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ATTENTION Investors Who Currently Hold NASDAQ:CONN Shares: Investigation of CONN'S, Inc.

An investigation for investors who currently hold NASDAQ:CONN shares was announced concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain CONN’S directors and officers.

Daniel Binderlehner Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for the Xapkin Tab: The Innovative Tissue That Puts Clean in Anyone's Pocket

The Xapkin Tab is an innovative refreshing cloth which has been pressed into a small round shape. The Tab is approximately 2cm in diameter and 1cm in height. By dousing the Tab in the accompanying special fragrance it will unfold and become a 23x23cm size cloth that one can use anywhere to clean anything; one’s own skin, a seat on the bus or train, all work surfaces and practically anything else. The combination of the Xapkin Tab and the specially-formulated fragrances that complements the Tab makes it the perfect cleaning product in our modern world where germs, bacteria and just common dirt are of constant concern.

New Website Jiggerbons.Com Launches Offering Music Video Style Dance Lessons in London

People these days are busy and when it comes to hobbies and interests they have to fit them in around their other commitments and schedules.

Kilwa Gateway Eco Hotel Benefits from Road Completion

Good to See, a new UK based travel website has announced that the delay in the completion of the Dar Es Salaam to Kilwa road, supposedly finished in March 2013 has not stopped the development of the new Kilwa Beach Lodge Hotel, which has become a gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara.

Psoriasis - Are Complementary & Alternative Treatments Dangerous? a New Book Provides the Answers

A new book just released on to the market answers this question, and many more, for the estimated 125 million psoriasis sufferers worldwide.

eFlip Standard Supports 5GB of Free Online Storage for Three Years

LogoOnline publishers, editors, and other businesses can now easily convert PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice documents into page-flipping e-books with eFlip Standard software. In addition to many tools for making e-book publishing simple, the program comes with 5 GB of free online storage, allowing users to store up to 250 or more e-books securely or shares them via a website or social media.

Leawo Launches the Superb Blu-Ray Player Software Together with 67% off Discount

LogoIt seems that the tech news in May will never let Leawo go as currently a piece of heart-stirring news just comes in: This multimedia giant has issued a formal declaration of its long-prepared Blu-ray Player on May 16, 2013 along with a very attractive 67% off discount activity. The formal coming of this leading flagship has really caused a big sensation as people have waited so long for this fabulous and well-optimized Blu-ray Player software. The arrival of this masterpiece means that people's overall BD, DVD and video entertainment will be fully enhanced.

Leawo Suggests Affordable Way to Build Killer Home Theater with $19.95 Blu-Ray Player Software

LogoIt is said that one's home is their castle. Wouldn't everyone want a true home theater in their castle? For people now thinking about building ultimate home theater system more affordable, the exciting news is that Leawo, tech giant with a long standing reputation on providing first-rate home media playback solutions, is now set to revolutionize the home theater system, by sharing with their awesome suggestions for media fans worldwide to create home entertainment nirvana without spending a fortune – just by resorting to big screen computer, best Blu-ray player software, home theater speakers and more.

IGXE Is Now Offering to Buy World of Warcraft Gold for Folks to Enjoy the Game

World of Warcraft, it is also called WoW or Warcraft by players, it is a very popular MMORPG that produced by famous game producer, Blizzard Entertainment. The first time for players to play this online role-playing game (MMORPG) is in North America 2004.

Forex MTN Indicator Makes over 70 Pips Profit Each Day

LogoForex MTN Indicator is a manual forex trading system that has been receiving positive feedback from traders who have used it. Forex MTN strategy is based on a new dynamic mathematical algorithm that helps identify the best reversal points that generates the most pips with a small risk. This indicator can be used in both a trending as well as a ranging market for scalping, day trading as well as swing trading. This indicator does not repaint and can be used on any timeframe from 5 minutes to 4 hours on any pair with 88.6% accuracy. A detailed trading guide explains everything about the Forex MTN strategy like entries, exits and the money management.

Hyundai Plans Big to Launch the All New I30 in India, Reports

Despite the clutter that prevails in the automobiles industry today, car buyers in India still looks forward to its favorite hatchback segment.

Ford Motors India Gears Up to Introduce the Urban SUV, Reports

Comprising all the right ingredients, the all new Ford Ecosport serves the tag of an urban SUV right in a true sense.

Medora Centre: A Singapore Clinic That Offers Cosmetic and Aesthetic Services

Cosmetic surgeries are not new anymore at present especially in specialized medical facilities in Singapore. The value of these services is integrated in the lives of many people as they strive to have a better physical appearance.

Leading Bike Parts' Resource Announces Sales This Month

Good news for those looking to buy quality bike parts and accessories at cost effective rates- Fibica, a leading online resource for bike parts has announced of their latest sales offer. The reputed supplier is offering a large number of mountain bike parts online at discounted prices.

Binary Options Stock Signals B.O.S.S Make on Average 70% Winning Trades Per Month

LogoBinary Options Stock Signals B.O.S.S has an average monthly winrate of 70%. Daily 3 signals are sent via email as well as SMS. On average out of these 3 signals, 2 signals are winners. Binary Options Stock Signals B.O.S.S software monitors 6 US stocks that are:

Fantasy Wear, Lingerie & Quirky Accessories Rank as Top SuccSexful Gifts for Friends, Cousins or Partners

Gone are the days when one used to gift flowers, home appliances, beauty products or jewellery to their friends, cousins or partners at weddings/birthdays/ anniversaries. Relations that are on the frank and mischievous side prefer to gift something not so boring and out of the box.

Has Apple (NASDAQ_AAPL) Lost Its Way Video Released by Adam Hewison President of MarketClub

LogoAdam Hewison recently released a short video title: “Has Apply (NASDAQ_AAPL) Lost Its Way”. Serious concerns have been raised by the investor on Apply losing its innovation. In a recent Bloomberg News Poll, 71% of the investors polled believed that Apple has become less innovative. Stock analysts are of the opinion that Apple stock is headed towards $350 and it will trade between the range of $315 and $475 for the coming few years until and unless it can produce another blockbuster major product.

The Herman Furniture Collections of High End Furniture

Herman Furniture is a furnishing company that started for the love and passion for wooden furniture’s. The company sells high end solid wood furniture’s world-wide. The company does not just offer wood items to their customers they produce premium teak wood furniture that will meet the needs of every customer. Herman Furniture collections include eclectic choice of both exquisite and practical furnishing that can satisfy the fitting accommodation desire of every customer.

The Best Way to Buy World of Warcraft Gold Now Available Online

Online games have recently gained a lot of popularity in various parts across the globe. They are a great way to spend quality time every day. There are countless games on the internet and if counted, the list can be rather endless. However, the online games require payments in order to continue playing them. The most common example is Gold, which is purchased by people on a daily basis in order to play the games at all times. - Find Ways for Auto Financing for Bad Credit

Finding an auto financing for your bad credit is not as hard as before. Some companies are still eager to finance for your desired vehicle though your credit is bad. It is true that some special considerations are to be done with a bad credit, but that doesn’t mean all the doors are closed for you. This article will show you the right path so that you can get your auto financing for bad credit.

TraceGains Attends International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Show in Orlando

LogoInternational Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) will be June 2-4 in Orlando, Florida. IDDBA Show highlights include a focus on education. There will be targeted sessions featuring current trends, research, marketing ideas, global issues, consumer buying behavior, and new products and services. Seminars are open to all attendees at no additional cost.

Uberpools Announces Its Efficient Pool Services

A well established company in the industry, Uberpool offers its valuable services in the areas of swimming pool cleaning services, pool repair and maintenance, spa repair and maintenance and more. The company is committed towards customer satisfaction and works towards bringing out the best in their services. Pools will look fresh and clean utilizing the services offered by the company. All needed materials and products needed for cleaning the pool will be provided by the company. The company provides best customer service and is known for their flawless service in the industry.

Master Fencing Announces New Website Redesign

Master Fencing, a Melbourne temporary fencing company, recently unveiled the new design of its website. Master Fencing expects this new design to help it reach out to its customers more effectively and serve them better.

GasTec Now Supporting the American Breast Cancer Foundation

Customers searching for propane companies in Newton can look no further than GasTec. GasTec serves customers in the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey, and Delaware. GasTec provides propane for industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural, and even automotive needs. The staff at GasTec takes pride in providing customers with the utmost professionalism and superior service. GasTec approaches every interaction with a new customer as the beginning of a long lasting relationship. The staff at GasTec genuinely cares about their customers. Now, GasTec is continuing to show their passion for customers, families, and friends by supporting the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Hydrojet Inc. Now Providing Five Axis Machining

LogoHydrojet Inc. offers customers unique advantages in machining capabilities through waterjet technology. Waterjets have been used for decades and have become increasingly beneficial for customers in need of precise cuts without worrying about sharp temperature changes. Furthermore, waterjet cutting has proven to be an effective method in cutting costs by reducing the amount of wasted materials. Regardless of the industry or material, waterjet cutting has become a demonstrated and proven method for cutting a variety of materials. Technology is constantly evolving and the capabilities of waterjet cutting continue to impress machinists and industry professionals. Now, Hydrojet Inc. is offering the newest wave of waterjet cutting technology, five axis waterjet cutting.

The Philly Loft Co. Now Offering Affordable and Pet Friendly Rentals

LogoPhilly Loft Co. offers affordable and modern residences at six different locations in Philadelphia. All of Philly Loft Co. properties are located in beautiful and thriving areas of the city. The Papermill Lofts are one of Philly Loft Co.’s most popular lofts and apartments in Philadelphia. Not only are the Papermill lofts located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood, but they are now more affordable and pet friendly. Located right next to a dog park along with an endless amount of shops and restaurants, it is no wonder that the Papermill lofts rent so quickly.

Motorhome Republic Launches New Way of Searching for Rentals

Motorhome Republic has launched "comparison view," a new technology which allows renters to directly compare prices and features of rental motorhomes in a side-by-side format. Launched on their two Australasian sites, and, this new way of searching makes it simple for customers to navigate the often confusing features of the vast array of motorhomes on offer, and make an informed rental decision.