Approved Cash Advance Now Offering Improved Security Features

Applicants who submit their information can trust the website with new upgraded security throughout the website.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2012 -- The owners of have officially upgraded their security on the website, making personal information safe and secure. Customers should feel confident in providing their name and email address on the website more than ever thanks to the small improvements made by the website.

One of the problems with online payday loan websites for many people is that they often do not trust them to be secure. With the new security features being spelled out on the home page of Approved Cash Advance, people can easily see that the company cares about all of its customers and their information.

Another move made by Approved Cash Advance is that they make sure they only ask for the least amount of information possible from each applicant. While some companies might ask for a ton of information, this website only wants a name and email address to get started.

Security is no longer a worry at Approved Cash Advance. To learn more about all the improvements made on the website, visit

Approved Cash Advance helps to pair up consumers with leading lending companies around the United States. People who are 18 years of age and make at least $1000/month can apply for and receive up to $1500 at one time. With a variety of new security features and other convenient options, customers can get the money they need quickly.