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Best-Selling Sales Author Introduces Dallas Sales Training Workshops

New York Times best-selling author Frank Rumbauskas has introduced a series of new Dallas sales training workshops starting at $2,997.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2013 -- New York Times best-seller Frank Rumbauskas, author of Never Cold Call Again and several other books, has unveiled five new workshops that will be available at discounted pricing only to Dallas-Fort Worth area businesses and organizations. (The workshops are available elsewhere, but at increased fees plus travel expenses.)

In descending order of popularity, the workshops are:

- Get Hot Leads with LinkedIn, Part 1
- Get Hot Leads with LinkedIn, Part 2 (advanced LinkedIn training)
- Get Hot Leads with Facebook
- Pro Networking Secrets for Easy Sales
- Advanced Sales Closing and Profit Justification Techniques

"These programs began life as paid online training sessions to my subscribers, and their sheer popularity and immense positive feedback was a very pleasant surprise. It was a no-brainer to convert them to on-site sales training workshops for local companies, since I generally avoid business travel as a happy and proud new dad," explains Rumbauskas.

The workshops will initially be priced at $2,997 per two-hour session. Discounts are available for multiple same-day sessions, or custom full-day seminars.

Why so inexpensive, compared with other sales trainers who don't enjoy Rumbauskas' best-seller status? "I'm a recent transplant to Dallas and am doing this to quickly build a long-term clientele. As soon as my calendar fills up, which will be quite quick at this rate, I'll revert back to my standard $15,000/day fee," he tells us.

Frank Rumbauskas started his sales career like so many others: Cold calling day in and day out, with little direction from sales managers and corporate training staff beyond the usual, "increase your activity" and "make more calls," so commonly heard from well-meaning but helpless managers.

He then went on a trial-and-error period of several years and worked out the sales prospecting systems that propelled him to tremendous success without cold calling, and today he teaches those same strategies to others. To date, Rumbauskas has trained over 50,000 salespeople worldwide.

Why the recent move to Dallas? Frank explains, "After having my first daughter two years ago, I immediately decided that I wanted to be home with my family, and no longer on the road. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is not only the fourth largest metro area in the U.S., but is also the fastest growing and Texas currently has the strongest economy in the nation. The demand for sales training is high, and there is more than enough business to eliminate the need for any travel on my part."

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