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Andheri Roads Illuminate with LED Street Lights


Pune, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2014 -- In a recent survey carried on by BMC, the officials went across Mumbai to note how illuminated the city really was. As a result of this survey, it was found that Andheri, being an important part of Mumbai had the illumination percentage of just some 30%. Thus the BMC came up with an idea to install street lights on the major roads in Andheri.

The officials selected two main streets that intersect at a point to be the first ones to install these lights. They made use of the LED street lights on these two streets. These streets thus became the first ones in the whole of Mumbai to get these lights installed while the other parts of the city still make use of sodium vapour lamps.

The officials said that they will observe the performance of the LED street lights installed in Andheri to make sure that they are truly efficient and beneficial as compared to the traditional street lights that are being used. Once they are proved to be a superior choice, the other street lights will slowly be replaced using LEDs.

Seeing the progress of ideas, technology among people and the government, it can now be said that the LED lights are slowly making an entry into the real world. Their efficiency in the amount of light that they give out and the reduced amount of energy that is needed has succeeded in making them the most popular choice among common men and also the government officials. The success of these lights is already been seen as they are being used for the purpose of lighting up the streets.

With an increase in the awareness of LED lights and the maximum use of it in daily life, apart from the large companies, smaller companies like RB Electronics too are focusing on manufacturing these lights for various purposes. An official representative of RB Electronics stated that they are now concentrating on making use of the best possible material that will help manufacture these lights and also those that will help reduce their cost. Although they have stated that these lights will be made available at affordable rates, it is observed that they have never compromised on the quality of product they deliver.

Andheri being the first place in Mumbai to get about 25 LED Street lights installed has now laid the path for the remaining part of the city, the state and then the entire country to follow. This will surely help in having brighter lights on the streets and will also help in saving the cost that the government spends on electricity.

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