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Acid Alkaline Diet Review - the Real Truth Exposed

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Port Charlotte, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2012 -- Acid Alkaline Diet is one of the many weight loss and diet programs that can be found in the market these days that aim to assist individuals who would like to shed off their excess pounds in order to be able to attain the body shape and figure that they dream of.

This diet program is actually based on the principle that the foods’ alkalinity or acidity can affect the pH levels of a person’s body. Similar with there being a set temperature of the body which is at 98.3 degrees, it also has a set level of pH ranging from 7.35 to 7.45.

The human body tend to slightly lean towards being alkaline in order to attain optimal health. Unfortunately, most of the processed foods that are being eaten by the modern day individuals are highly acidic. This acid bombardment in the system is the reason why the natural pH levels are becoming imbalanced. The body then protects the system from the said acid attack through insulating them, which is in the form of fats. A diet that is highly acidic does not only lead to obesity but at the same time, this can also be associated to numerous types of illnesses according to Acid Alkaline Diet’s proponents.

The said diet recommends 80 to 20 percent ratio of the alkaline foods to the acid ones. These alkaline foods include the green leafy vegetables, fruits that are non-acidic like avocados and tomatoes, grains, seeds, and nuts. The said diet believes that rebalancing the alkaline levels of the body can neutralize acid levels, thus paving way for an effortless way of shedding off all the excess fats. A lot of high profile individuals attest to the effectiveness of the said diet program and one of them is Tony Robbins.

One of the best things about Acid Alkaline diet is that this actually promotes eating veggies because whatever scientific basis there might be, eating tons of green veggies will always be advisable for optimum health. Also, it does not promote the eating of processed foods which can actually do more harm than good to the body.

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