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Alicia Aiken Is Ready to Challenge Bible Lovers with the Release of Her Third Bible Trivia Book

Author Alicia Aiken is pleased to announce the new release of her book, “Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition.” This book allows readers to test their biblical knowledge and learn the Bible while having fun.


Durham, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2015 --After the success of her first two Bible trivia books, "New Testament Bible Trivia from Matthew-Revelation," and "Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice," author Alicia Aiken has launched her third Bible trivia book, "Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition."

The book is packed with more exciting challenges for Bible lovers and those who wish to enhance and test their biblical knowledge. The book covers the first twelve books of The Holy Bible (KJV) and over 300 multiple choice scriptural statements ranging from easy to slightly difficult, which helps in learning, and understanding more about The Holy Bible in a simpler way. The location of each Bible scripture is found next to the statements and the answers are provided at the back of the book.

The book "Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition" makes a great choice for Bible study, Sunday school or simply enjoying a thoughtful game night with family. The material is also significantly beneficial for Bible bowls, Christian schools as well as academies. This book will definitely be enjoyed by the seasoned and firm believers but especially helpful for those who are at the beginning stage of learning about The Holy Bible or Christianity.

In her relatively young writing career, Aiken has produced some really good books which have become popular among the readers and are rated positively on Amazon, to name a few, "Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing," "The Psalms and You a Daily Meditation." Her books like "A Family Divided: How to Help Your Child Deal with a Divorce" and "Tips to Help You Build Your Business While on a Budget" have helped a number of readers resolve their personal and professional issues and achieve a better life.

Aiken has been providing meaningful challenges to her readers through her Bible trivia books and when asked about the inspiration for her latest book she said, "I enjoy writing books because it allows me to help others learn about God's word, while also testing their biblical knowledge and learning the scriptures as well."

"Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition" is now available for purchase and those interested in buying the book can find it on Amazon in paperback. The book consists of 150 pages. ISBN code, ISBN-13:978-0692450871.

About Alicia Aiken
Alicia Aiken was born in South Carolina. After majoring in Business Administration with a marketing specialization she went on to graduate with honors from Barber-Scotia College. She is presently residing in North Carolina with her husband Calvin Grant and her family.

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