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Best Detox Drinks Releases the Most Effective Detox Drink Recipes


British Columbia, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2014 -- Best Detox Drinks, a website that is dedicated to providing information related to detox, is excited to announce that they have now expanded their detox recipe section of the website to include all of the popular and effective detox drinks as well as some powerful unknown recipes. “What started out as a simple site to help educate and inform consumers about the proper way to detox, has grown into a popular site, and with the increased growth came an increased number of requests for tasty new detox drinks. I am pleased to announce that the detox recipe section now includes an even larger selection of detox drinks that are both delicious and effective,” stated website founder Betty Tang.

The website features information and recipes for individuals that are experienced in cleansing as well as newcomers looking for the classic juice cleanse that is very popular among first time cleansers. Mrs. Tang explained, “Many detox searches are sparked out of curiosity and when a consumer looks online they are presented with a lot of different options. it can be quite overwhelming, especially since the majority of websites are pushing a particular product and they don’t always include the most beneficial information. When a newcomer visits Best Detox Drinks and wants a simple beginner cleanse they are presented with detailed information that is easy to understand. We aren’t trying to sell them anything, and we have heard from several consumers that truly appreciated our easy to understand dialogue.”

Website owner Betty Tang strives to provide detailed information for consumers that are interested in learning how to detox, and makes sure that the site appeals to consumers both new and experienced. “There are both short term and long term detoxes available, and we like to educate the consumer on both, stressing the reasoning behind doing each one as well as crucial parts of the detox that needs to be followed exactly. I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow a detox correctly to ensure the body is getting the nutrients needed to survive. I see so many detox recipes online that are completely wrong, so knowing that all of the detox drink recipes found on Best Detox Drinks are healthy and safe makes me feel good,” added Betty. Consumers are encouraged to subscribe to the free newsletter by visiting the website and entering their name and email address. Best Detox Drinks provides free updates and notifications to their subscriber list.

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Best Detox Drinks is a website dedicated to educating consumers about cleansing their bodies with the help of effective detox drinks. Along with general detox information, the website features popular detox recipes, product reviews, and a free newsletter subscription to alert the subscriber when new informative detox blog posts are made on the website. The website is constantly updated with new tips, drink recipes, and the latest detox trends. Complete information can be found on the website