A Secret Civilian Army Persecuting Americans; As Revolutionary as the Snowden Revelations

Obama's Secret "Civilian Army" and CIA spying on you everywhere! Americans Surviellled, Stalked, Persecuted and Executed for Thought Crimes, Domestically and Abroad. The United States of East Germany, complete with its own Stasi Spy Network!


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2014 -- State Sanctioned, Organized Stalking (misleadingly called Gang Stalking) by Stasi Goon Squads and no one is talking about it!

Citizen Spies now populate all levels and locations of society. Your conversations are listened to at the coffee shop, public transportation, shopping malls and countless other public locations and very possibly at your place of business.

“Why would Homeland Security hire former Stasi chief Markus Wolfe and former head of the KGB General Yevgeni Primakov? Is this part of the Bush-Obama anti-terror strategy? After all, Markus Wolfe is the man who is credited with building up the feared East German secret police that was responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands of citizens. And, Primakov's record is not any better. As skipper of the KGB he was driving force behind the machinery of state terror; a legacy that still has a chilling effect on many Russians”.

A Secret Army, these State Sanctioned, Stasi Goon Squads are sociopaths or learning and practicing to be, and are loyal to those paying them. They have all of the recourses of the State available to them, as they carry out their surveillance of everyone and Targeting of some.

All of the secret services, law enforcement, many veterans and even active military are Networked together through what must be the Fusion Centers via cell phones. A Targeted Individual is tracked and persecuted everywhere they go, as the Fusion Centers, along with the Network of Spies track their movements and present an endless number Spy-Actors into the Target’s environment.

This “Street Theater” is used to attempt to set-up “honey traps” using intended sex objects. They may also involve attempts to entrap the Target, using children, drugs or other contraband. Anything goes, so long as it remains “plausibly deniable”, including murder. Multiple “plausibly deniable” attempts have been made on Robert Polsky’s life, including, most recently was on May 13th, 2013, when he was served a slice of pizza with wire embedded under the cheese at a CIA-Stasi Pizza shop in West Palm Beach, FL!

This issue is of the utmost import to anyone concerned with civil rights and personal freedom. Robert Polsky has been documenting this 24x7 Surveillance, Stalking & Persecution for 4 years, and has just released 7 documentary videos, which media and bloggers are invited to view or download from the following locations:

Robert Polsky YouTube Channel
Expose Stasi Blog

Also documented, are multiple attempts to present or associate Polsky with dark skinned, bearded, Middle Eastern men in long black headscarves. One of these is an Osama bin Laden lookalike, who, it turns out was working for a private security firm, which amounts to CIA on the streets of America!

Many individuals respond to this information by further victimizing and isolating the victim. They blame the victim or otherwise remain in denial and delusion. It is an unconscious way of avoiding what they would rather not know. But it’s here, now! The United States has become like East Germany. Perhaps we are but one terrorist attack (real or contrived) from Stormtroopers kicking down doors and dragging Thinking People, Though Criminals or Targeted Individuals off to the detention centers?

Robert Polsky states that:
“It has been a living hell, being surveilled, stalked and persecuted by State Sanctioned Stasi Goons, both domestically and abroad, for almost 4 years. But the blessing is in what I have been able to record and document during the process.”

The object of Organized Stalking is to drive the Target to poverty, homelessness, suicide. Robert Polsky has been working to overcome a debilitating health issue, in addition to being a TI (Targeted Individual). He intends that every concerned citizen will view his documentary videos, as well as visit his blog site at: Expose Stasi Blog

Everyone’s moral, political-legal support is requested. Those who are able to assist financially are invited to make donations at Paypal: offerings@exposestasi.com.

Your assistance can help to retain legal representation and to make a much needed move from an apartment building that has been totally overtaken by Stasi Goons!

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ExposeStasi.com has recently been launched to document the reality of the Secret Army operating and Targeting Americans inside the United States and Abroad. It will also be a means of support and information for those being suveilled, stalked and persecuted by the American Stasi Network.

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