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BEST Background Check Service Comparison Reviews 5 Criteria for Accurate Online Background Search

OUTDATED and INACCURATE Online Background Check Companies must be avoided. Best Background Check Services can be identified using 5 criteria.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2012 -- There are many online background check companies that call themselves the best background check service, however only a handful of them provide up-to-date and reliable results. This is why it is important to use an accurate background check service. Inaccurate databases can provide completely misleading employment, tenant or criminal background check reports leading to awkward situations. This can be avoided only by using a trustworthy online service with a frequently updated database.

This is where the popular Comparison of Top 2 Online Background Investigation Services comes in handy as it takes in to consideration several criteria including but not limited to (1) the reputation of the company, (2) contents of the background search report, (3) whether a free background search can be carried out or not, (4) up-to-date nature and (5) accuracy of the databases.

Both companies considered in the comparison are highly reputed and have certifications and awards from various third party organizations. For example, one of them is a Better Business Bureau registered company that has been featured by the Wall Street Journal as well as CBS 60 minutes. This company was founded nearly 20 years ago in 1994. The other was founded approximately 10 years ago and has received many prestigious awards. The complete review of these services can be found on

According to this side by side comparison of the Top 2 Background investigation companies, it is extremely important that an accurate background check service is used, because inaccurate data can mislead one about another person completely. For example, there are many reports where employers were misled by faulty employment background check reports. Landlords should also be careful not to rent to a tenant based on a flawed background report.

How much information does the Background Check Report reveal?

In addition to the accuracy of the report, the depth of the background check report should also be considered. While certain online companies provide a very limited amount of information, the best background check services provide a large quantity of data including but not limited to (1) Personal records, (2) Family member records, (3) Marriage and divorce records, (4) Address history, (5) Employment/business profile, (6) Property records, (7) Criminal check records (if any) , (8) Civil judgment and court records, (9) Lawsuits, and (10) Death records.

The comparison of top rated background check services on takes all above features into consideration. Therefore, it is a highly recommended read for any person or organization considering background checking.

About Best Background Check Service Reviews reviews, compares and contrasts online background search companies. Their comparison of the two best background check services is extremely popular among readers. The main objective of this comparison is to provide consumers accurate and trustworthy results with regards to employment and criminal background check services. They have also published Background Check Coupon Codes that help consumers save on comprehensive background check reports.