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Architectural Canopies Offers Superior Canopies for Stores at Affordable Pricing

When it comes to having quality canopies for stores, look no further than Architectural Canopies, a premier supplier of varieties of awnings and canopies.


Piscataway, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2017 --For those who are planning on organizing a trade show or an outdoor event, Architectural Canopies is right up there provide quality canopies for stores to protect one's products from the elements and storage. The company comes up with a variety of canopies of different sizes and shapes ranging from 5'x5'-10'x20'.

These canopies feature two components, the frame, and the top. The frame is typically made of metal, steel or aluminum. Steel frames are heavier but less expensive than aluminum frames. Moreover, steel frames are likely to last longer, since they do not rust easily. Aluminum frames are portable because they are lightweight metal.

Most canopy tops are constructed of polyester, a fabric rated in denier units. While buying, one has to confirm that the denier rating of the fabric is not above 500, because a rating above this number will increase weight without adding any value to the material.

According to an expert, it is always better to opt for a straight-leg canopy than to a slant-leg one because the former offers a square footage from the leg base to the top while a slant-leg canopy offers less square footage as compared to the former.

These canopies are versatile. Therefore, they can be used with or without walls. Normally in a trade fair, a canopy without walls would enable the potential customers to freely walk into the tent, while a canopy with walls proves useful in severe weather conditions.

At Architectural Canopies, the experts represent an exciting approach to the pre-engineered building components market and are always pro-active in the use of materials to expand industry trends and designs. Years of knowledge and expertise separate them from the cookie-cutter fabricators to expert custom designers and build manufacturers.

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