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Coops and Cages Supports GlobalGiving Fundraising Project for Palomacy's Domestic Birds

From 6 a.m. until noon or until funds run out on March 18, 2015, donations made to Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions online through the charity fundraising website, GlobalGiving, will earn a bonus match. GlobalGiving aims to match donations of up to $1,000 per donor at 30%. Proceeds from the fundraising project will go towards Palomacy's expenses in providing veterinary care and placement services for domestic, unreleased doves and pigeons in the San Francisco Bay Area that would otherwise be euthanized. Coops and Cages, a pet enclosures retailer and strong supporter of pet welfare, encourages the animal-loving community to lend a hand to the cause and receive a bonus in return.

Atlanta Injury Attorney David Van Sant Named 2015 Georgia Super Lawyer

Alpharetta personal injury attorney David Van Sant, founder of Van Sant Law, LLC, has been listed as a Super Lawyer by the nationally-recognized attorney rating service Super Lawyers. In the past, Van Sant was listed as a 2014 Georgia Super Lawyer in addition to being named a Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Magline and Surrey Handling European Celebrate Fifteen Years of Partnership

LogoAndrea Horner, Magline Manager, noted the benefits of having a strong European partner, “Surrey Handling has provided a strong link to European customers for fifteen years. The service provided is second to none, and customers have grown to appreciate the product knowledge and market expertise that Surrey offers. They are an exceptional channel partner, and continue to provide the value added service that customers expect in today’s competitive business landscape.”

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Pradeep Sinha Announces Release of His New Website

As part of his commitment to provide patients with the latest in face and neck plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, Dr. Pradeep Sinha, a Board Certified Surgeon specializing in plastic surgery of the head and neck in Atlanta, proudly announces the release of a new user friendly website for patients to learn more about face and neck cosmetic and functional plastic surgery.

Teaser: MINI Just Released an App That Will Help People Find Love with Another MINI Cooper Fan

Team MINI is known for designing many interesting cars, and to a point, interesting apps that make driving just a little bit more fun. This time, MINI has come out with an app that may help you find a partner who has the same driving style than you. And to make sure that it is an app that is made solely for MINI fans, this app can only be used inside a MINI Cooper. The app is called Connect Us, and it's going to quite possibly revolutionize the way that car aficionados date.

A Step Above House Cleaning Now Offering Flexible Cleaning Schedules

LogoFor many years, the Japanese were known for having the longest work days, weeks, and months. However, more recent studies have shown that Americans are putting in more work hours than the Japanese. There is no debate about the lack of time Americans have in their busy schedules. That being said, A Step Above House Cleaning understands that many homeowners don’t have the time to properly maintain their home. Whether a house needs regular cleaning or simply several appointments throughout a year, A Step Above House Cleaning is now offering flexible scheduling options.

Grub and Tree Shrubs Taking Over? DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs Now Offering a Control Program

Spring is a beautiful time of year as the life of the greenery slowly comes back, and that beautiful green lawn finally gives the owner something to be proud of. However, some may not be so lucky when it comes to having that lustrous green looking golf course. With that being said, DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs has announced their turf grub and tree shrub program to have the lawn looking new in no time.

Newtown Party Rental Now Allows Customers to Make Party Rental Orders on Their Website

The warm weather is here, and many people who are throwing a party for a graduation, communion, birthday, or are planning a wedding, love to head outdoors where there is more space and fresh air t party. However, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, which is why renting a tent from Newtown Party Rental will be somewhat of an insurance policy, especially because the party must go on. Newtown Party Rental now allows customers browsing online to rent tents, tables, linens, chair rentals in Bucks County, etc. right online where they don’t even have to leave the couch.

Open Aire Affairs Now Providing Couples with Hip Rustic Elegance at the Ash Mill Farm

Looking for a rustic, vintage wedding but want more than décor, favors, and finishing touches? At The Ash Mill Farm, a couple will now be able to see what it means to have a country, rustic wedding with an elegant, yet very casual style from with the help of Open Aire Affairs. For those who love the great outdoors and are just looking for the perfect setting, this farm located in Holicong, PA in the spring and summer time will be truly whimsical. Open Aire Affairs is seeing more brides looking for unique venues and settings for an unforgettable experience.

The Lindenberger Group Offers Help with Employee Handbooks

LogoThe Lindenberger Group, an award-winning human resources consulting firm whose tri-state clients are in Bucks County, PA, Mercer County, NJ, and beyond, offers advice to organizations that need help with their employee handbooks. The importance of having and updating an employee handbook is absolutely essential.

New Fishing Show Takes over Florida Waters "Wranglers of the Sea"

"Wranglers of the Sea" is a hi-energy adventure show. Our goal is to take our viewers on an adventure and cultural expedition. Teaching conservation and preservation in each show.

6 AM Cure for Ugly Mondays That Start Sunday Night

LogoGreen Acupuncture and Med Spa opens the doors for appointments beginning at 6 A.M. for you to get what you need to help make the sale, get the raise and coordinate a quality of life for yourself. It is a common modern day experience to feel anxiety and tiredness begin to build on Sunday evening in anticipation of Monday morning rush hour and another week of work stresses. A quick stop on the way to work for “24 Minute Express Services” with Dr. Sam Kim at Green Acupuncture can change all that into the beginning of one great week.

New "Happy@Work" Seminar Helps Employees Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Productivity

Internationally renowned personal development author and peak performance speaker, Jim Donovan, announced his new employee development seminar, “Happy@Work™,” created to help people learn how to cope with stress & overwhelm and be more engaged, fulfilled, and productive at work and in their personal life.

Echo Energy Groups Mobile Treatment System Offers a Safe & Holistic Approach in Treating Waste Water

Echo Energy Group mobile treatment system now offers a safe and holistic approach in treating waste water & frac water treatment. The company is run by a team that provides sustainable and intelligent alternatives when it comes to generating energy, facilitating its distribution as well as consumption. Through the company’s employment of technology and modern facilities, waste water could be treated and made available for consumption. Offers Free HD Wallpapers to Its Customers is offering thousands of free wallpapers to its customers which are just a click away i.e. customers can simply click the bar on the site of the company and save the free wallpapers. All the wallpapers offered by this company unarguably are of the top-quality. - Number 1 Source for Dealing with Home Furnishing & Decor

Everyone today dreams of a perfect home. Pretty lights, nice furniture, unique and impeccable decor items, to match with some fresh flowers in everybody's dream today. Giving you home the right kind of look is considered very important these days. People who looking for a new house should make sure that they get a place which suits their taste and is easily manageable. Home Furnishing and decor is a field which has grown immensely, both as a profession and a hobby.

Cary Carpet Cleaners Cleans Up Morrisville

LogoTriangle Carpet specialists, a carpet installation and carpet sales team, is excited to announce that they are expanding to Morrisville, North Carolina.

Top Scottsdale Realtor Stays on Top of Social Media

Many home buyers invariably choose Scottsdale Realtor Carmen Brodeur of the Brodeur Luxury Group at Trillium Properties LLC, to assist them in buying and selling their Scottsdale homes. It is no wonder that Carmen is in the Top 1% of Arizona Realtors in sales volume when she makes clients feel like a top priority, surrounds herself with a highly experienced and specialized team and keeps on the cutting edge of social media. Apart from managing seven different websites and five blogs, The Brodeur Luxury Group stays connected through such social networking sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

Adonis Golden Ratio Exposes the Truth About the Best Body Shape for Attracting Women

Adonis Golden Ratio is a program which has been created by two of the most prominent experts in the fitness industry today, namely John Barban and Kyle Leon. These two guys are the leaders in providing breakthrough fitness programs that cover nutrition, muscle building and supplementation. Their latest program is the result of extensive research into the specific types of muscle building designed to give men the most attractive and most desirable body shape.

Just Posted: The Three Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit 2013, According to the Official Site of Cloud Technology Systems, Inc.

LogoThe official site for Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. just posted the three best credit cards for bad credit here:

American Consumers Start 2013 with a Staggering Average Household Credit Card Debt of $15,422, According to Reported by Cloud Technology Systems, Inc

LogoAs a comparison the average household credit card debt has fallen from about $19,000 in 2009 to its current household average of $15,422 as illustrated by the line graph from Many see this as a good sign for consumers but the statistics do not take into account that during the same time period that due to individual bankruptcy and credit card company write offs and charge offs also reduces the average household credit card debt.

Wares of Knutsford Has a Makeover

LogoFounded by Val Byles in 1992, the company has gone from strength to strength. Over the years Mrs Byles has extended the range of products stocked so it now includes stylish kitchen ware by leading brands such as Mason Cash and Kitchen Craft as well as enamelware.

Table Saver - Best Source for Quality Table Pads and Accessories

Table pads are materials used to cover up tables. They are used to protect the surface of the table from scratches or wear and tear. Without using table protectors your “new look” will not last for long. They protect the tables from dents or accidental spills or any other damage. What is good about table protectors or table pads is they can be removed, folded up and stored away when not in use. They are mostly used for dining tables or office tables which would have regular contact with. However, can make a Custom table pads for just about anything you need protected. They can make just about any size or shape you need. So if you’re looking for a custom buffet table pad, Custom Coffee Table Pads, Custom End Table Pads, or even custom placemats than head on over to , Announces 10th Anniversary Celebration, an established leader in free tech support, today announced plans for its upcoming 10th anniversary celebration.

Baby Reviews Online Announces the Launch of Its Website

LogoThe management of Baby Reviews Online recently announced the launch of its website that will be held on May 1 this year, with an aim to help all parents compare the latest products for babies offered in the market an present by providing unprejudiced and well-researched reviews that focus on the safety and importance of the product.

Fort Lauderdale Company Introduces the ARP Wave Pain Management & Rehabilitation System

Worldwide Advanced Medical Technologies, LLC a company formed in Fort Lauderdale specializing in all types of pain treatment and injury without drugs, is pleased to present the ARP Wave system to the medical professionals and residents of South Florida.

Vancouver House Prices Short Term Trends and Factors

LogoVancouver is the gateway between North America and East Asia. Underneath the affection of "Economic Globalization", this city's real estate and housing market is affected by economy environments and policies of not only Canada, but also USA, and Asian countries. Dramatic Vancouver home prices have been boomed since the late 1990s. This kind of real estate price booms are not only happening in Canada, but also in USA, China, among other countries. This dramatic price increase is not easy to explain, because many domestic and local economic fundamentals do not match up with the Vancouver house prices increase. That is why analyzing Vancouver house prices trends is extremely complicated and difficult. There are too many factors are driving the trends of Vancouver home prices, including short term and long-run trends.