Axton Launches New Brackets for IR Illuminators at Reasonable Rates


North Salt Lake, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2014 -- Axton Technologies has been a well known manufacturer of IR Illuminators and IR LED lights that are used along with night vision devices. They have been providing devices that are best suitable to maintain security indoors and outdoors. Depending on the purpose that the device would be used for, the night vision devices vary according to their capability to capture images.

Axton technologies also offer installation and maintenance services that are necessary to keep the devices working. They have been implementing advanced methods to create highly efficient security devices that would help maintain maximum security in places where they would be used. Along with these products and services, there are many other types of equipments that would be needed at the time of installation and maintenance of the devices. Axton technology also takes up the responsibility to supply these equipments too.

Most of the night vision cameras, the IR LED lights or even the IR illuminators have to be mounted on walls or hung from the ceiling. Fixing these devices requires a set of brackets that would help us to hold the device firm on the wall or the ceiling. Axton Technologies are introducing an all new set of brackets that can be used to fix these devices properly. The varieties of Brackets that they provide are:

-L-shaped Bracket: This bracket is suitable to be used with the Axton technology’s Infrared Illuminators. It is an L-shaped bracket that is black in color and is powder coated. There are two versions of this bracket. The first version, AT8052 is suitable for models that begin with AT-15 and AT-30. The other version, AT-8054 is suitable for models that begin with AT-7, AT-7B and AT-6E.

-U-shaped Brackets: This bracket is also manufactured to be suitable for the Axton Technology’s IR Illuminators. It is a U-shaped bracket that is black in color and powder coated. The U-shaped Bracket, AT-8051 is used for models whose numbers begin with AT-15, AT-16, AT-17, AT-24, AT-30 and AT-32. The other version AT-8056 is suitable to be used with models whose numbers begin with AT-6, AT-7 and AT-8.

-Pole Mount Brackets: These are the brackets that help mount the IR Illuminators on a pole. These can be used independently or can be supported using an L-shaped or a U-shaped Bracket.

Keeping in mind the expenditure that one may have to go through while installing a security device; Axton Technology makes sure that he would not have to spend much on these extra equipments that are needed for installation and maintenance. Thus, the brackets introduced at Axton Technologies are available at a very reasonable price to suit the pockets of their clients.