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Amazon Prime Members Now Able to Borrow Water Ionizers Made Easy for Free

The ebook from is free to borrow for a limited time for all Kindle owners who are also Prime members.


Los Anglees, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2012 --, in an effort to please their Prime members, have made a number of eBooks around their website free to borrow and read on their Kindle. Recently, the website announced that’s eBook Water Ionizers Made Easy is one of the eligible titles.

The eBook, which explains the importance of water ionizers in the home or office, normally runs for $2.99 to own. The 92-page eBook allows people to tour water ionizer options on, as well as learn the importance of consuming healthier alkaline water. The entire guide is written in Layman’s terms and acts as a great starter or refresher for people all over the world.

The writer, Noah Tyrrell, hopes that people can become more informed thanks to the easy, short read. A variety of guides, charts and more are also included for those looking for a more visual way of learning about how effective water ionizers in general can be.

To sample, borrow or purchase the eBook per your request, visit

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