood scraps from Bill’s flooring manufacturing company didn’t have to go to waste. Fast forward to 2013 and the daily scraps are still being used to fill the growing demand for the couple’s thriving cutting board business. Provides Expert Lawyer Services in Accident and Injury Cases is the website of Eimar Sharmin, attorney specialized in obtaining compensations for injured clients and providing personalized representation.

REIN Releases 2013 List of British Columbia's Top Investment Towns

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) released the 2013 edition of its Top British Columbia Investment Towns report today. The 110-page report analyzes the current and future prospects for real estate investment in the province over the next decade. It identifies which areas will outperform in the coming decade and finds that the City of Surrey is the top region in British Columbia in which to invest in real estate

Crime Novel, Set in Southern California's Laguna Beach, Drops Four Murders Into Private Investigator Michael Devlin's Lap. Reviews Prove It's Evidence for a Terrific Summer Read.

Known to the world as an affluent seaside resort town and artist community, many see Laguna Beach as an idyllic paradise. However, author Gary Paul Corcoran’s gritty new crime novel brings the area and its Southern Californian coastline to life in a more darkly graphic and unforgettable way. It’s a tale that’s fit for any beach towel and will make every vacation down to the shore a truly memorable one.

Brightsmile Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Takes Manila by Storm

Most Filipino women are dying to have a smooth and light complexion from head to toe and this had made skin whitening such a big trend. Skin whitening salons and clinic are like mushrooms sprouting everywhere. However, people start realizing that skin is not the only part that deserves some love, whitening would not seem to be complete without that white bright smile. Foundations, concealers, BB, CC and DD creams are available to hide our skin’s imperfection, but these don’t apply to hide the teeth’s discoloration.

Dressywomen Release the New Collection Black Bridesmaid Dresses

LogoDressywomen presents new collection of black bridesmaid dresses, the most elegant color dresses. This apparel company is the talk of the season for its ravishing collection of bridesmaid dresses in great combination of black over aqua, black with lilac, sky blue and black. Brown in exotic Champagne bridesmaid dresses, sage with white bridesmaid dresses and Burgundy bodice white gown or burgundy draped over white bridesmaid dresses are the sensations, all going to be great selection this summer and the must buys for summer weddings.

Shim Sham Kitchen Publishes Top Ten List of Best Cheap Kitchen Islands

Shim Sham Kitchen, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things kitchen related, is proud to publish its bestselling cheap kitchen islands at large online retailers and your neighborhood home store.

Easy and Fast Download of All Kinds of Games for Gaming Enthusiasts from Reliable Online Resources

All a gaming enthusiast ever wishes for is a reputed online provider for a wide range of the latest games and interactive and electronic entertainment products. A variety in games and the availability in diverse categories from different genres can be a great treasure.

P1 Content Magnet Bonus Released by released a new bonus package to supplement and enhance the benefits of Peter Garety’s P1 Content Magnet. The P1 Content Magnet is a program created by Peter Garety that is acclaimed to be able to put any website in the top rankings on Google and in return help it gain massive traffic for free.

Thruway Direct Now Offering Three Unique Storage Solutions

Thruway Direct has over 40 years of experience as a courier service in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. The difference between Thruway Direct and other couriers is that same day delivery is a standard practice. Most delivery services charge an arm and a leg for next day deliver. Plus, many times there are stipulations with expedited delivery service. At Thruway Direct, a strategic placement of trucks, cars, vans, and other vehicles has allowed for the most efficient delivery network possible. Plus, Thruway Direct offers much more than courier and messenger service. In fact, customers can now utilize Thruway Direct for warehousing and storage.

The Benefits of Peter Garety's P1 Content Magnet and IMSoup's Bonus Package

P1 Content Magnet is the most revolutionary SEO software developed in last 2 years and you can be sure that is something that every single WP blog owner who uses SEO for traffic will want. In conjunction to the launch, released a bonus to help enhance the benefits of P1 Content Magnet. Only customers of can have access to this bonus which has been proven to put your sites at the top of Google rankings.

A Small Price for a Permanent Solution to Unsolicited Calls

Telemarketers are one of the most hated breeds and also annoyingly stubborn. They are like pests that incessantly fester. They are a bunch that has an amazing knack to drive people up the wall without any physical contact. Their voices are always dripping of honey and sugar that can make people diabetic.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Stylish Containment Units

LogoProfessional Tank & Environmental has been helping to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. Whether it is an oil tank removal in Philadelphia or an oil tank replacement in Chester County, PA, Professional Tank & Environmental can offer a variety of services to meet each customer’s unique needs. Furthermore, Professional Tank & Environmental can help clients with contaminated soil and soil remediation. In order to help prevent potential problems and to make aboveground tanks less of an eye-sore, , Professional Tank & Environmental is now offering containment units.