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Auto Mart Announces New Affordable Car Financing Programs


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2014 -- Auto Mart is excited to announce special financing options are now available for individuals with bad credit and limited income. “We are thrilled to announce that we can now help consumers buy used cars Las Vegas regardless of their bad credit and limited verifiable income. If the individual has a monthly income of at least $1,200 then there is a very good chance that we can get them financed for a great car regardless of their credit,” explained Ray Fernandez, who is the finance manager for Auto Mart. Most all car dealerships will advertise that they have financing solutions in place for people with bad credit but when it comes down to getting the deal done many of them fail miserably, often referring the deal to Auto Mart.

Mr. Fernandez added, “We have relationships with several used car dealerships in Las Vegas that send over the clients that they cannot get financed. It really all comes down to experience. Auto Mart has a very deep pool of talent that works together to make sure that we get our customers the financing that they deserve. While others advertise that they offer bad credit financing, we actually deliver and provide the second chance financing that puts our bad credit customers in great cars at a price that they can comfortably afford.” Consumers in the Las Vegas area with bad credit that are looking for car financing are advised to apply for financing directly on the company’s website located below.

Auto Mart’s inventory features some of the nicest used cars for sale in Las Vegas NV, as the dealership maintains a large selection of newer model cars with low mileage. Mr. Fernandez also touched on what to avoid by stating, “It is more beneficial for consumers to obtain traditional financing through Auto Mart instead of paying a premium for high mileage cars at the ‘buy here, pay here’ lots. Those dealerships will typically purchase high mileage cars dirt cheap and then mark them up several times. If the consumer defaults they simply repo it and flip it to the next buyer in line. The consumer ends up with a lower quality automobile and a much higher car payment.” Auto Mart can obtain traditional car financing for consumers with credit problems of all types. Visit the official Auto mart website today to apply for bad credit car financing.

About Auto Mart
Auto Mart is a used car dealership located in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in helping credit challenged consumers. Auto Mart’s extensive financing experience allows consumers to get into newer low mileage vehicles with a low down payment and low monthly payments, regardless of past credit mistakes. The company’s second chance financing helps individuals with prior bankruptcies and even repossessions get financing. Visit to view the current available inventory or to apply for financing directly on the website.