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Website launched to help Clinique product users find the latest news regarding Clinique Bonus Time.


Troy, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2012 -- Since its founding in 1968, Clinique has developed a strong following among cosmetic users and a major part of rewarding their cosmetic users and expanding the usage of Clinique products is by offering a bonus program. Clinique is sold in 130 countries and the Clinique Bonus Time program is offered at many department stores internationally. The Clinique Bonus Time is program offered by Clinique and its department store partners. During this period of time when customers purchase a certain dollar amount of Clinique products they are given a gift set. The dollar amount varies by different retailers but generally are around $25.00.

Clinique Bonus time is offered all year around, through different department stores that carry Clinique Products at different times, sometimes the bonus time program last 1 week while at other department stores it last 1 month. is a site built with Clinique Customers in mind says Amy Copeland the creator of the site. “As a Clinique users, I’m always looking forward to the next Clinique Bonus Time and I would share that information about Clinique Bonus time with other fellow women who use Clinique products and look forward to Bonus Time” say Amy.

About was started by Amy CopeLand, listing the latest department store holding the Clinique Bonus program, along with the free gifts provided during the bonus time program along with the dollar amount required to be eligible to the bonus time gift. To find the last information on Clinique Bonus time please visit