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Know About the Future of Social Media Intelligence Market: What Makes It a Booming Industry According to Survey Report and Key Players Synthesio, AgoraPulse, Sysomos

The global Social Media Intelligence Market size is expected to grow USD XX billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 45% during the forecast period. Social media intelligence refers to the collective tools and solutions that allow organizations to monitor social channels and conversations, respond to social signals and synthesize social data points into meaningful trends and analysis based on the user's needs. Social media intelligence allows one to collect intelligence gathering from social media sites, using both intrusive and non-intrusive means, from open and closed social networks. This type of intelligence gathering is one element of OSINT (Open- Source Intelligence). Social media intelligence consists of the decisions and actions that come after your initial social media reporting. It allows you to act on your insights and work toward becoming a social data driven business based on the conclusions derived from your social media reporting.

Svitla Systems Announces Its Membership to the AWS Partner Network (APN)

Svitla Systems is proud to announce its membership in the global AWS Partner Network as a Standard Consulting Partner, enabling the company to access numerous benefits as part of this elite network of high-quality partners.

Philadelphia Attorney Hill Wilson Lectures for AAJ Trial Advocacy College: Damages

New Affiliate Marketing Software Allows Webmasters to Start Their Own Affiliate Program for Free

JROX.COM has released version 1.6.2 of its Affiliate Manager software. This affiliate marketing software allows websites to start their own affiliate program at no initial cost.

Joseph Gross Distributes Gifts and Groceries to the Families of 81-83-85 Paterson Avenue in New Jersey, Who Lost Everything in a Fire That Destroyed Their Homes.

On August 25th, 2007 Joseph Gross, National Mortgage Expert and President of Qualified Mortgage Inc. got a phone call that a house he owned in Paterson, NJ had burnt down along with two neighboring houses. Joseph Gross was extremely thankful to hear that all of the nine families had escaped the fire unharmed. He literally cried when he saw a CBS report that week that told of a nine year old girl, Shyra Torres, from a neighboring house, who awakened her mother and then got all the families out before the fire spread. Joe decided that something needed to be done to help these families.

Warning...Local Ballwin, Missouri Mortgage Broker Finally Reveals The Insider Secrets Other Mortgage Brokers Don't Want Consumers To Know About Obtaining A Mortgage

Ballwin, Missouri Based Mortgage Lender Mark Hayes reveals mortgage secrets at a new web site that is full of free reports, that shows homeowners how the government can help you get a low fixed rate mortgage regradless of your credit score with the new FHA Secure Initiative. The site is designed to give consumers all the facts so they can make an educated decision when obtaining a mortgage. It also allows them to save there home from foreclosure if their interest rate has increased.

Nintendo Wii Flash Games from Novel Games

Novel Games has released 76 Flash games for the Nintendo Wii. The games are all small, casual games that come from a variety of categories like puzzle games, action games and sports games etc. And as always, all the games released by Novel Games are healthy and family safe.

Ilink’s Free Webinar on “Take Your Online Retail Business to the Next Level of Performance and Profitability” - Back Due to Popular Demand.

The Webinar will present the design of a search engine friendly eCommerce site without compromising on User Experience and talk about different online marketing channels that are available to online retailers. One can learn how effective the available online marketing channels are and how to optimize them. Finally, the discussion will be steered towards defining goals and conversion funnels, how to track, test and refine your campaigns. This will be the critical element of the talk, as this will give a clear view of the performance and profitability of your retail commerce.

New Creative Writing Software Helps Writers and Authors Format Their Manuscripts for Submission

It's tedious. It's time-consuming. And it can give any writer or author a headache. Formatting a manuscript properly for submission to a literary agent, publisher or editor is a task most writers and authors dread doing.

Get More from Glass, Metal and Wood Cutting With Optimalon’s Product

Optimalon Software provides the 2D cutting optimization library that reduces material waste and operating time for glass, metal, wood and other industries that cut flat materials. The library can be integrated into CAM/CAD software or embedded directly to the cutting machines.

Star Codex From The Future

Ahead of us lies a new reality. Just released “Foreseen – Beyond Time”, introduces for the first time a true extra-terrestrial message from the future. St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s Space Odyssey left off. Looking back through the eyes of tomorrow, this compelling book gives hope; while delivering mind-altering, precision-guided prophetic visions of a world yet to be.

India Offers Enormous Opportunity for Commercial Retail

Real estate in India is soaring high with people reaping profits from this sector. In the last 2-3 years real estate has plummeted to new highs with around 100 % to even 600% increase in the rates of both commercial and residential sector.

How You Can Make Millions Printing and Selling Information

A new book by renowned marketing experts zoomed to the top of Amazon’s Most Popular rankings in it’s first week of release. It profiles 30 ordinary people from all over the United States who have built their own highly profitable info-marketing businesses. They simply learned the information that is valuable to others and then made millions of dollars by packaging and selling that knowledge to eager clients.

LogoBee works with non-profits constantly

ControlScan Certifies as Safe Shopping Site

In an effort to increase its internet security, The Key Masters ( announced that it has partnered with ControlScan, an industry leader in internet security. This agreement illustrates The Key Masters’s continued commitment to the highest possible security standards. ControlScan will work with The Key Masters to maximize consumer confidence, ensure privacy standards and assist The Key Masters with meeting the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) compliance security standards.

Jerr-Dan to Provide towPartners Memberships to the Towing Industry for 2008

Jerr-Dan Corporation and towPartners are pleased to announce that Jerr-Dan will be providing towPartners memberships to the entire towing and recovery industry in 2008. The strategic partnership between Jerr-Dan and towPartners was formed in 2006 and continues to develop into a powerful benefits addition to the towPartners program. This provision of memberships by Jerr-Dan Corporation demonstrates their tremendous commitment

Modern Tool For Icon Lovers Finds, Edits And Manages Icons, Supports New Microsoft Vista Icons.

IconLover 4.18 is a comprehensive suite of icon tools with a telling name. Essentially, it’s a full-cycle software package that takes care of anything and everything that has to do with icons and other types of small graphics.

DBSync for MS Access & MSSQL V.2.0 release.

DBSync for MS Access & MSSQL is a database migration tool for data conversion and synchronization from MS Access database (MDB file) to MS SQL Server and from MSSQL to Microsoft Access.

Announcing Automation Anywhere Enterprise 4.0 - The Business and IT Process Automation Software

New Version includes Visualize Technology, Excel integration, Workflow Designer, remote deployment among other enhancements.

Rembrandt’s New PR Blog at Nielsen Business Media’s Small Business Resource Center Helps Startups Increase Sales and Awareness

Today, Rembrandt Communications,, announced that they are now an active contributor to Nielsen Business Media's Small Business Resource Center at

Contrarian Chicago Entrepreneur Reveals The Secret Phenomenon That Made Him as Much Income in 12 Months As He’d Made in the Last 12 Years, Even in the Middle of a Recession

Listening to the pundits you’d believe America was in for another recession... and maybe it is... BUT ONLY IF you buy into it!

AppLabs Expands Its Us Headquarters and Opens Its New Office in London

AppLabs, the world’s largest independent quality management and testing company, today announced that it has expanded its US Headquarters in Philadelphia and has opened a office in London to augment its growing business and demand for new services worldwide.

Regional Biotech Council Annual Conference

The 7th Annual Regional Biotech Conference – “Biotech Success Stories: What Big And Small Companies Are Looking For” - Friday, November 9, 2007 8:30 am – 1:00 pm

MicroMass Selects Webfargo for IT Security Management

Webfargo Data Security, Inc. the Triangle's only locally owned provider specializing in managed security services, announced today that it has been selected to provide Managed Security services to MicroMass Communications. MicroMass is a Cary, NC-based relationship marketing agency focused on the healthcare industry.

Movavi launches Movavi Engine SDK for Flash Video – A Solution to Easily Create Video-sharing Sites

LogoMOVAVI, the company behind the Movavi Online video conversion service, is pleased to announce the availability of the Movavi Engine SDK for Flash Video. Webmasters can now provide hosted video processing services on their own video-sharing sites, as Movavi itself does with its own popular online conversion service.

Radio Talk-Show Host and Nationally Recognized Mortgage Leader Cuts Hair for Charity

Ian Stroud, a sales manager of a mortgage lender in Indianapolis, and the host of “Finance America”, a radio talk-show, gets a few strange looks when he meets with clients and business partners. This could be attributed to the longer-than-normal hair he’s been sporting for the past many months.

Natural Skin and Beauty Care Web Site Launches New Line of Products

NaturOli™: The result of natural selection. That’s the tag line and the philosophy behind a new, naturally focused line of skin and beauty care products. Unveiled September 1st, 2007, available exclusively online and at their Olive Park facility. NaturOli Beautiful, LLC has produced a diverse array of proprietary skincare and beauty-care products available to anyone searching for an alternative to synthetically produced and chemically laden beauty products.