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Journalist and bloggers, Login or Register to customize this page Launches a Business Card Campaign for Small Businesses

Mobile devices and social networks continue to take over the business world. According to the Small Business Development Corporation, approximately 40 percent of businesses with between zero and four employees establish a web presence, while more than 90 percent of companies with 200 or more employees maintain a presence on the Internet.

Ultriva Consumption Driven Software Featured in CIO Review Magazine

Ultriva, the leader in collaborative supply chain solutions, was the feature cover story in the October issue of CIO Review magazine. This issue was a comprehensive review of best-practice manufacturing technology. Narayan Laksham, Ultriva’s founder and CEO explained how he applied lean principles to the supply chain processes and developed a solution that triumphs over the traditional Material Requirements Planning (MPR) systems and delivers more value. The article, authored by Raj Kumar, was titled, “Ultriva: Escalating Manufacturing Output Through Lean.” According to Kumar, “Ultriva utilized ‘collaborative Kanban,’ to develop lean manufacturing and end to end pull supply chain solutions. In this quickly growing $10 billion supply chain industry, Ultriva focuses on the execution side of things, directly impacting the shop floor performance and effectively complementing existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which are primarily forecast driven. Ultriva dwells in the demand-driven replenishment arena.”

Artizara Is Proud to Launch Its Spring Line

LogoAs Spring continues throughout the United States, women are adapting their wardrobes to meet the warmer weather and the brighter days. For Muslim women this change of season was usually greeted with little fanfare, as traditional Islamic clothing for women did not have a variety of colors or styles that changed with the seasons. Since 2004, the Islamic clothing for women offered by Artizara has been both fashionable and functional, and the 2013 Spring and Summer selections are no different.

Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges May Not Offer Obesity Treatments Including Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

National Bariatric Link has released new information regarding the Affordable Care Act and how it affects people who are combating obesity.

ELEQT Organizes Simultaneous Network Event 'Business as Unusual' at Curaçao, Aruba and Saint Martin

Three Islands. Three Venues. Three Parties. One Celebration. For the first time in history, ELEQT organizes ‘Business as Unusual’ on Curaçao, Saint Martin and Aruba on the same date and time. On Thursday, May 16th, members of the social discovery networking site and their guests, will be welcome to celebrate and network in style at three exclusive locations in the Caribbean.

Richie Luna Calls on the Entire World to Celebrate

Richie Luna is a revolutionary independent breakthrough artist who officially releases both his new single and music video teaser for his upcoming epic full-length production entitled "CELEBRATE!" (The Call to Light).

Mobile Auto Mechanic Service in Lakeland FL

Lakeland Mobile Mechanic service is dependable, loyal and affordable mobile mechanic service for your gasoline or diesel car, truck, van, RV or tractor or any driven motor problem you have at home, at your office, on the side of the road or anywhere else we come to you. Call them at 863-448-9748 or watch our YouTube video

NuevaCare Home Care Services Attended the Senior Showcase in Burlingame, CA May 17, 2013

The Senior Showcase Information Fair sponsored by the Daily Journal and HealthPlan of San Mateo was held on Friday, May 17, 2013, at the Burlingame Recreation Center, 850 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame. Senior citizens and adult children of aging parents enjoyed the event from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The Senior Showcase offered a wide variety of information and activities for seniors, caregivers, and aging loved ones.

ICA Is Now Offering Accounts Courses

ICA, a learning institution for taxation, accounting and finance, recently announced that they are now offering accounts courses, to provide a chance for the students who want to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional and eligible accountants.

Long Island Style from the 1920's Inspired by the Great Gatsby

Given the excitement for the release of "The Great Gatsby movie" , inevitably many of our customers were already looking at the shirt styling worn by fashion icons Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton & Tobey Maguire. Now on special offer!!!

My Beautiful Life Launches Innovative Lifestyle Magazine for Women

My Beautiful Life,, a refreshingly bold, new magazine focused on all aspects of life of progressive women of color has launched. This new publication will inform its readers on a wide array of topics encompassing beauty, health, financial and spiritual growth. It can be described as “O Magazine for generations X through Y”.

Park Slope Laundry & Cleaners Launches New Services

Elite, convenient, and made to order for your laundry services in Brooklyn New York. Park Slope Laundry & Cleaners is the go to source on the ever growing "honey do" list that we all encounter on a daily and weekly basis. In fact, for most people, the number of gripes or complaints lies in laundry as the household or business chore that takes the most time and energy. Well take back your time and freedom, Park Slope Laundry & Cleaners.

Work-from-Home Blogger Releases Another One of Her Best Small Business Ideas

Sandy McQueen works from home and helps others do the same.  Her blog, has some of the best small business ideas that are low cost and make it easy to begin an at home business for those who have a drive to work from home.

Blogger Has Some Terrific Ideas for Parents of College Bound Students

The class of 2013 is almost over and ready to head off to college.  This means the class of 2014 starts its senior year, and for those who want to work from home, there are still many small business opportunities in 2013 available if you have the correct set of skills.  Sandy McQueen of has some excellent job opportunities for college readiness.

The Chison SonoTouch Comes to National Ultrasound

LogoUltrasound technology is constantly changing, so it is important for companies selling ultrasound equipment to keep up with the latest advancements. National Ultrasound, America’s leading dealer of new ultrasound machines, is proud to announce the expansion of their product line to include the Chison SonoTouch V-Access Ultrasound System. This cutting edge system is poised to change the way that clinics and hospitals conduct their ultrasounds.

Blog Enlightens Its Readers on the Hazardous Effects of Car Pollution

With the rising trend of owning vehicles, more and more transportation facilities are being availed by the human population whether for business, trade, personal use for conveyance and traveling purposes. While cars, vans, SUVs and SUTs have provided reliability and assurance to get people from one place to another, they are increasingly having a bad impact on the environment. Car pollution has more hazardous effects on the environment and the number of cars and vehicles affecting the environment are increasing year by year.

Artizara Now Offering Free Shipping on US Orders over 100

LogoWomen who are seeking Islamic clothing often face problems: the clothing that they have to choose from is not stylish or flattering. In 2004, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque decided to found Artizara in order to provide Islamic clothing that is both modest and fashionable. As Ansari says, “Islam is beautiful, and dressing modestly is cool”, and Artizara provides Muslim women with a wide variety of Islamic clothing options that reflects the vision of its founders. Artizara works hard to offer Muslim women Islamic clothing choices that are competitively priced with what they can find in department stores, so the price of maintaining a modest appearance does not have to break the bank.

Artizara Now Offering 100% Money Back Guarantee

LogoIn 2004, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque noticed disturbing trends in Muslim clothing: the garments available were not fashionable and did not reflect the personality of the women wearing it. At that moment, Artizara was born as a forward thinking Muslim clothing retailer that would challenge traditional views about what Muslim clothing looked like. Now as a leader in all aspects of Muslim clothing, Artizara is now offering a money back guarantee on all retail clothing purchases.

Artizara Now Offering 10 off the First 40 Order

LogoSince 2004 Artizara’s founders, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque have been trying to provide Muslim women with the very best fashion choices available. They understand the religious customs of Islam and know that Muslim women struggle to find clothing that is fashionable and adheres to the modesty requirements of the Muslim faith. As a leader in Muslim fashion, including hijabs, jilbabs and other garments, Artizara is now pleased to offer $10 off the first $40 order for new customers.

Artizara Now Offering 40 off the Purchase of Two Dresses

LogoKnowing that Muslim women have special clothing needs, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque founded Artizara in 2004. This innovative company supplies Muslim dresses and other unique garments for Muslim women that fulfill their special religious customs and traditions. As a leader in the design and manufacture of Muslim dresses, Artizara is proud to announce that they are now offering $40 off the purchase of any two dresses.

Abel and Son Now Offering 25 off Roofing

LogoThe cost of roofing repairs and replacement can be very high, and if the damage is not covered by insurance, it can be a financial hardship for the homeowner. Abelandson roofers is one of Harrisburg’s premier roofing companies and they are now offering $25 of the cost of roofing repairs, in addition to their already low prices.

Historical Hungarian Wine Region Badacsony Opens to the Public

LogoHungarian born Miklos Nagy plans to develop vineyards located in famous wine regions of the world into luxurious properties and plans to open them to tourists and wine enthusiasts. Announces a Free Fundraising Platform That Leverages Social Networks to Reach out to All Investors

One of the leading online based crowdfunding sites in the US; has today announced a free platform that leverages social networks to reach out to all investors and ensure that all the projects posted on the site get funded. The news comes at a time when the need to get investors interested in the various projects posted online has risen tremendously. According to various reports doing rounds in the various news sites, social networks are the best way to go about on how to promote your crowdfunding campaign and the launch of the free platform will indeed benefit vast majority of project developers. noted in a statement released today that there are several benefits of crowdfunding and for that reason customers should make good use of the free platform. One of the benefits of this is that a particular project may attract many investors and this translates to more funding something that many entrepreneurs have been looking forward to. In addition, the investors will serve as the pioneers and ambassadors for the projects ensuring that it succeeds. With banks tightening their cost of funding due to regular economic downturn, crowdfunding remains as the best alternative for entrepreneurs to seek funds for their lucrative projects. will indeed benefit immensely from the launch of the free platform. The free platform is bound to attract many clients with different projects ranging from design to education to marketing as well as technology and health.

The Silver Trader Releases a Poll About the Future Prices of Silver and Gold

The Silver Trader has released a just finished poll among investors about the future prices of silver and gold, specifically where the price of gold and silver will be by the end of this year. The market of precious metals is extremely active in the global arena. Silver and gold are traded internationally 24 hours every day and their prices always fluctuate depending on the international market’s activity.

Donate Your Car in New Hampshire: American Children's Cancer Association Will Now Accept Your New Hampshire Car Donations

LogoAmerican Children's Cancer Association (ACCA) will now be accepting your car (and other vehicle) donations, in New Hampshire.

Donate Your Car in Deleware: American Children's Cancer Association Will Now Accept Your Deleware Car Donations

LogoAmerican Children's Cancer Association (ACCA) will now be accepting your car (and other vehicle) donations, in Deleware.

Gentle Braces Announces Availability of Hidden Braces at Its Practice

Gentle Braces, one of the renowned practices of orthodontists in Aventura, has announced the availability of Hidden Braces at its practice. These Hidden Braces are regular ceramic braces that are made of translucent material.