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Journalist and bloggers, Login or Register to customize this page's Takes on Switching from Fossil Fuel to Solar Panels as the New Energy Source for Household and Industrial Use

Get Solar Prices is one of the leading providers of free solar panel quotes that match the clients' budget and quality preference to local providers of solar panels. They offer free quotes because they strongly believe that every household aspiring to generate their own energy deserves the best deal so that they could offset the cost of paying expensive energy bills that hike every year. And this will only come into reality if they will get free quotes and switch to solar energy.

'The BumBee Seat - A Kickstarter Design Project' to Launch on May 22nd, 2015

Silicon Valley based design company Veroreve Incorporated has developed a fresh new campaign for 'The BumBee Seat - A Kickstarter Design Project'. This flexible and fun design will feature the company's patented adjustable recreational utility seat system (RUSS) design, offering the perfect solution for all of your projects at work or play. When the memory foam seat cushion is placed in the up or down position, it becomes perfect for use in the office, at home, in the garage or garden, or on the deck. 'The BumBee Seat' can also be used while gaming, house painting, dog grooming, BBQ & Tailgating, and many other activities.

Last Day to Get Free iPad/iPhone Transfer Software in CNET Software Giveaway Deals

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia solution provider which focuses on solving the data transfer problems of iPhone, iPad and iPod, launched the giveaway activity of Leawo iTransfer on CNET Software Giveaway Deals on the 27th of August. This giveaway lasts one week, that is to say, today is the last day for the users to get this easy-to-use iPod, iPad and iPhone transfer software for free.

White Paper Released on Geo-IP Filtering Advances

LogoIn “Making a World of Difference - Geo-IP Filtering’s Crucial Importance to Your Cyber Security System” white paper, Trama highlights limitations in typical security systems and the risks inherent in relying on them. Mr. Trama also outlines crucial changes in ease-of-use and precision for geographical screening enabled by Point and Click Country Network Filters™", and provides some surprising data and first-hand reports of dramatic reductions in cyber-threats, unwanted network traffic, and improvements in network performance attributed to new and enhanced Geo-IP filtering systems.

EzACH Direct Deposit Software Allows Customers to Split Employee Pay Between Accounts

Logo"Businesses that want to save money and time by processing direct deposit in house can now process payments for more than one account for employees.” Says developer, Dr. Ge

Pediatric Cancer Agency Brings Awareness to September by Remembering Nicholas Veghts

LogoThe Pediatric Cancer Advocacy & Research Foundation (PCARF) is excited to be bringing awareness to September being Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month by working with the Wrigleyville Rooftops on Sunday, September 21st. The agency will be taking in a Chicago Cubs baseball game while honoring all families that have been impacted by cancer. In fact, PCARF will be focusing on one family specifically, the Veghts Family. Their son, Nicholas, died of cancer in February of 2012, at the very young age of 8.

Target Audience Provides Global Marketing Research to Clientele

Founded in 2012, Target Audience Intelligence provides distinct objectives; gathering information about potential companies and persons, analyzing said data along with understanding information accumulated by other bureaus in order to provide a goal assembly investigation for your executives, and bearing out and overseeing tactical marketing operations.

IDX Solution Makes Online Property Search Simple and Effective on Real Estate Website of Cynthis Thomsen

Today, IDX, Inc. welcomes Cynthia Thomsen to the growing group of real estate professionals updating their websites with IDX Broker software. Offering Map Search Features, the official website of South Florida real estate expert Josh Stein, is now offering an innovative map search function that facilitates precise property searches. The new feature was launched to meet the growing demand of homebuyers, who are increasingly utilizing web-based tools for their searches.

France Spa Provides a Quick Guide of the Different Model of Spas in the Market

Relaxation should come after a whole day of work, right? After an exhausting day, the first thing people do is find ways on how to relax. Others find that relaxation they need in taking a dip in a Jacuzzi or spa. Nowadays, people can enjoy that relaxation they want in the comfort of their home. It’s more convenient to just stay at home and relax rather than going out. This is why France Spa provides people the different choices when it comes to spa to be purchased.

Pobiak Properties Presents Its Innovative Marketing Strategy

LogoProminent South Florida real estate group Pobiak Properties has launched an entire section on its website,, which is dedicated to presenting its innovative Marking Strategy for sellers. The new page is meant to meet the growing demand by homeowners seeking assistance in selling their properties.

The Presley Name Continues to Rock the Music World

Rated Memphis top artist and No.1, Top 10 and Top 100 Indie Charts Artist both 2012 and 2013, Elainee Presley is happy to be back and this time with a bang! Rock and Roll which is now a lost form of music is on its way to revival by this immensely talented musical powerhouse of the Presley family. The comeback of Elainee was to help the Rock and Roll niche get back its glory and make its way back into the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

2014 Marketing Trends Are Leaning to the Baby Boomer

The baby boomers are approaching retirement and some of their families are caught in the “sandwich generation,” meaning the family is caring for old parents and raising young children.  This is a great idea for a business or 2014 marketing trends .

Rivalhost Partnership with StopTheHacker Offers Bundled Web Hosting and Malware Security

Every organization — from small businesses to large corporations — can finally relax about the security of their websites, and their profits.

Kailua-Kona Chiropractor Provides Safe Solutions for Chronic Back Pain

Dr. Broderson and his talented staff combine a wide range of holistic health services designed to treat the source of pain and allow for complete healing and prevention. According to Dr. Broderson, “Combinations of soft tissue (muscle) work, spinal adjustments and therapies are used to achieve great results and true healing. “

One Place for All Rescue Groups, I-20 Animal Medical Center Gathering Multiple Listings for Rescued Dogs and Cats for Adoption

LogoThere are hundreds of pets that currently are or have been homeless at any time in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Some abandoned, some from homes where the owner has died, some with owners who have lost jobs and simply cannot afford to feed an extra mouth. Regardless of reason or condition, these animals are in dire need of a new home. Arlington Animal Vet I-20 Animal Medical Center has heeded the call, helping these rescued pets find good homes launching a Facebook ad campaign to help bring attention to these pets finding a permanent place to stay.

Boardroom Director: New Book for Film & Video Students Rolls Tape on Lucrative Opportunities in Corporate Video Production.

When picturing filmmaking, the likes of Spielberg, Scorsese, Tarantino and Bigelow often spring to mind. However, with the major Hollywood studios churning out only two hundred and fifty motion pictures a year, finding the Hollywood limelight isn’t easy for the one million students enrolled annually in a film or video production course. Offering '100 Latest Sales' Feature, the official site of website realty group Gary Hennes Realtor, now includes a section dedicated to displaying the 100 Latest Sales of South Florida properties. The new listing can be accessed on the site’s homepage, just below high resolution photo slideshow.

75 Unique Wedgie Stories Revealed in New Book

The best wedgie stories guaranteed to make you laugh are revealed in a new book called “Wedgie Stories: 75+ Fun Filled Wedgie Stories” by Josh Newman. The book launched on

AMD Inc. Introduces the Only Corrosion-Proof Material for Industrial Construction

AMD Inc. introduces FRP grating (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) as the only industrial material that is guaranteed to withstand corrosion and impact damages for industrial constructions. AMD Inc. guarantees to provide only the highest quality of FRP in the market. This ISO 9002 certified company manufactures various types of high-grade FRPs that suit all types of industrial requirements, facilities and solutions.

NourTek Solutions Announces Latest Mobile App Development Service in Dallas

NourTek Solutions, a leading App Developer in Dallas known for using cutting edge technology to develop innovative mobile applications, announces the latest Mobile App Development service in Dallas. This includes creating apps that are compatible with all platforms whether desktops or mobile phones including the development of mobile optimized websites. The company is dedicated to ensuring enhanced business productivity to customers by using the best of web and mobile technologies.

Customers Enjoy over Two Decades of Auto Shop Competence and Expertise

LogoAn auto body shop that is dedicated to commitment in terms of quality and care is a rare sight to find especially in a market ruled with competition. Business owners today believe in profit maximization and in this pursuit, often ignore core service values. One company though which manages to take on a non-materialistic approach and stay true to its promise is WHITAKERS Auto Body & Paint, a family owned company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Self Managed Superannuation WA Launches New Services

Managing funds is very important in business and professions. Specialized finance professionals are appointed for that that is busy managing funds. As they say money saved is money earned. Funds if managed properly can multiply our returns.  In self managed superannuation Australia we do not need another person to manage our money. We can do it on our own. It is an online process. You need not be computer or net savvy to do this. Thanks to this creative world, it has made everything within our reach. We need not take external help in such crucial and personal matter. This online process enables us to save our transaction time and money. This activity is done once in a financial year.

IDX Broker Platinum: Built for the Future of Mobile

More and more people are using mobile devices as their primary Internet browsing method. Current and future generations of homebuyers are impatient, so creating an engaging mobile experience with a fluid mobile user experience is essential for your real estate website.

NEO Network Is Now Offering Their Revolutionary Money-Making Program for Free

An online community composed of some of the world’s top online marketers has just made an announcement that will greatly benefit all the struggling marketers on the internet. Word has it that the people behind NEO Network have decided to share their revolutionary new program for free to all struggling online marketers. According to the members of the NEO Network, the said program will be offered free for the first three months. After the free trial period, new members will have to pay $100 each for the group marketing campaigns in order to build the entire team. This is by far good news for people who want to know how to make money from home, as they can now get to join a plethora of new lucrative opportunities to earn money through the internet as a global team. If you are interested in joining this community, navigate to

Cool Business Ideas for the Right Minded Individual

People who live in large cities and are pet owners realize the necessity of cleaning up after their dogs.  This is a necessary, but often less than desirable, duty.  For the right minded individual, this is one of a few cool business ideas .

Eight Years Later, the Novel That Predicted Fort Hood Continues to Warn

LogoIn the spring of 2005,bestselling author Don Brown saw the release of his breakout novel, TREASON (Zondervan/Harper Collins ISBN 0310259339 ). Little did he know that in four short years, fictionalized events predicted by the novel would become sobering reality.