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Australia Digital Entertainment and Media Market Analysis adds "Australia - Digital Entertainment and Media Market" report to its research store.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2014 -- This annual report offers a wealth of information on the digital entertainment and media market in Australia. The report includes analyses, forecasts, statistics and trends. It provides a comprehensive insight into the progress of the various media internet and telco companies and examines the key issues in the market and the business opportunities arising from these developments.

Subjects covered include:

- Activities from the key market players;
- Analyses of internet media companies, with case studies;
- Mobile media – the PSMS portals and the apps market;
- Overview and analyses of the various players in the market;
- Overview and analysis of the burgeoning social media market;
- Smartphones and tablets;
- Surveys and statistics on mobile media;
- The competitive internet media environment;
- The digital gaming and gambling market.

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High-speed broadband is pushing rich media ahead

OTT and the transformation of the media sector

The traditional media industry has been in turmoil since the rise of digital media platforms that impacted significantly upon many aspects of the media industry of old. These changes led to much unrest in the media sector. Major competing sectors include TV and radio broadcasting, newspaper publishers, film, music and video industries.

The digital media companies have become the clear leaders and to a certain extent there will be parallel developments – one driven by digital TV using the traditional broadcasting networks and one driven by broadband using new fixed and mobile telco infrastructure. In 2014 the advertising spending being directed towards digital media continues to grow, further escalating the problems for the traditional media.

It has become clear that over-the-top (OTT) is ‘the new normal’ for the media and telecoms industries – with the emerging all-IP networks media and telecoms services are basically moving to an OTT model. These services are seen as a threat by the traditional operators in these sectors and the companies offering them are perceived to be getting a free lunch over the broadband networks. The European telcos are calling for international regulation, and in the USA net neutrality is no longer a given.

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Advertising and marketing in the digital age

Spending on advertising using digital media channels is continuing to grow in market share despite the growth of overall advertising spending being slowed down by economic conditions. In 2014 the advertising sector is focused on the future opportunities offered by multi-screen developments – in other words, a cross-marketing approach involving multiple devices including TV, touchscreen tablets, computers, laptops, mobile phones etc. In addition, advertisers and content developers/providers are eyeing off the potential opportunities offered by the OTT content distributed by smart TVs. Digital marketing as a whole remains a growth area, as marketers shift towards these types of advertising methods at the expense of traditional formats.

National broadband network – changing the media model

The national broadband network is the next disruptive stage. Again the media has largely been absent from this debate, but the NBN will create new changes with new options. The traditional media players can take a leadership role, looking at the trans-sector opportunities the NBN has on offer – or they can simply copy their outdated models onto the new infrastructure, perhaps by using the wholesale services of a telco. Browse complete Table of Contents @

New video media

Online video streaming is one of the fastest-growing digital formats and marketers are certainly recognising its potential. Online video streaming/web TV is being used by many different industries for advertising, marketing, demonstration, entertainment and communication purposes. The success of Google’s YouTube has been well documented and YouTube continues to dominate in terms of viewers and streaming. Netflix, initially operating alone in the iVoD sector, has also entered the streaming video market and is gaining prominence and expanding internationally. Improvements in mobile technology and the introduction of smartphones have also assisted the development of mobile TV/video and we can now see it has a bright future ahead.

Rich media

As broadband speed and capacity increases a whole new range of rich media will be entering the market over the next decade, based on increased broadband quality. Rich media contains images and video and involves user interaction.

We have seen console games change dramatically, with games, music and movies merging, integrating and moving online. Online gaming and gambling can take players from outside the boundaries of their home countries where these online activities may or may not be sanctioned by the authorities. The global market is an expanding one where virtual online gaming and gambling is a growth market.

Mobile TV

There has been a great deal of hype surrounding mobile TV in Australia, but so far the concept developed by the mobile network operators has not taken off. Operators were given a wake-up call with the introduction of the iPhone, as this started to separate content from carriage. Developments have now seen mobile TV – both paid and free services from the MNOs available unmetered – so perhaps this will see greater uptake by the mobile watcher.

Smartphones and Tablets

Apple must surely rue the day Android arrived on the scene, as over the past few years Android OS has continued to erode the lead it acquired when it first launched the iPhone. In 2014 the leading smartphone handset worldwide is Samsung Galaxy (based on Android), with over 35% market share, while the iPhone captures less than 15%.

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