Axton Now Partners with Axis Communications


North Salt Lake, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2014 -- AXTON a leading name in designing and manufacturing high quality infrared illuminators and white light, recently announced its partnership with AXIS Communication, a market leader in network video, which also played a key role in the transition from analog to digital video surveillance. With its partnership with AXIS Communication, AXTON aims to offer better and enhanced IP network video solutions.

AXTON also declared that the company will, within the scope of the “Technology Partner” program, perform joint training and educational activities for the AXIS team as well as security professionals, in general. It will also join hands with professionals at AXIS to develop pioneering lighting solutions that address the ever-changing industry demands.

AXTON will continue to work to fulfill its mission statement of designing professional lighting solutions for network camera, CCTV, and manufacturing them in the USA. The company will also empower CCTV professionals by educating and training them, in addition to simplifying illumination solutions that these professionals can use with ease.

AXTON, which specializes in manufacturing IP lighting solutions, also plans to integrate them seamlessly with network cameras of AXIS to deliver clear and crisp images in any light conditions. By joining hands with AXIS Communication, AXTON plans to go ahead with a joint effort with an objective of developing quality network lighting solutions that improve the overall security system performance and decrease both short and long-term running expenses. With two leaders coming together as partners, the industry too is eagerly waiting for more sophisticated, improved and feature-rich video surveillance and illumination solutions.

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