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Fernandez Firm Proudly Announces Its New South Tampa Office Location

The Fernandez Firm has announced its recent acquisition of a new office in South Tampa that will serve as an expansion of its growing personal injury practice. According to the law firm’s founder and managing partner, Frank Fernandez, III, this larger location will allow the firm’s attorneys and staff to better serve current and future clients throughout Tampa and the state of Florida.

WBI Shares Hits $1 Billion Milestone Their First Day Out

WBI Shares’ 10 actively risk-managed Exchange Traded Funds hit an historic milestone by surpassing $1 Billion in assets on their first trading day on the NYSE Arca, reports Matt Schreiber, President of WBI Investments. Professional advisors invested on behalf of thousands of retail investors, primarily through the ETF creation process.

Young Workers at Risk in Retail

The retail sector employs a large proportion of young people. Characteristics of the work include low pay, casual, part-time and weekend work, and increasing use of shift working with a high staff turnover. Over a quarter of workers work part-time in this sector, and many of these are young workers, especially students still attending school or university. Because this sector is undergoing a great deal of change, because it is a major employer of young, inexperienced workers, and because staff change rapidly, attention to health and safety is particularly important. Also, risks in the retail sector are not always obvious compared to some other types of work, which can mean that they are not well-controlled.

Amazing Offer of Their Mobile Site Builder at $15 Per Month from Repeat Business Solutions

This press release by Repeat Business Solutions, heralds their introduction to the international community, of their very own Mobile site builder for an astonishingly affordable price of $15 per month. They further ensure users full access and updates to the site builder and hosting. Repeat Business Solutions are already a leader in the business of offering the opportunity to build your own mobile website in just a few minutes, and to add or create new icons using their Set Up Assistant. They emphasize their role as an umbrella, providing their clients with tailor made and affordable solutions to their multifarious needs.

Monica Wofford Releases New Book 'Contagious Leadership - 2nd Edition'

Monica Wofford, award winning Certified Speaker Professional (CSP) and highly recommended keynote speaker, released the 2nd Edition of her book Contagious Leadership.

Sneakers Seekers Carries Latest Radii High Tops

From Kobe Bryant to Jay Z and from Usher to Justin Bieber, Radii high-top shoes and sneakers are a must-have item among celebrities, musicians, athletes and more this year. Sneaker Seekers carries a full line of Radii high tops, including the top-selling Radii Straight Jacket and Radii Moon Walker. Sneaker Seekers retails a complete range of brands and styles of high-top and casual sneakers for affordable prices online at

Peter Leeds Now Releasing Daily Penny Stock Updates

Peter Leeds is now providing daily updates directly to his newsletter subscribers. The industry giant and penny stock guru Peter Leeds provides daily updates with the help of his team of experts. One representative at Peter Leeds’ organization stated “Peter Leeds lives, breathes, and thrives in the world of penny stocks. We know it's a fast-paced environment and the market conditions change quickly. Peter Leeds gives valuable updates and tips through his newsletters and subscriptions that frequently prove their usefulness to the investors in the world of Penny Stocks.”

OTC MARKET MOVERS: Latteno Food Corp, MyEcheck Inc, Journal of Radiology Inc, Federal National Mortgage Association provides its subscribers with a free newsletter that reports up to the minute information and exclusive charts on cheap, undervalued, hidden, and undiscovered stocks traded on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB, and PINKSHEETS with the potential of fast gains.

Japan Car Auction Buyer Integrity Exports "Truly Lives Up to Their Name"

Integrity Exports is the only Japanese car auction buying company to have reviews of its services verified by an independent company (Proven Credible). The overwhelming impression from these third-party certified genuine reviews is that Integrity Exports really does live up to its name.

Heat Headed Back to the Home Court

The Miami will take the court on Wednesday at home in game five of the second round of NBA Playoffs, against the Chicago Bulls. The Heat beat the Bull on Monday 88-65 in Chicago. LeBron James had 27 points, including seven rebounds and Chris Bosh threw in 14 points and six rebounds to help the team to victory.

iPhone Dev Secrets Review: App Dev Secrets Course Overview

iPhone Dev Secrets Review is the right page for people who want to create their own game or application for iPhone or iPad. All users need to do to is learn and correctly apply the information. This ultimate iPhone Dev Secrets Review will help app enthusiast everywhere easily develop and successfully market their own iPhone apps, regardless of their prior programming experience. iPhone Dev Secrets shows users how they can create and start making a profit off of their app—even if it is available as a free app in the Apple App store. The course is designed to educate users over a four-week period and covers everything from basic information to using Adobe Flash CS5 and Cocos 2d, and also creating revenue streams from free apps using mobile advertising platforms.

Sani-Bright - the Preferred Carpet Cleaning Company in Indianapolis

Sani-Bright is a trusted name in Carpet Cleaning in the state of Indianapolis. Carpet Cleaning is a tedious task and should be handled by professionals. Sani-Bright provides the people of Indianapolis with the best possible services while thoroughly explaining the procedure and why different instances call for different methods for carpet cleaning. Many people argue that spending too much on only getting dust rubbed off the carpets or rugs is a waste of cash and time. The staff at Sani-Bright puts customers' minds at ease with a simple explanation. Since green concepts have taken over the businesses and push them to become socially responsible, Sani-Bright plays its part and uses Hot Water Extraction method to clean all carpets. This method is also called Steam Cleaning but it does not actually use steam as the temperature needs to create vapor (375 degrees) will damage the carpet or rug to be cleaned.

Treasure on Balmoral Is Set to Be an Iconic Development

Treasure on Balmoral spells home at its best. Towering amidst beautiful lush greeneries in the prestigious District 10, the freehold development Treasure on Balmoral serves the beauty of spaciousness and tranquility—a restful sanctuary for those who expect the best of home.

Mold Testing Companies in Birmingham Flourishing over the Last Two Years

A large number of people might assume that there it is not important to do mold testing at homes and offices. But everyone should know that mold testing is very necessary. Every kind of home should go for mold testing. By opting for mold testing, one will get many long term benefits. From this article, one will get to know everything about mold testing Birmingham.

Residents of Durham Finally Acknowledge Mold Testing as Highly Necessary

Molds are greenish or blacking fungal organism that can grow anywhere. There are some people who have no knowledge about the dangers of molds. Molds may seem harmless but they are not so. There are several diseases that are related to the exposure of molds. If there are any molds, one should remove them from their homes.

Baton Rouge Residents Finally See the Relevance of Using Professional Mold Testers

A number of methods can be used to clean houses and surroundings. And normally it is not really difficult to carry out a cleaning spree. But mold is one thing that people find it hard to remove. This is due to the fact that there are dangerous species that abundantly inhabit any place where it is dark, damp and cold. In order to remove mold, first it is necessary to find a good mold testing company.

Exclusive Mold Testing Operations Finally Available in North Las Vegas

Mold has the ability to create lots of problems for people. If not removed on time, it can ruin objects, reduce the quality of air and inmates can get sick. To find out home owners are advised to search for mold specialists to conduct tests. One should remember that mold can grow in many places. So, it is possible that if any area in the house or the surrounding is damp, cold and dark, mold might have already settled down.

Residents of Chula Vista Admit to Complete Dependence on Mold Testing Companies

For those people living in Chula Vista CA who are prone to allergies, it is very essential to find out if a house which they are buying has mold. Mold can be a sort of nuisance in the long run and there are even health risks if there is prolonged exposure. Residents should opt for mold testing if some of the following symptoms are noticed frequently. If mold is discovered after the testing then one can also look for a removal company.

BBOEscape - a New Way to Release Stress and Get Rewards

Myware Solutions’ second product this year- will solve a major problem in day to day life. Stress is a part of life, and there are countless ways to help ameliorate stress. While many cost money, such as massages, gym memberships and the like, some stress is not necessarily aligned to these solutions. The stress some feel is associated with the mind and for them to relax, they need some sort of mental stimulation. will solve this problem in subtle effective way.

Thruway Direct Now Offers Short-Term Warehousing Storage in New York

During a business’s lifespan, it is not uncommon for a startup to need additional space due to success. In this case, it may be necessary to store some belongings, equipment, and products during the move to eliminate any clutter. With that being said, the professionals at Thruway Direct are now offering short-term warehousing storage solutions for businesses in the New York area. When it comes to moving into a larger space it can be a very stressful time for any business owner making sure nothing is misplaced, thrown away or forgotten, all while maintaining the business. With their short-term storage solutions, it allows for owners to clear out any clutter and move into the new space organized from day one.

My GSM Store Introduces New Factory Unlocked GSM Cell Phones in Affordable Range

LogoMy GSM Store, a New Jersey based multi-national company, has recently introduced a new collection of factory unlocked GSM cell phones e.g. leading brands such as Apple, Nokia, HTC and others at highly competitive prices are sold here.

OutBooster Responds to Donald Trump, Switches to

In a bid to raise validation for their OutBooster device made as the world's first hardware based Internet speed booster, the company has declined to submit their idea on Kickstarter in favor of the new crowdfunding platform launched by Donald Trump after responding to a Tweet late last week.

EnvisionForce Accounts for Selling 71% of All Fake Twitter Followers

The industry of selling fake Twitter followers is far from slowing down. The headlines of every major news website have been flooded over the past couple of years with information about buying fake Twitter followers. News reports show that politicians, celebrities, and companies from nearly every country have purchased fake Twitter followers in the past. Opens Discussion on Increasing Use of Electronic Textbooks

LogoDigital publishing software from has been well-received by businesses and the public. On Friday, the company discussed its use for creating electronic textbooks at its weekly meeting to discuss the applications of its flipbook software. Experts recently talked about how the electronic textbook will be used in the near future. The benefits of using one in a school are economical and environmental. Institutions save money on paper textbooks and supplies while avoiding the need to throw old editions away, which contribute to pollution.

Latest Version of Flip Book Creator Software Supports Dynamic Button Customization

LogoThe leading edge version of esteemed flip book maker software, FlipBook Creator Pro reportedly supports dynamic button customization. FlipPageMaker, the ace digital magazine software developer firm has recently released an upgraded version of its FlipBook Creator Pro assuring engaging multimedia experience for the users.

Integrity Exports Helps People Get the Best Japanese Cars at Auction

Japanese cars from Japan's car auctions have been a popular choice for car importers around the world for a long time, and Integrity Exports has shown itself as the perfect partner for these businesses. The reason customers choose Intergity Exports is that it is a company that really can be trusted. As customer Chris from the US stated in a verified customer review, “Integrity Exports truly lives up to their name which is quite refreshing in this day and age.”

New Company for Mold Testing in Winston Salem Offers Tips to Fight Molds at Home

There are certain ways to find out whether there are molds in a home or not. There are several reasons why it is necessary to do mold testing. Everyone is aware of the fact that molds are not good for human beings’ health. Mold should not grow in and around human habitat. If there are any molds around human habitat, it should be removed. From this article, one will find out how to do mold testing.