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Beat the Market Maker Special Report and FREE Training Webinar Reveals the $25K Forex Secret That Turned a Career Fire Fighter Steve Mauro Into a Multi Millionaire Trader


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2014 -- Beat The Market Maker Special Report has been recently released by Steve Mauro. This Beat The Market Maker Special Report is FREE to download. In this special report, Steve Mauro reveals his $25K forex secret that helped him leave his fire fighting career forever and become a full time forex trader. Steve Mauro also holds a regular free training webinar in which he busts a few myths about the market.

According to Steve Mauro, cards are stacked against the retail traders in the forex market. Steve claims that this myth that the market is too big to be manipulated is false and the market is being manipulated on a daily basis by the big dealers. Daily these dealers decide what the support and resistance will be. Random walk is also a myth. According to Steve until and unless the trader understand how to beat the market maker, they will never be able to become consistently successful and can only pray and hope to win a trade.

However there are big footprints left by these market markers on the charts that a trained trader can easily understand. A trader needs to understand how to figure out the trap being set by the market maker for them. Once traders can understand the traps being set by the market markers, they can easily beat them. Steve shows in his free training webinar, how the candles are formed behind the scenes and how to understand the real flow of money in the market. Steve Mauro also busts a myth about forex signals and indicators in this special report that can be used by traders to their advantage in trading.

About Steve Mauro
Steve Mauro was a career fire fighter. He discovered forex trading. In the beginning he was not successful. He used the traditional trading strategies and all that happened is he lost one trade after another. When he met a market maker and he showed him how the money flows in the market that he started to understand how to beat the dealer. According to Steve, the only way to win is to beat the dealer by trading like the dealer. Steve Mauro loves to share his knowledge about the market maker that he has learned over the last 12 years.

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