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Immune Thrombocytopenia Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2028

Immune Thrombocytopenia Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2028

The Ultimate Wooden Clock Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

AllFesCo is an inspiring company founded by three amazing creative minds in 2018 and the company has presented the ultimate wooden clock in the modern times. This remarkable new handcrafted clock composed of wood is a game-changer and the company has introduced it to the world via Kickstarter. To launch this wooden clock project worldwide, AllFesCo has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and this campaign has already exceeded its original campaign goal due to the overwhelming response by the backing community from around the world.

Online Editing Scams: A Solution

The Ocean Cooperative literary consultancy ( and The Business of Words academic editing service ( ), helmed by McGill-educated writer Robert Buckland, have initiated a program designed to help writers anywhere in search of legitimate English-language editing. Buckland, who includes Cornell University and Random House among his recent clients, describes how the swarm of unqualified and inept “editors” offering to improve theses, dissertations, novels and non-fiction manuscripts has made it nearly impossible for authors to identify the real thing. It’s widely known that writers in search of online help are often unable to contact the person doing the actual work and frequently proceed on no other basis than a promise.

Pound for Pound the New Werkmaster–titan Is the Most Powerful Concrete Floor Grinder/edger/polisher Built Today

The TITAN expels the myth that bigger and heavier is better. The 330 pound TITAN'S powerful 10 HP motor delivers more grinding power and performance than many of today's larger planetary concrete floor grinders!

Screaming Bee Adds Ambient Backgrounds to Voice Changing Software

Screaming Bee LLC announces the release of two new sound add-ons for MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer. The City and Nature packs provide an ambient background to online communication, effectively disguising a user’s location. Using instant messaging or VoIP applications, MorphVOX Pro will allow you to sound like you are in a traffic jam, at a coffee shop, or at the beach. Throws First-Ever Virtual Holiday Party

LogoWhat do you do for your Virtual Assistant association members during the holidays when they are scattered across seven countries and three continents?

Court Rules on Statute of Limitations Issue Under Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure

The Arizona Supreme Court recently interpreted Rule 15(c) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. In so interpreting, the Supreme Court intended to end the disparate conclusions to which lower courts were coming as they ruled on issues of amended complaints and relating back certain filings to previous filing dates.

ControlScan Certifies as Safe Shopping Site

In an effort to increase its Internet security, , an online jewelry shop specializing in handcrafted jewelry, announced today that it has become certified by ControlScan, the Internet’s first and only B2B third-party identity theft certification service. The agreement illustrates ControlScan and ’s continued commitment to building consumer confidence, protecting privacy and battling online thieves.

Learn How to Stay Organized and Keep Motivated on This Week’s Small Business Netcast

LogoThis week the Small Business Netcast’s panel, consisting of Daniel Jones, Todd Lohenry and Heather Blish will be joined by Jeff Greene who is the Vice President of Sales for Simulated Environment Concepts Corporation ( Mr. Greene will be discussing their SpaCapsule dry water massager product and the unique marketing efforts his company uses to market their product to retailers. The panel will also explore the tools that are provided to new SpaCapsule retailers to help them effectively market their services. announces the release of their Native Barcode Generator for Microsoft Access. announces the release of their Native Barcode Generator for Microsoft Access. The new patent pending Native Generator creates bar-codes in Microsoft Access without the installation of additional fonts or other components.

Western Graphics Receives Ninth Award in Management Competition!

The National Association of Printing Leadership (NAPL), the trade association for excellence in graphic communications management, has selected Western Graphics to receive its 2006 Management Plus Silver Award, which recognizes management excellence in all phases of operation. NAPL selected 16 graphic communications companies to receive this year’s Management Plus Awards.

Local Santa Rosa, California Mortgage Broker Finally Reveals The Insider Secrets Other Mortgage Brokers Don't Want Consumers To Know About Obtaining A Mortgage

Santa Rosa, California Based Mortgage Lender Todd Wilson reveals mortgage secrets at a new web site that is full of free reports, a home buying guide and free mortgage calculators. The site is designed to give consumers all the facts so they can make an educated decision when obtaining a mortgage.

Stephen Parker CEO of Datacraft Solutions Expands with Director of Business Development Steve Rao

Steve Sandeep Rao, J.D. has joined Datacraft Solutions as a Director in Business Development and Client Executive.

Modbus Constructor - Comprehensive Solution for Testing and Setting up the Modbus Devices

KurySoft, provider of software solutions for Engineers, announces the release of ModBus Constructor v1.0 for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.

Send Grandma Your Favorite Family Pictures, Automatically

Norris Family Industry has released SimpleSlideShow, an innovative Windows application that makes it easy for photographers to share favorite photos with the family and friends, including unsophisticated family members who don't know - and don't want to know - how computers work, giving the family's least sophisticated computer users immediate access to the latest family photos. After you create a new slide show on your computer, simply click the "sync" button, and Grandma's computer will automatically have the latest family pictures.

Tilelander: A New Game That Can Be Played as Puzzle or Action Game

Ludimate has released Tilelander, a surprising game that can be played as a puzzle or as an action game. Tilelander's opponents react to player actions in a "respectful" manner, only moving if the player does so: The player can thus set the pace, playing with careful thinking behind each move or in a furious spree.

Another Hit from Tagan Technology Co

Tagan Technology Co., a leading manufacturer of computer power supply units, has launched the industry’s first 1100 watt PSU aimed at the next generation of power supply needs. And now, as the holiday buying season unfolds, Tagan has teamed up with one of its technology partners, nVidia at, to offer prizes to PC enthusiasts.

HostedToday Purchased, an established web hosting company in Charlotte, North Carolina, strives to continue exceeding customer expectations by continuing to add more features. They have recently purchased the web hosting company

InTheNumbers Announces the Launch of it’s New, Subscription Based Website

Those who are interested in daily updated, better quality real-estate and foreclosure data have a new and superior resource right at their finger-tips thanks to InTheNumbers, Inc. The new Raleigh based company announced today the official launch of their website, located at InTheNumbers is an online source for real estate investment, providing powerful technologies, tools and resources that will replace antiquated, outdated, inefficient processes of finding pre-foreclosed (property with a foreclosure hearing date) and foreclosed (auction properties) investment opportunities. Profiled ETO ERP Leader Visibility and Jervis B. Webb Company

Creating the foundation for continuous improvement and following lean principles Russ Rousseau, of The Jervis B. Webb Company based in Farmington Hills, Michigan noted, “As an ETO Manufacturing and Engineering Company we found substantial improvements and cost savings were gained by working with systems such as VISIBILITY ERP that are focused on the distinctive requirements of the engineering intensive product manufacturer. It has added substantial value, less non applicable overhead and has enabled us to be highly effective.”

Get eBay Business Startup Tips from eBay Titanium PowerSeller Kevin Harmon on StartupNation

Own an online business in 2007 with advice from StartupNation Radio experts January 6, 2007

A new alternative to the Start Menu

OrdinarySoft announced the release of a new program - Vista Start Menu - intended for replacing the Start Menu. This application supports all modern operational system of the Windows family. In spite of its name, the program is totally different from the Windows Vista menu.

The Purseless Purse and Versa-Case Express

During the April 3-5 2006, International Lingerie Show at the Rio Hotel in Vegas, Civitas introduced its product line to the Wholesale Fashion and Apparel Industry. On debut exhibit, featuring The Versa Case Express(TM) and The Purseless Purse(TM) is when the spotlight rave of attention flooded the booth with buyers and exhibitors alike - seeking out The Purseless Purse as the newest and hottest accessory.

Disabled Los Angeles Screenwriter Kitty Kavey Wins 20 Awards in 2006

There is nothing that the human spirit cannot overcome-- just ask Kitty Kavey. After a devastating motorcycle accident almost took her life, Kavey has astonished the world with her determination and strength.

NOKs Characters Invade the United States

NOKs, the revolutionary video game that combines 3D character collecting with action packed battles, will hit U.S. PCs this month. Founded in Israel in 2001 and originally published by Atari, NOKs reaches U.S. consumers with more characters, enhanced graphics and better gameplay. The game features over 200 uniquely coded, 3D, intelligent characters called NOKs. The NOKs, which can be removed from the collecting album within the game, can be placed on the user's desktop, independent of the game, and conversations between the NOK and the user can take place.

NTI Introduces SERIMUX-SCRP-x SSH Console Serial Switch

Network Technologies Inc announces the addition of the SERIMUX® SSH Console Serial Switch to its popular line of console switches. The SSH Console Serial Switch delivers secure management of up to 32 serial devices via the internet, TCP/IP network, or dial-up modem connections. It combines the advanced security of Secure Shell v2 with unlimited access to remote network management.

Verndale Selects of Enterprise 21 ERP Software

Originally founded by LaVerne and Marlene Johnson in 1958, the Detroit, Michigan based company has been manufacturing roller processed whole milk powder for multiple generations. The company produces high quality milk powder used by a variety of chocolate manufacturers across the United States .