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Aluminum-Bronze Alloy Tools Are the Top Quality in Non-Sparking Screwdrivers

For hazardous environments requiring non-sparking equipment, the Aluminum-Bronze alloy tools produced by Quick Wedge offer unbeatable quality and safety.


Woods Cross, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2014 -- What are non-sparking screwdrivers?

For hazardous environments, where errant sparks can lead to disaster, non-sparking equipment is essential. While steel tools are inexpensive and tough, for special circumstances like oil and natural gas mining or refining, specialty tool suppliers are needed to provide the right tool for the job. Conditions involving dangerous gases, solvents, liquids, vapors or dust all require safeguards and precautions, including non-sparking screwdrivers and other tools. Quick Wedge uses a special aluminum bronze alloy that is not only non-sparking, but is also engineered to withstand the most brutal conditions.

What are the advantages of Aluminum-Bronze alloy tools?

Many specialty tool suppliers use other compositions for their non-sparking screwdrivers, such as beryllium copper alloy. The aluminum-bronze used by Quick-Wedge tools is extremely tough and durable, as well as highly corrosion-resistant. Aluminum-bronze has been used in extreme conditions for years, ranging from airplane landing gear and engine components to underwater fastenings in naval architecture and ship propellers.

What environments benefit from these specialized tools?

One environment where spark-free tools are needed is the oil industry. Everywhere from off-shore platforms to transport to refineries comes with special difficulties but the corrosion-resistant, tough, non-sparking tools specially drop-forged by Quick-Wedge are up to the task. Aluminum-bronze tools are also approved for explosion zones 1, 2, 21 and 23. The applications of these excellent tools are widely varied but they are guaranteed to perform in the most hazardous conditions. Many industrial applications require non-sparking tools, including grain silos, mining facilities, ammunition creation, and many others.

Among specialty tool suppliers, Quick-Wedge stands out in quality and the use of aluminum-bronze alloy for its toughness and non-sparking and non-magnetic qualities. For more information, consult their online catalog at www.quickwedge.com.