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Accuracy of Green Coffee Bean Reviews Brought Into Question in New Special Report

Green-Coffee-Beans-Extract.Com Examines the Often Misleading Practice of Green Coffee Bean Reviews


Coventry, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2012 -- A quick search in Google of “green coffee bean reviews” brings back over 5 million results. With so many results, consumers may feel that there is a tremendous amount of helpful reviews online when it comes to Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements. A new report by the website, Green-Coffee-Beans-Extract.Com (GCBE) reveals that while the quantity of information regarding green coffee bean is tremendous, the quality of the information is severely lacking.

Pure Green Coffee Bean extract is the most popular weight loss supplement of 2012. There have been two factors that have lead to the incredible rise in popularity of green coffee bean supplements. First, a double-blind, placebo controlled study was published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal which showed an average of 17 pounds of weight loss over a 22 week study, with no change in diet or exercise.

The second, and perhaps bigger reason for the increase in popularity of the green coffee bean supplement is Dr. Oz. In the premier episode of the 2012 Dr. Oz season, they feature pure green coffee bean extract and discussed its weight loss benefits. Once Dr Oz talked about Green Coffee Bean extract, it was almost impossible to find it on store shelves the next day.

As GCBE states in their report, the important thing to understand, and the point that most green coffee bean review articles fail to state, is that Dr Oz never endorsed any brand of green coffee bean extract. Any site that claims they have found the pure green coffee bean extract that Dr. Oz endorsed is absolutely telling a lie.

GCBE Editor Mike Peters states “It is very alarming when you start looking at all these supposedly unbiased review sites, and they all list green coffee bean products that were endorsed by Dr. Oz. This is an absolute lie, in fact, Dr Oz has asked that people report these sites to him so he can have his lawyers contact them. If a review site is implying that they have the Green Coffee Bean extract that was endorsed by Dr Oz, consumers should immediately run away from that site.”

The GCBE report states that consumers should look for sites that do factual comparisons between Green Coffee Bean supplements. The most accurate way to compare supplements is by looking at the Supplement Facts panel and full ingredient list. Consumers should look for Green Coffee Bean supplements that are 100% pure, do not include any other ingredients, have no fillers or flow agents and list a Chloragenic Acid content of at least 50%. While supplements like Acai and African Mango may have their own benefits, they should NOT be included in a Green Coffee Bean product.

Peters concludes, “Does Green Coffee Bean Extract work for weight loss? That depends on which Green Coffee Bean extract you use. If you use a 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean, like the Perfect Green Coffee Bean, then yes, you can see weight loss with this supplement. On the other hand, if you get some green coffee bean capsules that are made with fillers and other ingredients, the only weight you will lose is in your wallet.”

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