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2014 China Animal Vaccine Market in-Depth Research Report


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2014 -- At present, there are 88 animal vaccine manufacturers in China, with 338 production lines. But most of enterprises are small in scale, vaccine production inspection is not standard and product structures are not reasonable. Market shares are occupied by a minority of enterprises.

According to the statistics by China Veterinary Drug Association (CVDA), the production capacity of live vaccines was 344.58 billion doses in 2012; the production capacity of inactivated vaccines was 55.392 billion milliliters; in China’s animal vaccine industry, the annual sales revenue reached CNY 8.888 billion in 2012, and the top 10 enterprises as for sales revenue accounted for 50% of total sales revenue of biological products.

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Among the key animal vaccine manufacturers in China in 2012, China Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd (CAHIC) obtained the most business income registering CNY 1.17 billion, accounting for 13.16% market share. TECON, Dahuanong, Jinyu Group and Ringpu also had more than 5% market share respectively.

According to the survey by Huidian Research, the growth of China’s animal vaccine market was slowing down in 2013, it was estimated that year-on-year growth was about 15% and the market scale reached CNY 10.22 billion in 2013, of which, swine vaccine accounted for 50% shares and poultry vaccine accounted for 36%.

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Table Of Contents
1. Development Environment of China's Animal Vaccine Industry
2. Technology Development of China's Animal Vaccine Industry
3. Development of China's Animal Vaccine Industry
4. Economic Operation of Animal Vaccine Industry
5. Import and Export of China's Animal Vaccine
6. Effect of Industry Competition Landscape on Investment in China, 2013
7. Domestic Key Enterprises, 2013
8. Investment Analysis of Animal Vaccine Industry, 2014-2018
9. Investment Opportunity and Risk of Animal Vaccine Industry

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