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Arthritic Horse Treatment- Adequan Equine 100mg/1ml 50ml - 10 Dose


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2014 -- Arthritis is one of the most common aliment found in veterinary medicine today. In fact, approximately 60% of lameness cases in equines are caused by arthritis. Although there is no known cause for arthritis, there are factors that are thought to contribute to its development. Some of these factors are; trauma/injury (due to inflammation being triggered), repetitive movement (causes wear and tear of the tissue and joint structures), and bacterial infections that may trigger inflammation.

Ailment Associated with Product:
Arthritis can be caused by bone, synovial fluid or cartilage tissue degeneration. When a mammal is young, the bones are filled with red bone marrow. The blood cells nourish the bones and the growing body they must support. However once the body has finished growing it no longer needs the vigorous supply of new blood cells, turning red blood cells to yellow bone marrow. This yellow marrow is composed of cells made up of fats. Not only does this process lead to arthritis but easy bone break as well.

The second cause of arthritis is due to damage of the cartilage. Cartilage is a formation of connective tissues to aid as cushions to the joints. As the cartilage wears down the bones begin to rub on each other causing inflammation and a great deal of pain.

Thirdly, arthritis can be caused by loss of synovial fluids. Synovial fluid is a biological lubricant that provides low-wear and low-friction aids to articular cartilage surfaces. A deficiency in said lubricating system may produce an erosion of articulating surfaces accompanied by cartilage.

Over time synovial fluids wear down, causing the bones to wear down together, causing signs of lameness and localized pain.

Product to cure ailment:
Adequan Equine controls symptoms of traumatic and degenerative arthritis by targeting the source of arthritis. Adequen inhibits cartilage destroying enzymes located within the joints of horses. As arthritis destroys joint supporting cartilage, Adequan thickens joint fluids (synovial fluids) and reduces inflammation.

Adequan begins to work within a few short hours and remains in the joint for up to three days, Providing long lasting comfort and support for the equine. Adequan requires a veterinary prescription, therefore, limiting the chances of side effects. Adequan is also used after orthopedic surgeries to reduce inflation after joint surgery.

Commonly affected breed, Breed description, and secondary aliments:
Currently, there is no specific horse breed that is thought to be more susceptible to getting arthritis than another. Research has shown horses which endure joint stress on a daily basis, such as race horses; develop arthritic symptoms faster than others. This research has become irrelevant as almost every horse will develop arthritis at one point in time or another. Unfortunately, arthritis is incurable and unable to prevent completely. Though medical aids, however, horses can relieve symptoms and even slow the degenerative process.

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