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Rolling Art Advisors Gears Up for Launch with Collectible Sports Car Fund

Rolling Art Fund 1 is designed to provide accredited investors access to an emerging asset class that is non-correlated to equity markets. “The current data suggests that the collectible car market moves in negative or near negative correlation to equity markets. With most if not all world equity markets at or near all time highs and long term bonds effectively at zero, an allocation to this space just makes sense", according to Fund Manager Joshua Wekstein.

FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) Investor Alert: Lawsuit for March 7, 2014 Investors over Alleged Securities Laws Violations Announced

An investor who purchased shares FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) filed a lawsuit against FireEye over alleged securities laws violations in connection with the March 7, 2014, stock offering at $82 per share.

Homes Being Cleaned Up by Mold Testing Companies in New Orleans

No matter how clean a home may be, there is always a possibility for molds to grow. People try everything to keep their homes clean and fresh but the fact is that molds can grow even in the cleanest places. Molds usually grow on moist and damp areas. But since molds are adaptable to every kind of environment, they can grow and multiply in any area. Home owners of New Orleans who want to keep their family safe from molds are advised to go for mold testing New Orleans.

Popular Company Offers Non-Biased Solution to Victim of Molds in Tampa Florida

There are very few people who are aware of the fact that molds are very dangerous for our health. Some people may think there is no harm in having a few molds at home. But they are wrong. Molds have the capability to cause serious illness to human beings. There are many fatal diseases which are caused by the exposure to molds. It is the duty of every household of Tampa Florida to go for mold testing Tampa Florida.

Unique Mold Testing Procedures Done in Santa Ana

Is anyone planning to move to Santa Ana and buy a new home to settle there? One has to remember that before buying any new homes one has to test for molds. Molds are very harmful for human beings. Molds emit a toxic gas known as mycotoxin. Exposure to this gas on a regular basis and in large quantity can even cause cancer to some people. From this article, one will find out how mold testing Santa Ana can be done.

Non-Biased and Qualified Inspectors for Mold Testing Offers Tips to Counter Molds in Anaheim

Accumulation of mold could become dangerous for residents, pets and even belongings if it is not taken care of in time. Mold is an organism that is easy to survive in damp places. Once it grows in a particular place, it can live for a long time if not removed. So, homeowners need to keep this point in mind and opt for mold testing from time to time. These days, almost all the towns and cities have agencies that inspect mold accumulation. These agencies have professional inspectors and are equipped with necessary tools, laboratories and chemicals.

123 Mold Testing Company Helps Saves Thousands of Dollars on Properties in Cincinnati

It is obvious fact that everyone tries to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. However, even with much effort, there is no guarantee that mold will not inhabit an area somewhere in the house. A lot of people neglect this fact. This is quite a wrong attitude. Even if mold does not appear hazardous, it is also not harmless at all. If any one is comes in contact with mold for a period of time then one may get ill suffering several symptoms. Therefore, everybody must test for mold in their homes at least once a year.

Latest 6pm Coupon Codes for 2013 Offered by

Finding a valid 6pm coupon code is now easy and lets one shop from hundreds of prices at a lower price than usual. This adds more to the regular 6pm experience, which already meant small prices. The merchandise subject to the offer reaches the designer area, as the store features an impressive number of reputable brands.

Importance of Finding the Best Company for Mold Testing in Toledo

Health experts recommend that residents ought to check for presence of mold once a year. This will ensure that no great quantity of mold accumulate in one place. Mold may not appear like a dangerous entity but some species are very dangerous including black mold. It is obvious that ordinary citizens cannot test mold’s presence. So, the service of a well known company is required. One can find a good company who does the job in one’s locality.

IAC2 Licensed Inspectors Offers Specialist Mold Testing Services for Riverside Residents

Many people will consider molds as a harmless fungus. But they are wrong because long exposure to molds is very dangerous for us. If one does not remove the molds from their homes, it will cause many serious illnesses and diseases. If one wants to find out whether there are any molds present in their homes, one has to hire a good old testing inspector. Now here is some good news for the residents of Riverside. They can go for mold testing Riverside.

Tom Songer & Associates with Keller Williams Realty Are Moving Their Offices to Their New Location

Tom Songer & Associates with Keller Williams Realty are moving to their new office located in South of Downtown Orlando Florida SoDo complex near SuperTarget shopping center. The new location serves as the neighborhood real estate business office for South downtown Orlando and surrounding areas such as Delaney Park, Lancaster Park, Eola, Wadeview Park, Lake Weldona, Conway, Dover Shores, Lake Cherokee, Lake Copeland, Lake Como, Pineloch, Edgewood, Belle Isle, Copley Square as well a the downtown Orlando area.

Peak Body Introduces Corporate Wellness Program

Peak Body Transformation is helping corporations and businesses help their employees reach personal and group fitness goals through the new Corporate Wellness program.

Peak Body Transformation Offers Free Kickboxing Classes

Peak Body Transformation, a fitness club located in Plano and Lewisville, announces free kick boxing classes in Plano Tx every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those who want to try out the class without obligation.

Rifkin Consulting Introduces Attorney Candidate Training in Business Development

Premiere attorney recruiters Rifkin Consulting have introduced new business development training to teach attorney candidates how to prospect and bring in new clients to their law firm.

The Beauty Wrap Offers Spa Training in Mineral Wraps

The Beauty Wrap, one of the nation's top suppliers of body wrap supplies body wrap supplies , has introduced new training and certification courses for those who want to learn how to provide a skilled body wrap to clients. Offering everything a prospective body wrap technician will need, the Beauty Wrap provides everything from initial to expert level training and supplies that technicians will need. With both online and face- to- face training available, the Beauty Wrap is the go- to company for body wrap training services. A graduate of the Beauty Wrap's program will soon be able to offer his or her services through a variety of spas and salons.

Fitness Boot Camp Brings Amazing Results

A fitness boot camp is a dreaded possibility among many women because of the popular belief that boot camps have unforgiving trainers whose sole job is to make the life miserable of the trainees. This whole perception is in for a big change because of Eastern Massachusetts Adventure Boot Camp! This wellness association is not just any other weight loss institute. It is a collaboration of efforts that aim at promoting fitness in a way that inspires long term lifestyle changes.

Bakersfield Homes Urgently in Need of More Mold Inspectors

The presence of mold in a residential place or commercial place is a risk for everyone concerned in the long run. There are thousands of known species of mold. And among those, black mold is considered as one of the dangerous species. So, if anyone finds black in ones home or commercial area, it is should be notified to the nearest mold testing agency in one’s area. Since it is a common problem, many agencies provide services in various localities.

Aurora Mold Testing Companies Help Homeowners to Identify the Right Mold Inspectors

Is anyone looking for certified mold inspectors in Aurora? If yes then one should look for Mold Testing Aurora agency, the best company in and around the city. This company has inspected and got rid of mold in many homes and commercial areas. People trust the company because they are efficient, friendly and provide fast solutions. The inspectors are well trained and capable of working under any pressure. Therefore, they are popular and in demand.

123 Mold Testing Company Launched Independent Lab Tests for Residence of Pittsburgh

One of the best ways to have a healthy life is by living in a clean environment and by having healthy food habits. It is very important for house owners to clean every nook and corner of their homes. A dirty home will be a den of molds. Exposure to molds is not safe for human beings. Even in clean homes, one will find traces of molds. One has to remove all the traces of molds from their homes. People staying in Pittsburgh should know that there are services available for mold testing Pittsburgh.

Mold Testing in Lexington Finally Acknowledged as Highly Essential by Residents

There are a large number of people in Lexington who are not aware about the benefits of doing a mold test in their homes. Any home, whether clean or dirty can be a den of molds. Molds are fungal growth that mostly grows in damp areas. One will get various benefits by doing a mold testing. Those who are interested to know more about mold testing Lexington should go through this article.

Everything About Mold Testing in Stockton Finally Revealed

There are certain signs which could indicate the presence of molds. Molds are very dangerous for human lives. If there is any growth of molds in homes or offices, it has to be removed immediately. One will come across different companies that are in the business of mold testing. Those living at Stockton can go for mold testing Stockton. From this article, one will get to know why mold testing is very important.

Allied Steel Offering Free Quotes on Steel Buildings

LogoAllied Steel Buildings, a Fort Lauderdale-based company specializing in pre-engineered Steel Buildings, is offering free quotes to those interested in its services. Quotes can be obtained by calling 877-997-8335 or through the company’s official website,

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Offers Help for Allergy Sufferers

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning is offering allergy sufferers some much appreciated relief this spring, offering unique carpet cleaning to combat allergens. Their fast dry carpet cleaning system reduces the amount of allergens that could get trapped in lingering moisture that other carpet cleaners may leave behind. The 1-hour dry time makes the process safe and effective at removing dirt, dust and debris from the home, leaving it with a fresh, clean feeling and smell. This patented technique is effective at minimizing allergy-causing problems, providing relief for sensitive customers. This spring, consumers are encouraged to call Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning to breathe easier.

Huntington Surf and Sport Shops Introduces New Products and New Markdowns for Spring/Summer 2013

Huntington Surf and Sport Shop announces the spring arrivals to its surf shop online . HSS is one of the nation’s premier online surf shops with the latest in surfing gear, skateboards and accessories. Now, new additions to the HSS online surf store include new HSS tees as well as other special items.

LoveSurf Announces New Line of Surfwear

LoveSurf, a premier designer and Internet marketer of women’s and casual beach and workout wear, announces a new spring lineup including additions of yoga gear as well as casual pants and tees.

LoveSurf Announces Reversible Swimwear

As budgets remain tight this year, LoveSurf features an array of reversible swimwear that is sure to extend consumer swimsuit options. Bargain hunters are advised this will help them to stretch their clothing budget as far as possible. Reversible swimwear offers consumers the perfect way to get the most out of their clothing investment.

Peak Body Launches Peak PLUS

Peak Body Transformation has announced the launch of its newest service, Peak PLUS. Going beyond the training services that many fitness centers offer, Peak PLUS offers customers lasting health management services that can transform their overall health and wellness.