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Star-Filled ANTI-ABORTION Film Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The script for THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 is ready, the Hollywood cast is set, and the location selected. The only thing missing is the film’s budget and that's where crowdfunding comes into play. Kenneth Del Vecchio – an acclaimed filmmaker of 20+ movies that star several Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, best-selling author, and former Judge – has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the film’s funding through ANTI-ABORTION supporters. THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 is the star-filled sequel to its highly provocative predecessor, The Life Zone The Life Zone, distributed through Screen Media Films and NBC/Universal, was a groundbreaking film – as the first Hollywood-cast movie to head-on send a PRO-LIFE message. It’s method in doing so attracted hundreds of thousands of media reports, blogger attacks, and even resulted in Del Vecchio’s life being threatened. What was all the controversy about? The Life Zone – starring Robert Loggia (Academy Award nominee; Scarface), Lindsey Haun (“True Blood”), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), Angela Little (American Pie Bandcamp), and Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles) – follows three women who have been kidnapped from abortion clinics and held for seven months, up until they all give birth. Cutting right down the middle of the hotly debated issue, The Life Zone examines the topic of abortion from both sides but, as The Los Angeles Times reports, The Life Zone is “a psychological thriller bringing an emphatically anti-abortion slant to the hot-button issue. “The Colbert Report” adds, “Just like all great horror films, Del Vecchio’s movie has a shocking twist.” And The Daily Beast headlined with “The Life Zone has caused an uproar”. THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 will pick up where the first film left off, with continued emphasis on life—and with enough twists and turns to keep audiences glued to their seats. Here’s what happens: Those who held the women have been arrested, admitting to their deeds. They have been brought to trial, and now the jury deliberates their fate. The kidnappers had video-taped the entire seven months that the women were held. In essence, during the trial the jurors had something presented to them that is so rare in the criminal justice system: they were able to watch the entire alleged crime as it unfolded…And what they ultimately learned – and will discuss in their deliberations – is that everyone involved in The Life Zone (even two of the supposed kidnapped women) were conspirators in the alleged offense…Only one woman had actually been kidnapped…All the others were caught and tried…But did they actually commit a crime by holding this one woman for seven months – and saving the baby’s life?... All jurors immediately vote guilty—except one…What ensues is a jury room battle, where the lone juror tries to convince the others that no crime has been committed. That life was preserved and that there would be no justice in convicting those who held her. It’s a daunting task because the others believe that the law is cut and dry. There was indeed a kidnapping…But is holding one against her will – in order to save another’s life - actually a crime? THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 examines this incredibly divisive issue…And, of course, there is a shocking twist ending. Both films have a singular critical goal: to help end abortion, the greatest evil facing the world today. The films’ writer/producer Kenneth Del Vecchio has stated, “We don’t believe that pro-choice individuals are evil; the vast majority are just misguided. People often equate legality with morality. When something is legal, people believe it is okay. But abortion is as wrong as it gets. Hollywood and filmmakers haven’t – at all – met their obligation to produce pro-life movies; in fact, there are close to zero who have embraced this side of the topic. I’m not afraid of the brush back from the masses in Hollywood who disagree with me or the fanatics.”

The Warrenswork Collection Launched to Inspire Digital Art Enthusiasts with Color, Form and Hope

Walking out a dream he’s long since been acquainted with, digital artist Warren Lynn launches his heartfelt art to a broad audience. Bringing his fan base a new appreciation for abstract digital art Lynn also brings a lifetime of passion to his Warrenswork Collection. Combining a sense of layered detail, color, abstract form and hopeful intent the digital artist inspires onlookers with the same forward-thinking approach that presently redefines his life.

First Potomac Realty Trust (NYSE:FPO) Investor Alert: Investigation Into Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation for current long-term investors in shares of First Potomac Realty Trust (NYSE:FPO) over potential wrongdoing by certain officers and directors of First Potomac Realty Trust was announced and NYSE:FPO stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation at

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAWW) Investor Investigation Announced

LogoAn investigation for current long-term investors in shares of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAWW) over potential wrongdoing by certain officers and directors of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. was announced and current long-term NASDAQ:AAWW stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation at mail at

NYSE:VPG Long Term Investor Alert: Investigation of Vishay Precision Group Inc Announced

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term stockholders of shares Vishay Precision Group Inc (NYSE:VPG) was announced concerning whether certain Vishay Precision Group officers and directors possibly breached their fiduciary duties in connection with certain statements.

Pinehurst Golf Home REALTOR (R) Bill Brock Is His Firm's Top Producer for the First Quarter 2013

Bill Brock, CRS, ABR, and a licensed REALTOR (R) in North Carolina, was recently named the top producer for his firm for the first quarter of 2013. Brock, who also has an exclusive listing for a Pinehurst golf front home, specializes in helping clients buy or sell homes throughout Moore Country. Brock works in the Southern Pines office of Prudential Gouger O’Neal and Saunders.

Gossimer Extends Best Web Hosting Services for SMEs at Affordable Rates

The Florida online businesses looking for a credible web hosting service seem to have the ideal portal to go for- Gossimer, the leading Florida based web hosting company has announced to provide best web hosting service for the small and medium scale businesses online. The company assured affordable rates as well.

Elle a Bites Debuts Products at Beverly Hills Williams-Sonoma Artisans' Market

Thanks to the popularity of Elle A Bites online sales, the Los Angeles-based confectionary is making its treats available in retail stores and specialty markets across Southern California.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market Worth $7.4 Billion by 2017 at a CAGR of 24.6%

LogoAccording to a new market report, “Global Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Market (Delivery Technologies, Hardware, Analytics, Monitoring, Encoding, Transparent Caching, DRM, CMS, OVP) – Trends, Geographical Analysis & Worldwide Market Forecasts (2012 – 2017)”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the total CDN market is expected to reach $7.4 billion by 2017 with a CAGR of 24.6%.

The Social Media Cure: 4-Year-Old Takes Cancer Fight to Facebook

Four-year-old Jayden Roll is like any other young girl; playful, energetic and in the prime of her formative years. However, unlike most children her age, Jayden is living with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and requires an urgent stem cell transplant in order to stay alive. As a twenty-first-century child, Jayden does have one thing on her side; the power of social media.

Teddy Bear Stuffing: Inspiring Children's Book Seeks to Nourish Young Minds with Appreciation for Life

While Mark Ensel was unable to play sports or climb trees as a child, his unique perspective developed a rich love for life. Wanting today’s children to enjoy the same appreciation, Ensel is delighted to announce his first published book.

London Laser Clinic Offers Discounted Hair Removal for April

Pulse Light Clinic have been offering laser treatment since 2002, the clinics staff have a lot of experience in various laser treatments and procedures including hair removal. Laser hair removal offers long-term, usually permanent results because unlike traditional hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving it actually destroys the hairs root preventing it from regrowing. Has a New Version to Accomodate Daycare Businesses with EZPayCheck 2013 Software

LogoDaycare business owners have more important matters to tend to other than processing payroll. Paying employees accurately and on time is essential. This is why has released the new version of its popular ezPaycheck payroll software, which enable small businesses to process payroll taxes, print paychecks and file tax forms easily and smoothly, making time for the more critical business matters.

Freedom800 Announces Updated Packages for Toll Free Numbers to Suit Any Business Need

LogoToll-free numbers are known for helping businesses regardless of their size and type establish credibility with consumers. In fact, 86% of customers associate toll free numbers with quality products and services. Providing customers with 800 numbers as a contact option, customers enjoy convenience and quick response.

Obtain in-Depth Knowledge About DUI Law with DUI Law Firm's New Blog

DUI Law Firm, under the supervision of its highly experienced DUI lawyer Varn Chandola, has recently introduced a new blog with an aim to provide clients with the in-depth knowledge of DUI law and how to defend if caught.

Centaur: New Suspense Series Uses Magic of Storytelling to Fuse Dark Innocence with Alluring Quirk

Making it clear that she is a storyteller and not an author, H. E. Fairbanks’ ‘Sterling Suspense’ series proves the compelling differences between both definitions. Dragging readers deep into a world of sex slavery, FBI intervention and a witch hunt with the ultimate prey – the series’ first volume is resonating with readers around the world.

Five Dentists Win Prestigious American Web Design Awards

LogoCurtis Group Dental Marketing, an innovative company leading the way in dental practice marketing, received eight award certificates from Graphic Design USA honoring five of their dental clients' Internet entities (websites, social media pages, etc.). Three of the dental clients won two awards.

Renowned Greek Olive Oil by Elea Now in Stock at Spartan Health Foods

Spartan Health Foods, a proud distributor and wholesaler of the very renowned Elea ® Extra Virgin Olive Oil , has now made available a limited stock of Organic EVOO Classic Gold Limited. The 1L bottle of this meticulously selected Greek olive oil costs only $18.95 and can be purchased from Spartan Health Foods online store or from its outlets across Australia.

Altamonte Springs Chiropractor Now Offers Effective Joint Pain Relief Injections

Dr. Erik Roach of Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine is now offering Sarapin shots.  Sarapin is an aqueous solution of soluble salts from the plant Sarraceniaceae a (Pitcher Plant) that is usually used for the treatment of many painful syndromes such as back pain, occipital headaches, sciatic leg pain, numbness and/or tingling into the arms and legs. Fibromyalgia is something that is also treated very effectively. Dr. Roach could be considered an Orlando knee specialist because of the specialized treatments he uses. Sarapin’s effectiveness comes from its ability to initiate the body’s own natural healing process.

Golden Valley Natural Debunks Popular Snacks on New Jerky Blog

Golden Valley Natural’s new blog, What’s the Beef?, reveals the truth about America’s favorite snacks and pushes its All Natural and Organic jerky products as healthier snack options.

New, Living Alchemical Language Born Within the Pages of Sensational New Book Trilogy: The Sacred Quest: An Epic Story of Myth, Magic and Destiny

Exciting, new, internationally acclaimed British author, A.K. Luthienne bursts onto the literary scene with sensational epic story of myth, magic and reclaimed destiny: The Sacred Quest. Highlights Essence of Second Opinion on Neurological Issues with Online Medical Advice Massachusetts Services

When diagnoses on serious medical conditions are revealed, it is not uncommon for patients to seek second opinion on the matter. Second opinions for neurological conditions, for one, are a valuable resource for people who either want to confirm their conditions or are weighing their treatment options. Offers Mignon 2013 Collection at Affordable Prices, the online portal of Net Fashion Avenue, is offering its customers with Mignon 2013 collection. Mignon is known for dresses that are innovative and luxurious. Dress offers intricate beadwork, accented necklines with glittering crystals and sequins and fabric that flows and turns with every step a woman takes on or off the red carpet.

Hydrojet Inc. Now Located in a New 40,000 Square Foot Facility

LogoHydrojet Inc. offers customers advanced capabilities in machining, waterjet cutting, tooling manufacturing, and engineering. Now, Hydrojet is located in a new 40,000 square foot facility just northwest of Philadelphia in Reading, PA. The new facility is equipped with industry leading machinery and the staff is able to provide customers with the most suitable solution. The size and advanced technology of the new facility allows for Hydrojet Inc. to provide customers with cost efficient solutions and prototypes. Offers Solar Leasing, Helps Homeowners and Businesses Make an Energy Efficient Choice

Central California Solar is currently offering a solar leasing option with a $0 down payment, which can enable homeowners and businesses to make an environmentally friendly and energy efficient choice, while saving money every month. Central California Solar, one of the premier solar installers in the Central Valley and Fresno, is also offering free installation of the solar systems. Other than substantial reduction in monthly electric bills utilization of solar has other incentives such as Cash Rebates, reduced Property Tax, a 30% Federal Tax Credit, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and many others.

The Philly Loft Co. Now Offering Lofts for Small and Large Budgets

LogoPhilly Loft Co. is currently offering residences at six different locations throughout the historic city of Philadelphia. The properties rented and sold through Philly Loft Co. are located in many of the city’s most attractive neighborhoods. Philly Loft Co. properties offer residents a sense of historic nostalgia along with the modern allure today’s city dwellers often seek. However, many prospective clients fear the cost of city living may be too high. On the contrary, other clients believe they will not be able to find a sizeable property within the city. Now, Philly Loft Co. is offering lofts for both small and large budgets in order to meet every residents needs.

Leading SEO Services Provider, Guarantees Google Top 10 Ranking Within 90 Days

Market Leader SEO, a company dedicated in providing various SEO and internet marketing services, is now offering a money back guarantee on ranking a website in Top 10 of Google search engine results corresponding to required keywords within 90 days. The company informed that their highly experienced team and advance SEO techniques enables them to rank websites very high in search engines and gain immense traffic. Market Leader SEO also provides a fixed upfront pricing based on the keywords requested to create transparent relations with their clients.