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Best eReader Reviews Compares Kindle eReader Vs Nook in New Review


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2012 -- Best eReader Reviews has released a sharp Nook vs Kindle comparison that brings out the precise differences between these two eReaders. According to the creators of the ebook reader review website, this comparison is crucial because consumers now need to be guided on the principal features they need to consider in any eReader before they can make that important decision of settling on one they consider most suitable for personal or business use. In particular, they emphasize that any potential eReader buyer should always ask three important questions. The first question is whether to buy the Nook, Kobo or Amazon Kindle Fire. This is very important because one needs to identify the specific brand that they feel well connected to, be it in terms of the features or just for the love of the company that produces the product. But the buyer must take caution not to be blinded by love for the company to the extent of ignoring any weaknesses that may be inherent in a certain eReader. This is why the webmasters advise that consumers should also distinguish the various models of the Kindle for instance and compare between the $79 Basic Kindle, Kindle Keyboard or the Kindle Touch.

To make the comparison much easier for the consumer who just wants to pick out the relevant information, there is a straightforward table that illustrates the important features of an eReader. These features are then compared between the Kindle and the Nook Touch plus other eReaders which include the Kobo Touch and the Sony eReader. One can find a previous press release they published on this page.

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