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PeopleChamps Launches to Offer Savvy Consulting Services for Gaming and Hospitality Industries

Who said 100 plus years of combined experience has to equal old hat ideas? Not the impressive team at the newly launched boutique consulting firm PeopleChamps. Staying relevant in the Gaming and Hospitality industries the new consulting firm brings a seasoned, high-energy approach to myriad services. Services include Executive Recruitment and Placement Services, Mentoring and Coaching, Organizational Development, HR and Training. More than just an Executive Search and HR firm PeopleChamps also works to streamline operations. They help with Tribal Development Programs as well as Casino and Resort Operations and Marketing. Guest Speaker Services are available as well. Leadership Development, Execu-Temps - or temporary executives - and Interim Management services round out the offerings PeopleChamps can provide.

ATTENTION: Investors in Shares of Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY): Lawsuit Filed to Halt the Takeover

An investor, who currently holds shares of Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY), filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of Annies Inc by General Mills, Inc at $46.00 per share.

ForexMinute Brings Exclusive Tools for Traders Helps Them Become Thorough Professional

True to its name, ForexMinute has been continuously providing global investors with every possible resource that is essential to assist them in learning how to trade forex. A recently published article by the news portal further discussed the important factors counted for successful Forex trading.

WebProNews Article Regarding Dish's Bid for Sprint Nextel, Blog Comments

On April 15, popular news and technology blog comments on a recent WebProNews article regarding leading Satellite-TV provider Dish Network Corporation's merger proposal to the Board of Directors of Sprint Nextel Corporation for $25.5 billion, upstaging the existing SoftBank proposal for $20.1 billion.

Dentists Livermore Announce Offer of FREE No-Obligation Consultation to All New and Existing Patients

The leading Livermore dentists, Pacific Dental Care & Fastbraces® announces their offer of a FREE no-obligation consultation to all new and existing patients. The free consultation offered is particularly helpful for people who are first time visiting a dentist for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants or any other dental treatment. Now, both current and new patients can request a free consultation with the dentists Livermore.

PhoneSearchr's Personal Caller ID System

Everybody with a phone may it be cellphones, landlines etc, may have experienced calls from unknown numbers. As there are no restrictions in making calls, many people may get calls from unknown numbers. Such calls may either be misdials or intended to annoy or play a prank on the person at the receiving end. Tracing the call and identifying the owners can be quite troublesome. Caters to Wholesale Jewelry Sale, the online jewelry store based in Bangkok, Thailand, sells wholesale jewelry to customers all around the world. The production wing of the company began in 2001 and the online development department began in 2003. Apart from the online store and jewelry factory, Bangkok925 also consists of a full-time technology department which is responsible for the e-commerce systems and distribution methods of the store. Currently, Bangkok925 does not have a walk-in store and conducts all its sales online. The company is expected to open a walk-in showroom very soon. Offers Whopping Discounts On Ulrich 1175 Drawerfile 3 Drawers 12x18 Bulk Storage with Lock, the premier source for Engineering, Measuring and Survey supplies, offers whopping discount on  Ulrich 1175 Drawer file 3 drawers 12x18 Bulk Storage with Lock. This storage box is a new addition in Blueprint Storage Boxes collection offered by the company.

AYP Rentals Offering Featured Vacation Rentals

AYP Rentals, a firm specializing in Miami Beach Vacation Rentals, is offering a number of featured vacation rentals that are listed in Each of the Miami Beach Vacation Rentals are expressly suited for extended stays. The website’s blog section provides more details:

Lilian Designs Receives Five-Star Rating from

Lilian Designs, a Miami company specializing in high-quality customized wedding invitations, has received a five-star rating from, the largest online directory of wedding-related vendors. This is the maximum score attainable, and represents a total of 28 reviews. Many of the testimonials offered considerable praise, as seen in the following samples:

Nathan Kimmel Company Prizes Relationship as Magliner Dealer in Southern California

LogoMagline National Sales Manager Bill Joseph recently commented, “Nathan Kimmel Company is a valued Magline partner in a key metropolitan market. Carol Kimmel Schary is a sharp operator who has a uniquely intuitive sense concerning next steps for her business and remains on the front edge of change.”

Robotics Tomorrow Highlights Interview with John Hayes of Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks

LogoRobotics Tomorrow recently featured how Seegrid robots create jobs and help move workers to better, higher paying, fulfilling, and safer jobs, according to John Hayes, National Account Manager for Seegrid. The robotic industrial truck leader was recently interviewed by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain. The video topic was Robots in the Warehouse: A Progress Report. Hayes explained how to eliminate risk by automating portions of a company's operation with simplistic automation.

Payroll Software EzPaycheck 2013 Updated to Support Flexible Deductions

LogoFlexible deductions are no longer an issue for customers of EzPayCheck payroll software. has just released an update to payroll software for businesses and accountants who need more customized deduction options. EzPaycheck supports Federal tax, state tax, social security tax, medical tax, unemployment tax automatically. Due to many requests from customers, the new version payroll program can now support up to 7 custom deduction fields, allowing it to easily to handle city taxes, county taxes, SDI, occupation tax, flexible account and garnishment deduction.

Harlem Pride Town Hall Meeting Series Present with All the Information out There, Why Are Our Numbers Still UP?

LogoIn light of the alarming increase in the rates of HIV infection in same gender loving people of color, we’re holding a town hall discussion to explore why this is happening in our communities. We will explore clinical research, social, and behavioral factors. Our discussion will focus on what all this means for our community and how we can empower ourselves to intervene on our own behalf. The Event Will Be Held Friday, May 10, 2013 from 6PM to 10PM Columbia University Medical Center Alumni Auditorium, 630 West 168th Street, William Black Building (between Broadway & Fort Washington Avenue) The Event Is Open To The Public - FREE Admission - Catered Reception Will Follow

Gold Dipped Roses That Are Perfect for Mother's Day Are Available from Company Golden Key Roses

Golden Key Roses, an online retailer that features beautiful gold dipped roses, has just relaunched for business. The timing of the recent launch could not be any better; with Mother’s Day just around the corner, people who would like to present the special mom in their lives with a gold rose will find just what they are looking for on the website.

God's Smoking Gun: Ground-Breaking Book from LaFenus Jennings Exposes Flawed Religious Doctrines Concerning Israel and the Middle East

From the New World Order to Israel’s supposedly special treatment by God; a number of long-standing doctrines are of constant debate and confusion to the Christian world. In his latest book, LaFenus Jennings both explains and exposes a myriad of such beliefs.

Cambridge Fence Services Launches New Website

Cambridge Fence Services launched a new Website on March 11, 2013 and has enjoyed improving website traffic to its home page, image gallery, and blog at:

Spruce Grove Orthodontist Dr. Hussain Offers Invisible Bridal Braces

Spring has officially arrived, bringing along with it the commencement of wedding season. To help celebrate the occasion, Spruce Grove orthodontist Dr. Hussain is offering special pricing for engaged couples looking to align and perfect their grins before their wedding day. The bridal package includes Invisalign treatment and a take-home, professional-grade whitening kit to ensure a sparkling smile long after the vows are exchanged.

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff Delivers Innovative Dental 3D X-Ray Imaging and Implants-in-the-Sinus Procedures

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, Queens Periodontist and Dental Implant Specialist for more than 30 years and Valedictorian of SUNY at Stony Brook Dental School 1980, offers a new technique that can help patients get dental implants who would not normally be candidates. The technique: sinus grafting with 3D cat-scan “Cone-Beam” innovative imaging, allows implants to be placed in patients with minimal bone and who are hesitant to undergo major sinus grafting procedures. In the late ‘80s, Dr. Fialkoff took one of the first courses on dental implants at a time when few dentists were aware of implants or that it was being done successfully in Sweden. He learned the latest techniques, which he brought back to his Queens office. Since that time Dr. Fialkoff has offered this vital, life-changing procedure.

FootieFunder Announces Its Funding for Football Projects

There are a number of talented players and individuals who go unnoticed due to lack of funding. Football, the most celebrated sport in the world and the football talent goes disregarded because of funding problems and unavailability of proper resources.

Sporty Funder Is a Global Platform to Finance Sports Projects

SportyFunder is a new online platform launched with an objective to bring together all sports enthusiasts to raise money for sports projects or any other sporting activities. SportyFunder functions behind a simple idea – to provide financial backing to any type of sporting activities around the world.

Magician Drew Thomas Invites People to the World of Illusion and Fantasy

LogoEveryone like fantasy coming in their life some way or other and what better way there could be than drawn into a world of illusion with a mesmerizing magician waving his or her wands.

Products Seen on Television, Know More About Them at

More and more companies are making use of television to promote their products to the public. shows the different reviews of so many products that are seen on the television for the public to have more knowledge about those products.

Upscale Mom Founder, Sarah Tamilarasan, Receives the Coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal for Her Creation, the Windel

LogoSarah Tamilarasan, founder of Upscale Mom, has received the prestigious Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Media, Inc. seal of approval for her innovative creation, the Windel. The chic and stylish invention is a wall-mounted cabinet for baby items that incorporates a baby wipe dispenser with a 16x20 picture frame.

Somebody Help! Life-Changing New Book Empowers Big Spenders & Sloppy Savers to Take Charge of Their Money

M.O Ward (Buddy) and Judy K. Ward have an ingenious analogy to represent their new personal finance book. Using the image of a jig saw puzzle and comparing it to people’s feelings about their money, they illustrate the overwhelming confusion and frustration many feel in trying to put together their financial picture to the difficulty you would have if you tried to put together a jig saw puzzle without having any straight edge pieces to frame the puzzle or without having a box cover picture to guide you in connecting the pieces. It’s an entirely-serious comparison to the financial illiteracy that is crippling the United States with no end in sight.

Firefly: Gripping Novel Depicts History's Little-Told Story of Women at War

While paintings and movies showcase the torrent of men who put their lives on the line during the Civil War, few recognize and tell the story of the four hundred women who fought as men on both sides of the conflict. One hundred and fifty years later, author Whitney Elizabeth Hamilton is bringing this little-told story out of the dark and into the public’s spotlight.

Everybody Dies [The Movie]: Macabre Comedy Novel Examines Alluring Obstacles to Lasting Peace & Happiness

If anybody knows TV/film production and direction inside out, it is New Orleans’ George R. Blow. With heaps of writing experience and an extensive background with the nation’s third-largest communications corporation, his skills have been uniquely fused for the publication of his latest novel.