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Glass West Partners with Sacramento Habitat for Humanity to Rehabilitate Local Home

Glass West, a Sacramento area glass and screen repair company, recently partnered with the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate a home located at 3449 Western Ave in Sacramento, CA. To assist with the effort, Glass West donated 10 Milgard Low-E Windows and one Milgard glass door. Glass West chose to donate the Milgard Low-E windows in support of the Habitat for Humanity’s energy efficiency goals. “We’ve been in business in Sacramento since 1995, so we fully understand the importance of window efficiency in a rehabilitation project. We chose the Milgard Low-E windows because of their high quality and excellent efficiency ratings,” said David Blake, owner of Glass West. Explains How a Great Facility Helps in Eliminating Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the worst known social problems all throughout the world. It can ruin a home, a society even a country all in just a single use. An individual addicted to drugs has a ruined perception and often leads to incorrect decision-making and may ruin someone’s life. It is a complex disorder that involves almost everything the addicted person loves and gives importance to such as career, family and money.

Inspectors for Mold Testing in St. Petersburg Make Life Easier for Residents

If anyone has been neglecting the presence of mold in their buildings, homes or any commercial place, it is time to act. Mold may appear harmless but it is quite the opposite. Some species of mold could be very dangerous for humans as well as pets, plants and even objects. Sometimes, it can also be fatal. One of the most dangerous species is the black mold. Every body is advised to notify concerned agencies if any black mold is seen near living areas.

Mold Testing in Jersey City Ensures Safety for Denizens

Though private home owners and commercial owners do the best to keep their places clean and hygienic, mold might still invade in hordes. This is due to the fact that mold is an organism that can adapt in any area. Especially, if it finds any damp and cold place, it can stay alive for a long time. In the beginning, it seems harmless. But if objects and humans are exposed for a continuous period of time, situation may become bad. Hence, nobody should overlook this fact. If any mold like substance is discovered anywhere near a living space, concerned authorities need to be notified.

Online Store Dressthat Launches Great Discounts on Its Homecoming Dresses

Dressthat, a famous wholesale online shopping store for wedding dresses and special occasion dresses, launches a great discount, up to 56% off, on its homecoming dresses.

New Book Teaches Updated Social Media Marketing Strategies

Small blogs and websites with limited content are failing. Niche websites focused on one or two keywords have been shown the door by Google, but Doc Souza, author of "Power Broker: Dominate Social Media | Build Massive Authority | How To Start and Run A Profitable Online Micro Niche Forum," says he's cracked the code, and has found the strategies that anyone can use to dominate even a narrow marketing niche. Offers California's Premier Traffic Light Camera Ticket Dismissal Service

Fighting the infamous traffic light camera ticket in the State of California, and in most states for that matter, can be an exhausting process, not to mention costly and time-consuming. Most people simply are unable to afford paying the high ticket fines and the consequent insurance rate increases. Spending a day in court - and taking time off work for it - is not a walk in the park either.

Fiat to Launch the Hot Hatchback of Punto Abarth in India, Reports

Working hard towards revamping their image in India, Fiat India plans to launch one of their performance driven hatchbacks, Punto Abarth soon in India.

Pinnacle Strategies Announces ViewPoint Visual Project Management Workshop in Stavenger Norway May 29

Pinnacle Strategies is offering a highly interactive workshop for industry leaders to expand their understanding of Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma (TLS) as a method for continuous improvement and the fundamentals of Pinnacle Strategies’ ViewPoint for project execution.

IT's Time for One Can Get Free Stuff from Hunting4Freebies

The amount of items that one can get through the website of Hunting4Freebies is enormous and people are getting to know how to get these things and are definitely enjoying the free samples they receive.

A Response to Anton Drake from Reverend Ed Hird

Last week I wrote a press release to promote the new book Atheist Yoga by Anton Drake. As part of that press release, which can be found here, I conducted an interview with Mr. Drake, and one of the topics of discussion was a recent article by Reverend Ed Hird that centered on the idea that the practice of yoga is something unsuitable for Christians. Anton had read that particular article, and had several comments about it; Reverend Hird subsequently contacted me and requested a chance to offer a rebuttal, feeling that some of what he had said had been misconstrued.

Goodbye Kindergarten: Enchanting Keepsake Book Allows Children to Chronicle Their First Year of Education

While it may only be the first year of their education, Kindergarten marks a dramatic life change for all young children. With the rapid development of intellectual, creative and social skills, that first year marks a pivotal period in every child’s life. Thanks to a powerful new resource by Christopher Gates, every child can read a book that captures the kindergarten experience in a story, as well as give them the opportunity to chronicle their kindergarten days and create a keepsake that will last forever.

Everything Summer Camp Now Selling Horse Riding Gear for Girls

LogoEverything Summer Camp, a leading supplier of summer camp gear for kids is now selling horse riding gear for girls. The inventory at Everything Summer Camp includes helmets, tights, and paddock shoes.

Jobs with the Heaviest Employees

The most recent data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that workers from a number of industries, including transportation, manufacturing, repair and service industries were more far more likely to be obese, compared to doctors, business owners, teachers and other professionals who were least likely to have a body-mass index of 30 or over –which is the clinical definition of obesity.

HostArmor Is Now Offering a Wide Range of Innovative Features for Their Web Hosting Services

HostArmor, one of the leading providers in the web hosting service industry, has just introduced a wide array of new shared hosting features for their customers. Obviously, these new features were specifically designed to help their shared hosting users make the most out of their web hosting service. With these added features, shared hosting users for HostArmor will not only get 99.9 percent Network Uptime, but they also enjoy a plethora of other benefits.

Kitchen Remodeling Greatly Improves Home Sale Value in San Diego : HK Construction

HK Construction is advising San Diego area homeowners, particularly those desiring to sell their homes, that they should first consider updating or remodeling outdated rooms.

Mini Dental Implants: Are They the Cure for Denture Woes

Dental Implants have long been an option for those seeking a more permanent alternative to dentures. The only downside to full-size dental implants is the cost. Someone needing multiple dental implants could be facing dental care expenses amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. The surgery itself is also more painful and more invasive when standard implants are used. However, dentures tend to create a variety of uncomfortable issues when used alone. Yet they are a part of life for many Americans facing severe gum disease or tooth loss.

TuskBuffer Mammoth Ivory Guitar Picks by Darryn Waites

Around the time man graced the Earth, the Wooly Mammoth fell extinct. To this day, their bones and tusks still remain, and sometimes even total carcasses. Now comes a brilliant man named Darryn Waites, who has harnessed the beauty of this amazing creature, in a completely legal and totally ethical way, and turned it into something useful, original, and unique: TuskBuffer, the world’s most amazing guitar pick!

U.S. Woman Uses Writing to Reclaim a Life Shattered by Sexual Abuse, Cancer and Bad Decisions

A look back on Lillian Butele Kelle’s life paints a picture full of sorrow, defeat and pain. Having become victim to harsh abuse and stage three Throat Cancer, her options of both happiness and continued life were once slim. However, after answering her calling from God to write down her thoughts and feelings, Kelle’s story has been compiled into a life-saving book.

Insider London Shows There's More to Street Art Than Meets the Eye

Thought street art was all about spray cans? Think again. Insider London’s Street Art and Graffiti Tour shows visitors and Londoners alike that the art form can extend as far as Fimo, crochet, laser cut wood, sculpture, replica street signs, cross-stitch and much more.

Invitation Box Now Offers Discount on Party Invitations for Any Occasion for a Limited Time

A great invite lays the ground work about the mood and tone of the party in the people’s mind. A unique and creative invite will get the guests interested and excited about the upcoming event. offers one of the internet's widest selections of invitations, announcements, stationery products and gifts to make every occasion special, from brands highly trusted and well-known brands. Summer is here, and many people are already planning a pool party or a B.B.Q party. So why not make the event memorable and put the best foot forward by sending uniquely designed invites from to the invited guests.

SM Remarketing Announces Service to Buy Cheap Facebook Likes

LogoSM Remarketing announces a new service that allows users to buy cheap Facebook likes for businesses and individuals. There are three Facebook packages that are set from $19.95, $39.95 and $59.95 and contain different numbers of likes for posts.

New Minecraft Servers Listing Website Reaches over 100 Unique Servers This Week

LogoMinecraft Servers, a brand new listing website for Minecraft server owners is quickly gaining popularity. The company now has more than 100 unique servers… and counting, says Minecraft Servers marketing manager Jenny Stevens. “Our list is growing, and at present, we watch over 247 Minecraft Servers like Creeper Eagles.”

New Ways to Make Money Online in India Revealed

A while back one had to struggle in order to make money online in India. There was never really a well-trodden path when it came to making money from the internet. A couple of years back, the internet was ruled by skepticism and doubt. Nobody really wanted to take their chances and everybody who didn’t considered this idea a big gamble.

Dr. James J. Salz, Founder of Trusted Lasik Surgeons Writes Chapter on Managing Suction Loss Complications in All-Laser LASIK Surgery

LogoTrusted LASIK Surgeons is pleased to announce that its founder and CEO, Dr. James J. Salz has recently completed a book chapter on suction loss during LASIK in a soon to be published book entitled “Complications of Refractive Surgery: Case Studies” which has been edited by Dr. Jorge Alio and

Business Mouse Pads Printing Now Available from 4OVER4.COM

LogoTop online business printing firm 4OVER4.COM now provides businesses with high quality mouse pads printing featuring custom printable full-color premium mouse pads for businesses that are also easy to clean with stain-resistant design. 4OVER4.COM is a leading NY based provider of digital and offset printing services for businesses including label printing, shipping labels printing, mailing labels printing, large format printing and other custom business printing services.

Financial Advisor Talks About More Wealth Confiscation Coming in Europe

With so much going on in the economy, it can be hard to keep up with everything that is happening in the world today.