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Raw Attraction Magazine Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Bring Empowerment & Truth to Men & Women in Relationships

The founder of Raw Attraction Magazine Steve Burford believes that a truthful conversation between men and women can lead to true empowerment. Over the last two years, Raw Attraction has showcased several thought leaders from fields such as relationships, dating, sensuality, sexuality, and many more.

Introducing Nightmares Haunted House: Chicago's Latest Haunted Attraction Is Perfect for Hosting an Event Outing for Groups

Nightmares Haunted House, Chicago’s latest and hottest destination is pleased to announce that it is offering a limited time period opportunity for the residents of Chicago to come and enjoy the best haunted house experience in the area for a highly discounted ticket price of $10 (general admission) and $9 (each for a group of 3 individuals) throughout the month of October.

Mitchell Roberts Offers High Quality Silk Ties Online

Ties can never go out of fashion and wearing it to work, formal dinners, and business parties is still in vogue. Tie makes an individual look presentable and completes the attire of any men. Sporting the right color, pattern and choosing a superior quality is very important to leave a lasting impression.

Renault Duster 4X4 to Strike Indian Roads Soon Reports, India’s leading online portal for posting the particulars about used and new cars delivers a detailed analysis on the latest launch from Renault. It also analytically reviews the features of the car as Renault’s initiative has already made other car makers to jump the bandwagon and make a foray into the segment.

Australia Awards Grants Filipinos Postgraduate Scholarships

Passionate Filipinos who wish to pursue Master’s and PhD degrees in Australia will have the opportunity to do so through Australia Awards Scholarships.

Ankaka Launches Creative Solar Gadgets USB Solar Panel Power Battery Charger Tree with 10 Connectors

Solar gadgets Wholesaler Ankaka Releases New USB Solar Charger Tree with 10 Connectors.This New USB Solar Battery Charger Tree is a device that is used to charge mobile devices using the energy obtained from the sun. It takes a tree shape, measuring an amazing 63*88*123 mm, which is very easy to bring along on travels.

Medora Centre: Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgical Procedure Provider

Undeniably, cosmetic surgery is one of the most sought services nowadays especially that people do not take for granted their physical appearance anymore. In Singapore, cosmetic surgical procedures are not something new.

Foreign Unique Marketing Launched New Product Range

Foreign Unique Marketing has proven its credibility and expertise in the business, having operated for more than 14 years now. Gaining the experience in the said industry for more than a decade, they have achieved good reputation and offer the best quality products, low costs, prompt delivery, and exceptional customer service. They are also known for giving the clients excellent advice with regard to their requests. All that was achieved with thorough training and knowledge.

Medora Centre Dealing with Aging with the Use of Affirm Multiplex from US

In the present world of cosmetology, Affirm Multiplex is considered as the most dependable solution for managing the manifestations of aging. These manifestations had been a difficult task to handle in the medical field since normal clinical procedures were not successful in dealing with age-related signs and symptoms.

Affirm Multiplex Procedure Offered by Medora Medical Centre in Singapore

Normal medical procedures have not been successful enough to handle effectively the various signs of aging such as stretch marks, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation. This has been a hard struggle in the field of medicine.

Signature Weddings Asia - an Online Friendly Wedding Portal for Brides and Grooms

A Wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life and as soon as the girl answered “yes” to the question “will you marry me?” wedding preparations may take place. Wedding preparations nowadays are more detailed and lots of things are needed to be considered. It could be fun, exciting and quite stressful. Planning your special day will take time but you need not fret about because Signature Weddings Asia could help making your dream wedding come true. Signature Weddings is one of the Asia’s leading online wedding guide for the future brides and grooms. The website aims to provide helpful ideas, insights and topics about weddings. It even features several stories which could be a source of inspiration for you for proposals and engagements. The site for Signature Weddings Asia includes stories of couple having had their wedding in church, in the garden and on the each beach; there are even out of the country weddings.

Small Business Featured on Good Day Sacramento for Youtube Video

LogoOrangevale residents and business owners Krystle and Scott McConnell were ecstatic when they received a request to appear on the popular morning show Good Day Sacramento in late January. Good Day Sacramento anchor Cody Stark invited the McConnell’s company, Lake Appliance Repair, to discuss their acclaimed YouTube music video parody of the radio hit “Glad You Came” by The Wanted. “Cody’s recognition of our video created so much buzz that we actually received calls from customers saying that they saw us on the news,” says Krystle, owner of Lake Appliance Repair. The McConnells have owned and operated the Orangevale-based company since 2004, and are just now exploring the benefits of using social media to generate local business.

Real Dose Nutrition and Its Weight Loss Formula Promise a Stellar 2013; Releases a Detailed Product Review of This Popular Natural Fat Burner

LogoWeight loss and fat burn remain one of the top consumer products in today's retail market, likely because of the emphasis this culture places on image. The result has been a flood of weight loss supplementation onto the market, which makes a purchase decision all the more difficult for sincere weight loss discerners. goes over the RealDose Nutrition weight loss supplement, Weight Loss Formula No. 1, with a fine tooth comb, in a review released today.

Truth About Cellulite by Joey Atlas Claims to Know Key to Eliminating Leg Dimples; Releases Review

LogoAfter exposing the motives behind the invention of the word "cellulite", Symulast founder Joey Atlas quickly goes on to delineate and expound upon what he calls the "5 Critical Keys" to killing cellulite.

TNT Metal & Recycling Now Recycling Catalytic Converters in Philadelphia This Spring 2013

The family and staff at TNT Metal & Recycling have a strong business focus on recycling catalytic converters in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, and their services are now available this spring 2013. For anyone who is restoring an old vehicle or is in need of a replacement, don’t ditch the old converter just yet. Take it to TNT Metal, and they will offer the best possible price for it. Many people don’t know that automotive converters contain metals that can be recycled, and they are usually unaware of how much they can be worth.

Fresh Water FACTORY Brings Awareness About the Value of Water

Water is one of our most precious resources and one that all life on earth needs to survive. It is also a resource that hundreds of millions of people on earth go without proper access to day after day. In some dry counties in landlocked areas, there are millions of people who have to walk miles just to carry back this necessary commodity for a day's usage. To add to this issue, fresh water on earth is a resource that is becoming more scarce with the advent of ‘water wars’ a strong possibility within the next 15 years.

Provillus Is for Hair Loss Prevention and Re-Growth; Releases a Review

LogoThere is no way around it - a balding head is unattractive in a culture which will always value hair as a physical asset! If a man or woman's hair has begun to fall out, the surest way to continue this trend is to do nothing. The hard truth is that if a person does nothing about thinning hair, they will inevitably begin to be seen as less and less attractive. Sad but true.

ITOPSEO - SEO Company Provides Internet Marketing Services for Online Brand Promotion

ITOPSEO is a leading online marketing agency to help clients promote their businesses on the internet. With the number of internet users reaching 7,017,846,922 as of June 30th 2012, more and more businesses are making their way to the World Wide Web to grab the attention of prospective customers. But it keeps getting tougher and tougher with the ongoing competition, quality standards, pricing and other factors which makes customers prefer to have the best deals at minimal rates. Almost 7 million websites boasting of small and average sized businesses have popped up in the last 15 years which makes website's visibility chances low. Thankfully, ITOPSEO comes to the rescue of online brands and businesses to attract attention of the masses with its up to date SEO trends and social marketing strategies.

Neurological Wellness Center Physicians Group Asks CBS to Air the 60-Minute Show "a New Shot at Life" in the United States

LogoThe 14-minute segment that aired on 60 Minutes Australia features a man, Charlie Giales, with severe Alzheimer’s receiving a perispinal injection of the drug Enbrel. Within minutes of receiving this injection, Charlie regains his mental faculties.

Stocks Sparking Investors Interest : (OTCQB : GNIN), (OTCQB : FMCC)

Green Innovations Ltd. (OTCQB: GNIN) stock is at $1.24, up 7.83 percent from its previous close of $1.15. However, its today’s volume of 3.431 million shares is higher than its usual trading volume of 3.079 million shares. The stock opened the session at $1.26 and touched its highest price point at $1.37. Green Innovations Ltd’s lowest price point for the session stood at $0.38. The stock’s MACD chart shows bullish trend in the short term. Its first support level is at $1.20.

Trend Analysis Reports on Top Moving Penny Stocks: (OTC Pink: SKTO), (OTC Pink: CCRY)

SK3 Group Inc. (OTC Pink: SKTO) traded in the range of $0.02 and $0.04 during its latest trading session. The stock had opened at $0.04 and is currently at $0.0362, down 12.77 percent from its previous close of $0.04. SK3 Group recorded the volume of 5.662 million shares, significantly higher than its average daily trading volume, thus showing bearish trend. The stock has overall bearish trend as per its MACD chart and the stock is likely to maintain the streak. It is also trading below its 20 days SMA and 50 days SMA.

Talon International&Petrosonic Energy Analysis Reports: (OTCQB: TALN), (OTCQB: PSON)

Talon International Inc. (OTCQB: TALN) opened at $0.10 and oscillated in the range of $0.08 and $0.15 in the latest trading session. It is currently at $0.10, up 63.70 percent from its previous close of $0.06. Talon International Inc. shows bullish trend and the stock’s first resistance level is at $0.12. Upon breaching this level, the stock may touch $0.13. On the downside, it may slip to $0.08. The stock has made a strong up move with above average trading volume of 2.010 million shares, indicating bullish trend.


Glu Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ: GLUU) stock is at $3.09, up 8.72 percent from its previous close of $2.84. The stock opened the session at $2.98 and touched its highest price point at $3.18. Glu Mobile stock’s lowest price point for the session stood at $2.92. The stock is likely to maintain its bullish trend in the near term and medium term.

First Niagara Financial Group&MGM Resorts International News: (NASDAQ: FNFG), (NYSE: MGM)

First Niagara Financial Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FNFG) stock is at $8.86, up 2.02 percent from its previous close of $8.68. Its latest trading volume has been recorded at 5.874 million shares, which is higher than its average daily trading volume of 4.189 million shares. The stock has made up movement with unusually high volume and thus confirms bullish trend. The stock is likely to go up to $9.05 level in the coming trading sessions.

Today's Market Active Stocks: (NYSE: S), (NYSE: HIG)

Sprint Nextel Corp (NYSE: S) stock is at $6.28, up 0.72 percent from its previous close of $6.23. Its latest trading volume has been recorded at 16.610 million shares, in contrast to the average daily trading volume of 36.834 million shares. The stock opened the session at $6.23 and touched its highest price point at $6.33, which is also its 52 weeks high. Sprint Nextel stock’s lowest price point for the session stood at $6.22.

Trading Commentary On: (OTCQB: AAMRQ), (NYSE: CX)

AMR Corporation (OTCQB: AAMRQ) opened at $3.44 and oscillated in the range of $3.41 and $3.52 in the latest trading session. It is at $3.49, up 2.65 percent from its previous close of $3.40. AMR Corporation shows bullish trend and the stock’s first resistance level is at $3.53. Upon breaching this level, the stock may touch $3.65. On the downside, it may slip to $3.35.

Penny Stocks Showing Gaining Momentum: (OTCQB: CGLD), (OTCQB: REDG)

Colorado Gold Mines Inc. (OTCQB: CGLD) is trading in the range of $0.04 and $0.07 during its latest trading session. The stock recorded the volume of 14.623 million shares, significantly higher than its average daily trading volume of 312,157 shares. Its upward movement accompanied by heavy volume shows bullish trend, which is further confirmed by its MACD and EMA charts.