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Mobile Minds Tutoring Aims to Decrease Achievement Gap and Partners with Marathon Scholars for SAT Prep

Mobile Minds Tutoring, dedicated to teaching students how to be lifelong learners, partners with Marathon Scholars to offer free SAT prep in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Gaudio Uses New Technology for Early Oral Cancer Detection

The Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), states that close to 43,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal (throat) cancer this year. It will cause over 8,000 deaths, killing roughly one person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 42,000 diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in five years. This is a number that has not significantly improved in decades. With statistics like these, Dr. Gaudio calls for action, “I want all of my patients to come in and have the OralCDx test done as soon as possible. The earlier we catch the bad cells, the better chance we have of saving lives.”

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Tailor-Made Diet Plans Targeting Those Who Have Been Unsuccessful at Weight Loss in the Past

LogoA recent in-house survey revealed that 97% of Diet Doc clients are reporting great results, most losing up to one pound per day when closely following the diet plan’s guidelines. Patients generally notice a loss of excess weight in the typically difficult and most stubborn areas of the body, such as the underarms, hips, thighs and belly. By providing each client with the benefit of decades of scientific research, the expertise of a staff of specially trained fast weight loss professionals, and by supplying clients with customized diet plans which are specific to individual nutritional requirements combined with pure prescription hCG, Diet Doc's diet plans may very well be the last diet that clients will need to attempt, granting respite from fad and yo-yo dieting. Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans focus on support during weight loss, effective treatment, and up to a year of complimentary consultations after the weight has disappeared.

Securitization Audit Company Extends Offer to Help with David J Stern Foreclosure Cases in Florida

LogoKnown as “The Foreclosure King”, David J Stern and his law offices once handled tens of thousands of foreclosure cases in Florida. Stern was recently charged by the Florida State Bar with 17 counts of fraudulent activity pertaining to these foreclosure cases. Last week though, news that the complaint was dropped by the State Bar swept the nation by surprise.

eWatches Is Now Offering Discounted Invicta Watches for Mother's Day Sale

eWatches has begun their Mother’s Day 2013 sale and this includes several of the most popular women’s Invicta watches. The popular online watch retailer is offering discounts on watches that go as high as 96% off.

Jeweler in Santa Rosa CA Reaches 4,000 Fans on Facebook in Two Months

LogoDesign Jewelers sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry which is made in-house. The website showcases a gallery of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, engagement rings and wedding bands.

Integrity Supply, Inc. Offers Blue Masking Tape at the Great Prices

LogoIntegrity Supply, Inc. is offering blue masking tape at great prices. The blue masking tapes are manufactured by Shurtape. These tapes are also available in different colors. The online store is also offering construction tape - White MJ 100.

Three Firms Sponsor Life-Changing Event for 1,000 Peterborough, Ontario Students

Secondary school children from the Adam Scott Secondary School in Peterborough will receive 3 Choice School Programs from Scott Gallagher, President of Power of Choice Education Inc.

BG Haute 2013 Dresses Collection Now Available on, the leading online fashion store, has added BG Haute 2013 dresses collection in their inventory to the delights of the customers. BG Haute is known for the glamour and confidence it gives to the wearer. Also it has been worn some of the leading female celebrities at various occasions worldwide.

Dealers Attend MISys Manufacturing Webinar

Recently MISys Manufacturing sponsored a webinar entitled “MISys Revamps Partner Program.” Charlie Kimbell, VP of Sales and Marketing gave a brief overview of the new partner program. As a component of the New Partner Program, MISys Manufacturing is committed to integrating the designated accounting software, defending MISys trademarks and intellectual property, offering priority technical support to end users as well as providing all partners with marketing material and support. Implementation training will be held July 21, 2013.

World Landforms Gives Complete Information About Landforms of the Earth

World Landforms provides vital information about the landforms from around the world. The major categories world of landforms discusses and shares include waterfalls, mountain, spatter cones, valley, archipelago, continents, gulfs, bays, lakes and many more. The educational site gives numerous informative posts about the landforms of the Earth.

Wohl Associates Inc. Now Offering Used Form/Fill/Seal Coffee Equipment for Sale

Wohl Associates is now selling a used Universal Packaging Sbom-Vac Form/Fill/Seal machine that has a single top-filling auger head and a stainless steel hopper.

Affiliate Program That Is Generous and Innovative Has Just Been Launched by has just announced the launch of its own innovative affiliate program. The company, which features online PC backup and online briefcase services, is giving people the chance to earn a 20 percent residual monthly commission, as long as the referred customer remains with the company.

Pune to Prove Its Mettle Against Bangalore, India’s leading online travel company reports that a few matches have already been played during the ongoing cricket season. Today’s two matches will be played between Bangalore & Pune and Punjab & Delhi. Today Bangalore will play flexibly and firmly to give tough competition to Pune. The match will be played at Bangalore and Bangalore’s fans are confident about their team’s win. They are already quiet hopeful and exited for the team’s outstanding performances. Bangalore in this season has played well against some of the teams and has carved its niche the current cricket season. After the match of Bangalore and Pune, another match will be played between Punjab and Delhi.

Real Estate Rochester NY Expert the Sharon Quataert Team Shares Spring Real Estate Statistics

Buying a house is an excellent investment for the future. Today, individuals in the market to buy a house find that it is much more affordable than ever before.

Little Rock Storage Offers Storage Units, Serving Households and Businesses in Little Rock

Little Rock Storage is offering storage units and storage items for households and businesses located in Little Rock. The company is offering these storage units and items to ensure that households and businesses will have their own place where they can place their valuable yet excess things for safekeeping.

The Villas at Northwood Creek: The Perfect Place to Settle

The Villas at Northwood Creek is the perfect place to settle and raise a family. It is also the ideal place where one can take a break and relax after a long time of working. The community at The Villas in Northwood Creek is considered as the most ideal place where one can feel and have that ambience of a friendly neighborhood. Individuals can also feel the presence and be close to nature when they choose to live at the Villa.

A-1 Tire Provides Tire and Vehicle Services for Clients in Russellville

A-1 Tire is providing tire and vehicle services for clients located at Russellville, Arkansas. The company is offering such services for vehicle owners located in Russellville, to get the vehicle services that they need whenever they come to the shop.

Seo4anyone Now Providing White Label Search Engine Optimization Services for Agencies Outside of Florida Market

Seo4anyone, one of Miami’s best search engine optimization companies, is now providing traditional marketing agencies and other specialty marketing agencies with its white label services reseller program for online marketing. By offering these services, the company aims to diversify their risk by providing their services to other agencies who otherwise would be considered competitors.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce Prescription Diet Plans Aimed at Encouraging Healthy Food Choices to Reduce the Risk of Developing Gallstones

LogoThe gallbladder, a small, pear-shaped organ located beneath the liver, functions to store and release bile which aids digestion. Studies have revealed that those that suffer from obesity may produce high levels of cholesterol; leading to the over-production of bile, which itself contains more cholesterol than can be dissolved. Gallstones, which are generated from this cholesterol overload, are clusters of solid material that form in the gallbladder for a variety of reasons, including obesity, and may occur as one large stone or many small stones varying in size from golf ball-size to those as small as a grain of sand. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are hospitalized annually and undergo surgery as a result of this extremely painful condition. Diet Doc has created prescription strength, medically supervised hCG diet plans that are proven to achieve fast weight loss safely, as well as offer nutritional tools and education in the development of healthy food choices to enjoy enduring weight loss success and to avoid the development of gallstones.

Home Furnishers to Launch the World's Best Mat

Home Furnishers, a textiles manufacturing and exporting company having its factories in India, has started its office in Walnut USA is set to launch the World's Best Mat in the market.

Air Conditioning Melbourne and Brevard County Is Dial Plumbing and Air Conditioning's Specialty

Dial Plumbing and Air Conditioning has provided the quality plumbing and air conditioning Melbourne and other Brevard County home owners have come to depend on for more than 40 years. Customers today are raving about Dial’s installations of the ultra-efficient Trane XL20i cooling systems. Engineered to provide the most efficient performance, economical operation and quiet cooling, these Trane systems keep Dial’s customers comfortable in their homes year round.

Best Arizona Short Sale Company and Short Sale Specialist Help Distressed Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Unfortunately due to the current tough economic conditions, increasing number of home owners are faced with foreclosure because of defaults in mortgage payment. Having to face a foreclosure can cause great amount of distress to the homeowner, foreclosure is usually the last option any home owner would like to consider. It is important to understand that both banks and homeowners would like to avoid foreclosure and forecloses are viewed as only the last resort. Out of the 35% of underwater homeowners in Arizona, usually 90% of them are unaware of their options for avoiding foreclosure.

SEO Services Now Available in the Philippines

SEO Services Philippines, an online SEO provider based in the Philippines, has recently started their business and focuses on rendering their services in the Philippines. SEO Services Philippine chose the Philippines since the country is emerging as an economic powerhouse in Asia.

James Cullen Bressack's HATE CRIME Hits VOD

HATE CRIME is now available WORLDWIDE on VOD exclusively on . And when we say WORLD WIDE we mean WORLD WIDE! That's right ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can watch the film now! Many have been patiently waiting to see the film Hate Crime for months now. Well the wait is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!! IT IS AVAILBLE NOW ON VOD WORLD WIDE at this link: for $6.66 but you better hurry because it will only be available for 1 month before it gets taken down off of VOD for its DVD/BLU release in AUGUST through UNEARTHED! TIME TO UNLEASH THE BEAST! (attached is a Picture with a teaser image and some review quotes)

New Cancer Preventative Method: Radiation Guard

Have you ever taken a serious, life threatening risk without knowing it? Well, that’s exactly what you and millions of other people around the world and even globally are doing right now every time they use a cell phone or expose themselves to the electromagnet frequency radiation (EMF) that comes from most electronic gadgets.

Web Designer Beverly Hills - Wordpress & Magento Developer

LogoA well-designed website is much more than just a page or two describing a business or service. A business’ successful online presence is the lifeblood of its marketing efforts, and the professional design of a website can make or break a company. Maximizing your online marketing starts with an experienced website design firm with a personal touch. We at Website can translate the essence of your business into a unique and welcoming website that is easy to navigate and gets your brand messages across to your customers. Whether your business is selling products or services, you can trust in the expertise of our professional web design specialists to improve your business, gain sales, and build your unique brand online.