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Android TV Lands Exclusive Interview with Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson talks to Android TV about collecting memorabilia and the NBA playoffs at the Newport Sports Museum in OC.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2014 -- Android TV™ News: Magic Johnson talks to Android TV about collecting sports memorabilia and the NBA playoffs at the Newport Sports Museum in OC. Watch full interview online at

Android TV: What is your perspective on memorabilia?

Magic Johnson: “Well, I think it’s great first because first of all you get to keep a piece of your favorite player and favorite team. Some of these young men and women jerseys in here um they broke a lot of records set a lot of records they’re hall of famers… um and again you get to take a piece of them with you and you get to keep that forever. And I think that’s what makes it great because we love sports here in America. We love our players we love our teams. And so I think that when you think about If you can have that ball by Sandy Koufax, or his jersey, or Kareem or Will or you know one of your favorite Angels whoever- L.A. Kings whoever it is- it’s unbelievable.”

AndroidTV: And I’m sure you have your own mem from you r own career-do you also collect memorabilia yourself?

Magic Johnson: “I just collect Laker’s Championship Trophies! That’s it right there. So that’s enough for me!”

AndroidTV: So who will be going to the NBA Finals this year?

Magic Johnson: Uh it’s too hard to tell- I couldn’t tell you. I think, you know, Miami is still the favorite in the East and uh the West is up for grabs. I think you have 4 really good teams between the Clippers, OKC, uh and I think San Antonio. I don’t think Portland has a chance to go this year. I think those 3 teams have a chance to go in the West.”
“What’s up AndroidTV this is the Magic Man!”

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