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Baker Electric Solar Meets San Diego Green Energy Demand with Low Cost Solutions is a clean technology company that has been installing solar panels across Southern California for more than 10 years.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2014 -- provides San Diego households with more economical solar panels and installation solutions. The company’s new range includes both residential and commercial systems.

The company represents a brand connected to solar power in San Diego. Its solutions help the community leverage the natural energy of the sun in a region where this is abundant. Moreover, it helps reduce the constantly growing costs of energy.

Solar panel installation is part of the city's effort to reduce harmful practices and produce clean technology and energy. San Diego is ranked No 2 after Los Angeles in terms of “solar energy revolution”, as reported by the Environment California Research & Policy Center.

Baker Electric Solar makes it easy for people who are new to such systems to switch to solar energy.

On the Clean-Tech Companies list for 2014, published in the San Diego Business Journal, Baker Electric Solar is placed on the top position. The San Diego solar power company advertizes this method as a carefree way to supply a structure with the energy it needs for consumption.

Earlier in 2014, Baker Electric Solar completed its largest installation project in its history, by having installed 680,000 solar panels with a total power of 61 MW. The company has developed its own methods and now advertizes “The Baker Way”, which refers to a distinct service. The staff has a different approach by discussing the client's needs and designing a highly customized system. Everything is conceived with savings in mind. All projects go through the following stages: Consultation, Design and Engineering, Installation, Operation.

Besides being highly customizable, the Baker solar panels in San Diego are made to suit the client's lifestyle and can be financed through various options. For extra savings, the company has set up a referral system through which customers earn $400 by referring a friend or neighbor.

For those who are not yet well informed on the topic of solar energy or on the activity of Baker Electric Solar, the site connects to a frequently updated blog with the latest news and developments. Readers can also track the growth of the company, its successes and awards.

Once set into place, solar panels by Baker Electric Solar do the job on their own. Considering the aspect of one's home, these have a very small impact on it. The energy production can be tracked and monitored through a unique system. This can determine how much energy is produced in a day, a week, a month or a year. The data is retrieved on the web. Monitoring shows how the installation meets the client's energy demands and also helps deduce the financial benefits.

About is a clean technology company that has been installing solar panels across Southern California for more than 10 years. To contact it, call 1 (887) 543-8765 or request a free quote at this location.

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