Atlantic Energy

Atlantic Energy Offers Big Savings for New York Gas Customers


Oyster Bay, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2014 -- Atlantic Energy today emphasized its innovative and effective approach to the energy deregulation market in New York. As more and more states come to realize the benefits of deregulating the energy market, it becomes ever more crucial that energy suppliers are able to engage with the process effectively. Atlantic Energy offers a different way forward by combining the power of open markets with the extra attractions of a range of savings and rewards. A spokesperson for the company stated that many customers had already seen double-digit percentage falls in their gas bills.

The spokesperson went on to underline the fact that consumers choosing Atlantic would avoid any responsibility for GRT or MRA fees, as well as saving some of the sales tax from their utility bills. Because Atlantic has built up deep and enduring bonds with six major American energy suppliers, customers would see no difference other than the one they wanted most: a cut in their gas bills. Enrollment in the program is free of charge, and servicing including emergency repairs will continue to be handled by local utility companies. Energy deregulation is also a greener option, thanks to the ability for customers to select smarter, cleaner energy sources.

About Atlantic Energy
Atlantic Energy, LLC is New York's foremost electricity and natural gas supplier. For more than five years, it has been trusted by both commercial and residential customers all over the state. Its aim is simple: to drive down the cost of natural gas to consumers by using its innovative, efficient business model to cut their bills. With energy costs currently near their all-time peak, Atlantic forms a key part of the solution to help consumers save money in the context of energy deregulation. With Atlantic Energy, substantial overall savings can be made in natural gas bills.

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