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AFFRA Industrial Spill Control Launches a New Range of Vehicle Spill Kits

AFFRA Industrial Spill Control is an online supplier of spill control products for industry and general purposes.


Basildon, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2014 -- AFFRA Industrial Spill Control, a leading spill control kit supplier, recently launched a new range of vehicle spill kits that can be used for emergency spill control in vehicles. With these kits, vehicle owners can control any kind of chemical spill or any other spill in their cars, trucks or any other vehicle. Some of the products included in the inventory are general purpose spill kits, oil-only kits, trailer/chassis, and chemical kits.

All kinds of vehicles, be it cars, trucks or other types of motor vehicles, need different types of chemicals to operate and most of these chemicals are likely to leak or spill. There’s gas, oil, transmission fluid, window washing fluid, brake fluid etc and all these can potentially start leaking or accidentally get spilled over. AFFRA Industrial Spill Control recently announced addition of a new range of vehicle spill kits in its inventory. Vehicles owners can buy these kits and use them in case of emergency chemical spills in their vehicle.

Some of the products recently added by the company to its inventory include oil only kits, trailer/chassis chemical kits, general purpose spill kits etc. The pricing of these vehicle spill kits vary in the range of £36.00 and can go up to £268.80 depending on the product purchased. There is a wide range of choice in each and every category of these spill kits making sure one or the other product fits in every budget.

Emphasizing on how important it is to not leave chemicals spilled in or around the vehicle, one of the marketing heads said - “None of the vehicle chemicals should be left to get drained into the ground, and don’t forget that most of these chemicals also create quite a mess. Some of these are also highly inflammable and few others are dangerous to both humans and animals. Pets in particular get attracted to these spills and in no time they can fall ill.”

Vehicle owners can log on to and buy a vehicle spill kit of their choice at reasonable prices.

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AFFRA Industrial Spill Control is an online supplier of spill control products for industry and general purposes. The company offers products such absorbents, spill kits, drain protection products, storage bins and much more.

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