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Best Home Security Systems - The Results May Shock You


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2014 --, a popular website that reviews home security companies, is using its latest research as a springboard to share advice with homeowners. Specifically, the team at says their recent research uncovered a number of things that people need to know before they invest in a home security system.

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"There's plenty of technology out there, and if homeowners want to figure out which of the many options is right for them, they've got to have some background knowledge," explains John Davis, the owner of "We've just done research on several different systems, so we're in a position to share our knowledge with anyone who's in the market for a home security system."

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After reviewing their research, the team at says there are 4 things that homeowners need to think about before they buy a home security system:

1. The Importance of Going Wireless
"Years ago, homeowners could only buy hard-wired security systems. Luckily, technology has gotten more sophisticated, and now homeowners can take advantage of wireless systems that are smarter than the bad guys!" Davis says.

Specifically, wireless home security systems can't be disabled, like their wired counterparts can. Because they run off of a cellular network, a burglar won't be able to simply cut a wire and render the system useless. As an added benefit, these cellular networks don't rely on a homeowner's phone or internet connection. They're completely independent so that they can be up and running 24/7.

2. The Quality of the Monitoring
In all of the home security systems that the team at just reviewed, 24/7 monitoring was part of the package. However, there were some differences in those monitoring capabilities that Davis says homeowners need to pay close attention to.

"Some systems go above and beyond when it comes to monitoring," he says. "In addition to monitoring for intruders, these systems also look for things like carbon monoxide, fires, floods, and even odd temperature changes inside the home."

Davis's team also suggests looking for a system that has medical alert capabilities. That way, homeowners can get help during a medical emergency with just the touch of a button.

3. The Length of the Contract
Many home security companies will require their customers to sign a contract. In fact, some companies will waive the installation and other setup fees if a customer is willing to sign a longer contract.

However, Davis says homeowners need to do their homework before they sign on the dotted line.

"If a homeowner doesn't check out the company and the system itself before he commits to a contract, he could wind up with a security system that he hates -- or that simply doesn't meet his needs -- for the next two or three years," Davis explains.

4. The Details Surrounding the Sensors
All of the home security systems that Davis's team just reviewed offered motion sensor technology -- meaning that special sensors are placed on the doors and windows to alert the main control panel whenever something is opened. However, Davis says there are big differences in the way these sensors are offered.

"Some security companies will give homeowners as many sensors as they need, so that all of their doors and windows are covered," says Davis. "Others, however, only offer a set number. So, if a homeowner needs more, he has to pay extra for them."

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As a result, the team at suggests that homeowners find out exactly how many sensors they'll get from a potential company. If it's not enough, they can likely get a better deal elsewhere.

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